More for the Garner by Kelsi Brooks

In Les Spirites, within a locale popular to lesbians and other members of gay community, lezians gather together.

At a building formerly a hostel, bought and owned by a lezian, her enclave gather there every night after work.

A year after the finger, a dollar game caught on fire among the more adventurous lezians, a lezian started a bordello.

There was nothing fake about their finger games: some won good money for their one-to-one finger games. Not quite finger wrestling. Both consented. No harm, no foul.

First cum, first wins. As corny as it sounded, some left, but some hungry for cash, stuck around. They took to the floor at night, and amid grunting and groaning, engage in a contest of outlasting the other to the first orgasm.

Alternatively, others preferred endearance over speed, and went past orgasm after orgasm until the one admitted defeat. Clasped both her breasts, as a sign of submission. Again, no harm, no foul. Winner went home with dollars in her belt.

That night, they introduced the garner, just for a higher dollar amount, tuck within the thigh band. Winner took home double or triple the usual amount. For a woman named Amath, the money was too good to pass up. Rent due every month, she hustled in a bar, a restaurant, and swept the floor with other lezians to snatch up money.

Bronze-skinned and muscular, she swept the floor in the endearance race. Her foe tonight was a younger lezian. They went at it, their skin taunt with glister and sweat. Amath sinews rippled as they fingered the others most tender and delicate loins. After moments of gasping, her opponent submitted.

Amath delicately picked the prize, for a total of 50 dollars that night. She laid on the bed, her breast heaving. Sometimes, not always, life was a sweet deal. She made no judgment on the life-style, and once, didn’t even identify as lezian. But the money was good: her constitution was stronger than most if not all her lezian peers.

On a good night, Amath swept through all rooms of lezians for the cash in their belts. On a contest over weekends, a higher prize in their garner. It’s why they call the game, “the belt with a garner”. At pub, lovers and lesbians gather. But at night, lezians gathered for their own club, a finger for a dollar, and on other nights, twice the money and twice the glory.


(Disclaimer: all ressemblances in this story to real people, places, and things are purely coincidental. All stories from this page and account are compiled from local open, non-licensed, non-copyrighted submissions for literature clubs, contests, and creative writing groups. They include Kelsi Brooks and various other LBQT writers. Feel free to copy, expand, derive future works. Include this disclaimer: this is the only condition for using or deriving works from this series.)