Soumya’s new credit-card? Courtesy of Ashok

Chapter 2: Soumya takes a tour around her dad’s office before extorting a trip out of his boss by letting him have his fingers all over her!

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After the long steamy night in her apartment, Soumya’s Saturday morning was planned. The twenty years old beautiful girl was about to spend her time with her dad in his office! On first glance, it seems to be a boring day. Hell, siting at home and ordering food with friends would have been better! that’s what most people would be thinking. Only if they knew who Soumya Tandon really was. She loved meeting new people, even more so when the said meeting came with perks!

Last night when her dad and she were through with a shower, she had slipped into a black, pleated skirt and a pink sleeveless top. The fabric folded around the high and lows of her body to fully form around her 36DD breasts, she loved to tease people with the show of her cleavage and side boob when she went out. Since Mohan didn’t have his clothes at her place, he wore the same thing he so hungrily fucked his daughter in. A pair of black pants and a large blue shirt which tried to keep his beer belly under wraps, it looked like he was trying to smuggle a small cushion wherever he went. They took a short walk to a nearby restaurant with various eyes on them. Mostly guys, whispering to themselves as the couple made their way to their seat. Once she was finished, her dad checked his mobile which had rang earlier followed by a buzz soon after. It was his boss, Ashok.

“Kya baat hai, Mohan. Yh teri beti hai?” obviously, his boss was bamboozled.

Mohan’s lips curled into a smirk and his left hand discreetly rested on her waist when he showed her the reply to the earlier picture. There was something daring about seeing a picture of your dad suggestively having his face close to your tits in the public – She brought herself closer to him to take his phone and stare at the reply. “Ofcourse not! I am his wife!” she muttered.

Upon hearing her sarcastic retort, he chuckled and typed a response, “Definitely! Isn’t she beautiful?” within seconds, it beeped again. There was another message. “I am sure ki teri beti paas sai toh bomb lgegi. Are you bringing her in tomorrow?” By now, they were in the corridor. His hand was over her skirt, griping her buns. “Ji sir, I will see to it that she is there with us tomorrow.” he added a winky face and tossed his cellphone on the couch. To him, selling his daughter to his boss was awfully exciting.

Soumya noticed her dad’s expressions, seeing how gleeful he was, she wrapped her hands around his neck; her brown eyes longingly staring into his. Mohan’s head was tilted ever so slightly as he leaned in to taste his daughters softer lips, biting them occasionally. He had received the signal. Her arms gracefully slid down his chest to pull out his blue shirt, “papa..mummy ko nah batana ki aap mere sath abhi bhi aisi hrktai krtai ho. She is looking for a husband for me.” now trapped between her one person bed and her hunk of a father she had nowhere to go; just like how she had trapped his bottom lips in-between hers, chewing on it with her lust taking over. Mohan used his tongue to wrestle with hers. Elated and out of breath, he pulled away, his mustache was all damped from her saliva, “This will remain our little secret.” he pushed her onto the bed and adjusted himself on it, ready to sleep. After that hefty meal, he was in no mood to bone her again no matter how hard his little slut tried, “Anyway, sleep well. Kl jldi uthna pdega.” soumya irritatingly gets her head on his chest and tries to get some rest. It was difficult to do so whenever he was around.

It was ten o’clock when she woke up to the sound of her third alarm, probably. Beneath her was the satin sheets and not her father’s body which was a surprise to her. He never left without informing to her, perhaps, it was urgent? She looked around, trying to find a hint of the man but she couldn’t. The windows were open and sun rays were beaming on her face, making her fair skin shin as if she was a blood thirsty vampire. Who knew? Maybe she was? The only thing for certain was that she was thirsty and in immediate need for some cold water, “mhm~ what time is it?” taking her phone out of her clutch, she made her way to the refrigerator. There was a note, from her father, “so I will have to meet him at 2?” her eyes deviated to her mobile to have a look at the time, it was 3 minutes to 11, “Heh..I can make it” she said and placed the neck of a water bottle around her lips, drinking it till she was satisfied.

In an hour, she was done with her shower, morning yoga and other routine, she sat infront of her dressing table, naked, to plan a look for today. Her skin was smooth with a black mark on her chin, rest of her body was pretty much spotless.

