A Finger, A Dollar

Nestled within a motel within Les Spirites, California, a pair of lezians met up for the night. On fall break, they flew back home tomorrow morning.

Strapped with only an elastic band, and nothing else but a dollar in their belt, they turned off the lights and laid on the floor, one over the other, their fingers positioned on the others groin.

Slowly but rhythmatically, they stroke and rubbed the others groin. For nearly 14 minutes they went at it. The game: first cums, first wins.

Finally, the one beneath gasp and parried. The one atop promptly took the dollar-fold and stretching her elastic belt, placed it firmly with her other assets.

They laid: their breasts heaving evenly. Their breathing quieted and subsided. A finger for a dollar, they met every night.

To the spectator, the scene was awe-inspiring to imagine. Two slim but fit ladies together, bounded with muscles and sinews, for a conquest, for a dollar.

On other nights, they gathered up marks. For a tournament, collected a dozen lezians. Winner takes all. It was hardly new: but every night they came together, sometimes in the room, sometime apart, went at it and collected a dollar, then another.

Rules were first cum, first wins. Other nights, it was first submission, where the lezians went at it continuously, cum after cum, until the other clasped both her own breast, as a show of submission. Winners collected their dollars, until the winners became fewer, and the final pair, strapped with dollars to their waist, finished off the last, and took home a belt full of dollars.

To starve off boredom, a game is played by lezians in a dark corner of Les Spirites City, in a dark room in a motel under a moonless night. A game of “A Finger, a Dollar”.


(Disclaimer: all ressemblances in this story to real people, places, and things are purely coincidental. All stories from this page and account are compiled from local open, non-licensed, non-copyrighted submissions for literature clubs, contests, and creative writing groups. They include Kelsi Brooks and various other LBQT writers. Feel free to copy, expand, derive future works. Include this disclaimer: this is the only condition for using or deriving works from this series.)