Its a video clipping recorded by me. Nina has caught me (Garry) with aunt Lisa and we three have enjoyed oral sex at night. Next morning, I left for class as Nina gave excuse of class suspension due to higher classes examination. While leaving for my college, I put a video recorder in my bed room to see what’s happening inside in my absence. I left for college and came back in the evening after a day long class. I moved inside my bedroom where I can see my bed-sheet and pillow in an improper way. I changed my dress and after refreshment took out video recorder, I took out the chip and put it in my purse to see it in my mobile in a lonely place.

Its a dark evening as I moved to hall and after having a cup of tea, I left home for walk. I walked towards mall and bought a cane beer to drink it. Now I moved towards deserted park and moved inside it. Now I started drinking beer as I took out the chip and placed it in the mobile. Now I opened the clip to watch………… Its 11:25 am as I can see Lisa sleeping on bed and Nina came inside room. She pushed the door to look it like close. Now my hot aunty Lisa is sitting on bed as Nina is sitting near her, looking at Lisa she put her hand on her breast and pressed it hard as she screamed….. “Oh Nina massage it slowly aahh. ” And Nina is pressing her one breast hardly while Lisa is kissing her lips and face. Now my hot sister Nina pushed her aunt Lisa on bed as she leaned on her top to kiss her face and lips. I can see my hot sister kissing her and she pushed her tongue in Lisa’s mouth to suck. Lisa has hold her niece in arms tightly as Nina is sucking her tongue. My penis started erecting while I can see Lisa removing her niece tops, later on Nina removed her aunt tops and I can see four boobs nude. Now their upper portion is nude as Lisa is leaning on Nina’s top to suck her small breasts. A hot gal is in sex with a matured lady and after a while, Lisa started licking her areola with her tongue while pressing her breasts hardly. My penis is in full erection as I am watching recorded scene of my room of Lisa and Nina.

I can see both sitting on bed as they removed each others clothes to make them nude. Now Lisa is on bed as I can see Nina pushing her long fingers inside Lisa’s vagina and she is fingering her cunt fastly as she leaned her mouth on her big boobs to suck. She is sucking it wildly while fingering her cunt and Lisa is screaming in joy….. ” Oohh aahh Nina suck my boobs hard, I am feeling on top. ” And Nina took her other breast in her mouth to suck as I unzipped my jeans and took out my long cock. Now Nina licked her areola as she moved down to love her cunt. I can see Nina putting a pillow under her (Lisa) big buttocks and Nina put her face in between her thighs to kiss her vulva and labias. She is kissing it and than Lisa opened her vaginal mouth as Nina pushed her long tongue inside her aunt’s vagina. She is fucking her vagina with her tongue and lastly, Lisa shouted…… “Ohhh Nina suck my vagina I will cum soon. ” And I can see Nina sucking her both labias, lastly Lisa poured cum inside her mouth and Nina tasted it, she licked it for a while. My penis has erected like a hot iron rod looking at their sexual activity.

I paused the button of recorded clip and moved away to urinate. After a while, I opened the clip again…… Now Nina is sitting on Lisa’s face as her vaginal parts are on her face, she started kissing her vagina while pressing her breasts. Lisa is licking her tiny cunt as her small tits is in her palm for massage. After a while, Lisa started chewing her labias and Nina shouted….. “Oohhh uumm aunty suck it hard I will cum. ” And Lisa tasted her vaginal juice.

I unzipped my jeans again to take out my long erected cock as I can see Lisa opening her large bag and taking out a vibrator. Now looking at Lisa, Nina said….. ” Aunty you need fuck naa, wait for Garry.

(Lisa) Nina its a different tool and we both can enjoy with it as it has two glans and lets see it. ” Now Nina is sleeping on bed and Lisa adjusted its speed and length, put it inside Nina’s cunt and she took it its other ends. I can see a long penis with two glans and both are inside Lisa’s and Nina’s vagina. Now Lisa started the vibration and I can see Nina and Lisa having artificial penis, one is sleeping as other is near her pelvic zone. Lisa enhanced the speed as I can hear Nina screaming…… “Oohh aahh aunty I am in heaven………

(Lisa) enjoy this fuck and at night we will have Garry’s penis. ” And after 10 minutes both gal and lady are well exhausted in bed. Their love session ends. I put my cock inside pant and moved away.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.