“It should be something bold–” she thought, after all it was her first time around that place. In her mind, she could picture the colour, Navy blue. It was her favorite. Upon much thought, she knew her outfit for today! It was a navy blue Aladdin salwar, which looked like a normal patiala one but it was narrower, made of chiffon and had a side slit below the knee to expose her well shaped calves! God, in those, She looked nothing less than the Arabian princess of Aladdin, Jasmine! It was buttoned down around her ankles so the slits couldn’t go crazy when she walked. With the bottom ware decided, she starts to look for a top. Today, she felt like exposing her belly, for that purpose she chose a shoulder-less cropped mini top which only stayed in its place because of her spherical tits, the only disappointing thing to that top was her cleavage. There was none. When she was done, she posed infront of the mirror, admiring her choice of fashion. The flowery pattern made by white and dark blue colour went well with her salwar; her salwar went well with her black sandals and those sandals matched with her long, wavy black hair. Surprisingly, she has not put on much make up for today, a light foundation, a maroon lipstick, some kajal and she was done. A freaking gorgeous princess was ready! That too before time!

She dashed into the building, checking in with people at counters. ‘Fifteen minutes to 2’ it said. By the information she received, lunch time was close but if people kept getting distracted by her glamour, she wasn’t sure that they’d get their break. “Mr. Singh,” or like how she knew him, Ashok “is in a meeting but you are welcome to wait in the office, it is right past the conference room,” a lady in gray eyed her as she mercilessly slayed her way towards the office with an ulterior intention! People waited for her, she never waited for them. To her, she was always the most important person in a room filled with men– It wasn’t going to change now.

“I love you~” she mouthed those words once she was infront of a glass door, her father was too joined in with others around a round table. On taking a look at his daughter, Mohan grinned, stroking his groin. He was sitting alongside his boss who too had noticed the women, “She’s here, sir.” he whispered and those words were enough to have the conference adjourned.

While she waited, totally expecting them to arrive anytime soon, she felt a warmer hand on her shoulder which somehow… felt different,

“Sorry to keep you waiting, young woman.” despite the situation she could feel the air of authority in his voice. She turned, smiling her arms swiftly wrapped around his back as she went for a courteous hug, “Hello, sir!” assuming him to be Ashok, he was another tall man with a handsome trimmed-down-facial hair face and a strong torso.

Ashok, who was frazzled by her looks, puts a palm on her waist to guide her a little closer, soumya reluctantly followed his movements to move towards him till his belly came in between.

“toh sir, person mai kaisi lg rhi hai meri princess?” Mohan had now entered, grinning. To him this was the perfect chance to rise up in ranks and be Ashok’s right hand man.

He kept her close for a couple more moments before letting her go and taking a seat on the desk, the other two were seated already with soumya conveniently being opposite to him. She could feel the new man’s eyes on her however her father, who had seen her numerous times remain unaffected. “I am not sure, Mohan. Jitte paas sai kl raat tum isko dekh rhai thai, km sai km hmai bhi utnai paas sai judge krnai do~” considering the gravity of his words, his voice remained unaffected. However, her fair skin was now in a blush as she waited for a response from her father whosevoice was awfully cool aswell, “Go on, give him a proper look, darling.” it was …weird. It felt like they were planning this exact moments for years.

Her chest witnessed a heavy exhale as she prepared herself to stand besides him, “Sir uskai liye toh apko bed mere ghar ana pdega~” her lips thinned and her eyes darkened on seeing a smile on their faces. Mohan looked proud of his daughter.

Ashok licked his lips, wondering how the eye candy standing inbetween his legs tasted, “toh hmai kb invite kr rhi ho, Soumya?” his phalanges were delighted to be rubbing against firm, smooth skin of her belly,

“Whenever you are free sir.” Mohan made his voice audible as he continued to watch her daughter being touched by her boss,

“Business trip pai chltai hai sir..mera travel krnai ka mn krrha hai.” For Soumya, this was an uncharted territory and like how she explored her incestuous relationship with confidence, she was willing to do the same here. She was going to be confident! Eventhough she was blushing under another the man’s touches, she was going to be confident!

Ashok took his abrasive thumb and caressed Somuya’s navel, lovingly bringing her closer with each complete circle. Only imagining her without her titillating dress, “You are very lucky, Ashok! Tumhe itni pyari beti mili hai. Mujhe toh ghr jakr apni depressive wife ko hi dekhna pdta hai.” he turned her around like she was a mannequin.

