The unfinished work

In my previous post I told you guys about how my manager ended up touching me in the cinema theatre. It was awesome – that first feeling of a man, my manager touching my pussy. That day was filled with awesomeness. However, we did not do much in the theatre after that. That moan was my last moan with his finger pressing me there.

I knew that he liked me, that he wanted to do it with me. But I did not know what to do next. I knew he would come after me and try to touch me more. I knew that I will eventually lose my virginity to him but I did not know how to get that done, or should I leave it to him to approach me for the same. We left the theatre smiling; he had a wicked smile on his face and I was feeling shy.

After I came home, I thought about what should I do next. I decided to let him take more initiative. So I went on with the normal flow. 3 days went by and I did nothing to excite him or myself. He did not approach me either. One day, I had more workload and I stayed till late. I had thought that he would come and try something new with me. And he did. I used to wear top and jeans and that’s what I was wearing that day. After everyone had left, he came near me and said “can you show me what you have done the last 3 days? You have not been reporting anything to me”. I knew he was stubborn and did not like anyone who was not doing the work well. So I started showing him my work since last 3 days, which to be frank was not much. How was I supposed to work while constantly thinking about how to get him to fuck me?

The inefficient employee

He was not impressed with work. I had not expected this. I thought he wouldn’t be talking too much about work, especially after letting him touch me between my legs. But then, I did not know how many women he had been with, maybe it was nothing for him. I was not ready to go look for another man. So when he was examining my work, he asked me “why have you not completed the work?”

me: sorry sir. I was not able to focus.

him: why?

me: I was feeling distracted

him: but why?

me: I can’t tell you sir (I felt he already knew why I was distracted)

him: I want the pending work done by tomorrow morning. You know we need it for the product completion, right?

me: but sir, that is not possible. There is lot of work. It will take more than one night sir.

him: not my problem. please figure this out.

me: ok sir.

I was depressed. The entire sexual feeling was gone. I was tensed. I was not being good at work. I did not want to be fired from my first job. I was still confused. I felt cheated… I had let him touch my pussy from above the jeans and he was still treating me like everyone else. Maybe it really did not matter to him.

On my way back to work he messaged me.

him: I know you might not be happy with me today.

me: hmmmm, nothing like that sir.

him: I know what it is like.

me: its ok sir

him: thanks

me: welcome

him: actually I wanted to talk to you about something

me: yes

him: ok but promise me you wont get angry

me: ok I wont get angry.

him: I wanted to talk about our day in the cinema hall

I felt scared and excited at the same time. I did not know what to say. I felt the tinge in my pussy. I knew I needed a fuck. And in that moment I forgot everything else. I just said:

me: what about that day?

him: I remember you did something that day

me: what?

him: You took my hand and placed it on your jeans.

me: hmmmm

him: did you do it on purpose?

me: sir why are you asking me all of a sudden?

him: if you feel uncomfortable, let me know.

me: no, just want to ask why you are asking me all of a sudden?

him: you know, I already liked you which is why i asked you for coffee and all

me: do you still like me? because I know I did something which normal girls dont do. I dont know what you think about me.

him: I still like you. But I want to know if you want to get in a relationship or just fun.

me: I liked you too but not that much. now I am not sure.

him: ok. so you put my hands there only for fun?

me: yes at that time I did only for fun. but I am not sure about now…

The conversation took turns but he did not ask more than that about what I wanted. He asked about me, my family, my childhood, my favourite colour and so on. At about 1 AM at night he said he was feeling sleepy and that he was going to sleep. In the last message, he said “remember that you have to submit the pending work tomorrow morning and come a couple hours early. 7 am is best.”.

Once again, I felt cheated. Talking to him I had forgotten completely about work. I got nervous. I took out my laptop and tried completing the task but I too was sleepy, tired and the work was too much. I thought I will see whatever happens tomorrow because there was really no way to finish the work.

I’m fired

Tomorrow came, like all other days, I was worried sick and was already feeling cheated. I did not know what to do. I had not completed the work, the product was to be released and work wasn’t done. I had to reach office at 7. Anyway, I was there. He was already waiting.

