Results Of The Row

Sharon was a sixteen year old loud mouthed bad tempered girl who lived with her mum in a run down council block of flats, it was well known in the block of flats where Sharon lived that Sharon and her mum did not get on well so one night when they started to row nobody were surprised, the row seemed to last longer than normal and with the normal shouting, they the door into the flat was heard to slam shut and things went quiet but a minute after Sharon’s mum was heard to yell ” and don’t come back” and the entry door slam again, Pia took rubbish to the bins and saw Sharon who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what she was sitting on the stairs, Pia noticed the zip on Sharon’s hoody was partly down and she could see the side of Sharon’s ample boobs, Pia was a lesbian and liked what she was looking at, after putting the rubbish in the bins Pia spoke with Sharon and discovered that the row had been over hot water, Pia told Sharon that her parents were away for a week and she could come into her flat and have a shower as there was loads of hot water, Sharon got up and followed Pia into her flat, Pia got Sharon a towel and when Sharon unzipped her hoody completely and took it off and stood topless Pia looked at Sharon’s naked boobs and thought very nice, Sharon took her joggers off and stood naked , Pia could hardly believe her eyes but liked what she was seeing as she looked at Sharon’s love tube Pia said ” back home in Bangladesh most of the girls learn how to give massages I can do them do you want one” Sharon looked at Pia and said ” yeah Ok” and lay on the floor, Pia started to massage Sharon’s back slowly moving down as she did and when she started to massage Sharon’s bum Sharon did not try to stop her or say anything, after she had massaged Sharon’s legs Pia told Sharon to roll over onto her back, Sharon rolled over onto her back and Pia started to massage Sharon’s shoulders then after a few minutes slid her hands gently over Sharon’s boobs then started to massage them after five minutes Pia slid her hands further down Sharon’s body massaging as she went, Pia noticed that Sharon’s nipples were now erect and slowly slid her hand between Sharon’s legs and over her love tube feeling it was moist, Pia massaged Sharon’s legs as she did she noticed that Sharon’s nipples were fully erect, Pia asked Sharon if she had enjoyed the massage, Sharon looked at Pia and said ” judging by the pokies in your tee shirt you enjoyed doing it” then sat up and lifted Pia’s tee shirt exposing her naked boobs that had erect nipples, Sharon said look at the state of your nipples” then pushed Pia backwards onto the floor undid her jeans and pulled them down then ran her hand over Pia’s love tube feeling it was moist, Sharon said ” I thought so your a lesbian” Sharon was rubbing Pia’s love tube, Pia said ” your rubbing me so what are you” Sharon smiled and said ” I am bi sexual” then pulled Pia’s jeans right off her followed by her tee shirt Sharon then started to lick Pia’s nipples while rubbing her love tube, Pia was starting to breathe heavy after a couple of minutes Sharon moved down Pia’s body licking it as she went and when she started to lick Pia’s love tube Pia let out a sigh and when Sharon pushed her tounge inside Pia’s love tube Pia moaned, as Sharon pushed her tounge around inside Pia’s love tube and rubbing her boobs at the same time Pia moaned in deep pleasure and after a few minutes gushed, After half a hour Sharon went into the shower then went back to her own flat. The following afternoon Pia was walking home from school through the woods when Tina one of the girls in her class at school and the school bully appeared, Tina went to Pia and said ” I heard about you and Sharon” then pushed Pia to the ground, Pia braced herself for a kicking but was totally surprised when Tina pushed her skirt up pulled her panties down and started to lick her love tube before pushing her tounge inside, Pia lay still moaning as Tina worked her tongue in and out of her love tube and after five minutes Pia gushed, a couple of minutes after Tina stood up and after wiping her face walked off saying ” fucking lesbians” Pia got up and walked home hardly believing what had happened, as Pia arrived at the block of flats she saw Sharon’s mum leaving for work and Cindy a local thug girl who was sixteen years old entering the block, Pia hung back knowing that Cindy could be very violent, after Cindy had gone up in the lift Pia walked up the stairs as she approached her flat Sharon called her into her flat, Pia walked into Sharon’s lounge and smiled when she saw Tina stood naked, Tina said ” fuck I am naked with the lesbian here” as Pia admired Tina’s ample boobs and love tube she heard some one say ” I am fucking naked as well” and Cindy walked into the room with a naked Sharon behind her, Pia saw that Cindy’s large boobs had erect nipples, the three girls grabbed Pia and started to strip her and after a minute Pia was naked, she was then laid on the floor and not long after Tina was sucking one of Pia’s nipples Sharon was sucking the other and Cindy pushing her tongue into her love tube, it was not long before Pia was moaning in deep pleasure as the three white girls worked on her body after five minutes Pia gushed and not long after Cindy moved away and Sharon moved between Pia’s legs and started to lick her love tube while Sharon licked and sucked her nipple, after a hour all three white girls had made Pia gush and she was now sat watching them as they masturbated. That night Pia lay in bed happy that the three white girls had all licked her out and also happy that her mum had phoned and told her that they would not be home for a month, In the morning Pia opened the door when the entry door bell rang and saw Mandy who was two years younger than her stood there with her hoody wide open her just starting to develop boobs with erect nipples showing and after ten minutes Pia was laying naked on the floor in her lounge as a naked Mandy licked her love tube, after Mandy had left Pia thought I hope that mum and dad never return home.