Hardly had she left his eyesight, soumya arched her back to make her sexy rear poke out to his face..She wanted to be as close to him when she twerked for him, “ You need a holiday away from all this, sir..” her seductive voice continued while her ass shook, his hands with it, “..where you can feast your eyes on this~” She looked at her father, biting her inner cheek. Ashok stuck his face to her rear, sniffing her scent. It was crazy enough to make him jerk her right on his lap, where she continued to move to give the aged man a good time.

Mohan must have been more turned on at this moment cause his next words weren’t those of a father or an office junior but a hungry, excited man, “Chltai hai na, sir. Fir aap bhi Soumya ko chodnai kai baad photo lai lena aik..~” he said, staring into her daughter’s eyes. She was looking like a sex goddess in that man’s lap. A man who was hell bent on seeing her naked after listening to his Junior’s word.

Feeling the weight of a twenty year younger women on his body, Ashok wrapped his fingers around her breasts to see if they were as soft as her tooshie , “ mai toh video lunga puri~ pta nhi agli bari kb mile” his lustful voice wasn’t the only thing losing its chll, it was his fingers aswell..they were on a mission to slip her crop top off of her breasts rather he was on a mission to have her naked infront of her dad. The girl was overwhelmed with emotions, she wanted him to touch her only because it was making her father, someone who have had absolute control over her, crazy. To her eyes, it was turning him on more than she ever could.

Due to lack of her feelings towards the man, she swatted his hands away and looked at him with haughty smile, “Sir, toh apna surprise khrab na kriye abhi..” she said, getting up. Akash wasn’t so pleased, ofcourse, no man child would be. Afterall, his toy was taken from him, “I have a farm house in Lucknow, it’s quite beautiful. Wha chlai?” he shared a smile with Mohan, they had visited that place before.

Disappointed, she weaves her fingers through her long hair, “Alright..lekin I will be deciding our destination next time!”

“theek hai..lekin, km sai km, aik kiss toh dedo baby?” he held her wrist, as if he was her lover.

She bended over, resting her hands on his lap..grinning, she pressed her lips near his chin to leave a mark, “baki ka toh baad mai he milega~ meri payment?” she chuckled after grazing her hands over his boner, “Payment?” Ashok shook his head to look for Mohan who was busy sealing a goodbye kiss with his baby, “Soumya needs to buy some new clothes for her trip.” he simply shrugged his shoulders as if he was expecting it and tries to justify her expenditure.

Ashok who was enjoying were it was headed smirked and took out his credit card, “buy something sexy.” he said and slipped the thing in between the waist band of her exquisite salwar and belly “pin code mai tumhe message krdunga.”

Her eyes stared at him when she used her middle finger to run along her belly and in between her legs, effectively rubbing her vagina, “number hai kya aapkai paas?” to that, he showed her the picture which was shared with him last night by her father, the message contained her mobile number towards the end. Seeing that, she takes the card out of her salwar and turns around to walk out of the office, “Chlti hun Sir, papa. Take care.” She was off too to the nearest shopping market to spend her newly found cash bank.

“Mohan, teri beti sai mn toh kr rha hai shaddi hi krlun.” they watched her go, swaying her tasty buns. He was too enamored by the girl’s mannerism to think about anything else but her.

Someone who was not as mesmerized as him by what had transpired today reasoned, “shaddi kyun krnge sir, jb hmlogo ko uski choot aisi hi miljagi?” his lips formed a roguish smile.

“you are correct. Lekin, aik baar Soumya ko Shaddi ki saree mai dekhna ka mn kr rha hai..” Ashok’s brain refused to come back into reality, that was her effect in the room.

Seeing how head over heels his superior was, Mohan brought up his ulterior motive, “hah, control kre boss! Until you keep giving her money, she won’t be leaving your side..Ofcourse, mera bhi kuch dekh lijiye ga.”

He chuckled, “Hm..Promotion? Agr Soumya merai ldkai sai shaddi krti hai toh I will make you the head of all the departments.” Mohan was not willing to let her go for obvious reasons, it was not happening but what about his efforts? Were they all worthless? Perhaps not so much. They still had a week to spend in Lucknow.

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