He asked me to come to his office with my laptop. I went. He asked me to show him the work. I said:

me: sorry sir. I could not complete the work.

him: are you kidding me? You have not completed anything? Made any progress?

me: no

him: what?

me: sorry sir. If you could delay the product release by 2 days, I will get it done.

him: that can’t happen. We were already late and I had decided to release it today.

me: sir please, give me some time I will get it done.

him: You’re going to be fired.

me (almost in a crying voice): I don’t want to lose my job. I’ll do whatever you say.

him: think again.

me: yes sir. Anything you ask I will do but don’t do it.

him: think one more time. I am a very unusual person.

me: yes sir.

him: I want to do exciting stuff. you understand?

me: yes I understand.

I was trying to figure this man out. One time he behaved like a boss who had not done anything. The other time he was the man who was just interested in me and was not at all bossy. It was clear that he wanted to fuck me but I did not know what he was trying to do at that time. As the thoughts were running in my head, he took out his mobile and said “I have always imagined you naked. Today I want to see you naked and I want to keep some pics” I was shocked. I told him no. he said “I wont take any pic with your face. Is that okay?”

me: you won’t fire me if I do what you are telling?

him: no.

me: and no pics with my face

him: no face.

me: and you won’t show them to anyone?

him: no one.

I was scared and aroused, excited and worried, horny and shy, confused and ready to undress. I went close to him and said “but for that I need something”. He asked “what do you need?”. I said “a kiss”. It was the first kiss I had under very unusual circumstances. I kissed a man to arouse him so that he gets excited, then undresses me, takes my pictures and lets me keep my job. The kiss was normal. We started with a lip to lip touch, a little smooching and I held him close. I was rubbing my palms on his back. He got aroused and put his hands on my ass and pressed. I swear that was the first time anyone had pressed them. I got horny and the kiss went for about 5 minutes.

In those 5 minutes, he had pressed my boobs, pressed my ass, had unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped it and had pulled down my jeans. I was feeling hot inside.

Then began the photos. He started taking pictures. I was slowly undressing. I first removed the top. Then I slowly removed the jeans. No one was coming to office for another hour or so. So we had time.

He asked me to go topless but slowly. I did that. He then asked me to remove my jeans. I did that. I was horny as hell. Almost wet. I was feeling awkward to remove panty. He came close, kissed me and knelt down. He touched and rubbed my vagina from over the panty. He also kissed there with the panty still on. After kissing and fondling, I got wet. He pulled down the panty but I had not shaved down there and he did not like it hairy. He put my panty back the way I was wearing.

He took some more pictures. We kissed in the end, he pressed my boobs and bum and by then, it was almost time for other people to come to office. I had leaked a bit. He gave me some tissue paper to wipe it clean. When leaving his office, I asked him once again – you won’t fire me, right? He just said “We will talk after product release”. I was confused and scared once again – because the product could  not be released without the part I had to work on. How was it going to be released then? Was I still going to be fired?

2 hours later, he came out and launched the product. Surprisingly, the part I had to complete was already complete! I had no idea who did it and when. After the product release, I went to his chamber and asked him:

me: who completed my work?

him: I did.

me: when?

him: last night.

me: then why you told me that you will fire me and all?

him: I did fire you… were you not feeling on fire when I was kissing you, rubbing you, pressing your ass and boobs?

me (feeling relaxed and amused): I was feeling on fire, yes.

him: see, didn’t I fire you? (and he smirked)

me: why you did not tell me you had completed the work?

him: tell me would you have undressed and let me take your hot pics if I told you?

me: maybe

him: how so?

me: maybe I would get impressed by your helpful nature and let you do it?

him: I wasn’t sure.

me: I already let you touch my pussy

him: i don’t want you to fall in love. I want to fuck you. Are you in love with me or what?

me: no.

him: good. Now go. We will talk later.

I felt super impressed. I messaged him “I was already impressed by you and I liked you. But I did not know you are clever like this also. I don’t know what to say but thanks for everything. ;)”

He asked “what all comes under ‘everything’?”

I said “For not firing me from my job and for all the exciting things 😉 I hope you are going to enjoy my pics”

He said “Believe me things have just started. It can get very interesting if you cooperate.”

I just replied with a “hehe. I am looking forward to interesting stuff”.

He said “But I have a small complaint. Will you fix it for me?”

I said “Anything for you sir”

He said “shave your pussy. I don’t like it hairy”

I said “let’s talk tomorrow at 7”.

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