Secret Of The Bully

Dawn was a sixteen year bully, it was well known that she had a big violent streak in her, most people stayed clear of her and would have nothing to do with her, she was attending her third school having been expelled from two schools because of her bullying behaviour, she had been banned from lots of the shops in the town where she lived. Dawn was just walking into the street where she lived and saw the fire engine outside one of the houses which had no roof left on it just burnt out remains, Dawn went past the scene and into the house where she lived and learnt from her mum that the builders had caused a fire in the roof of the damaged house but nobody had been hurt, when Dawn’s mum told her that Sara who was two years younger that what Dawn was and her mum were staying with them til the house was repaired and that Sara was sleeping in her room with her she expected a lot of foul mouthed objections but was totally surprised when there was none instead Dawn just said ” as long as she don’t snore that is ok” then after having a drink Dawn went up to her room, as she walked into her room, Dawn saw Sara sat on the spare bed in a dressing gown, Sara was nervous she knew about Dawn’s reputation, Dawn looked at Sara smiled and said to her ” no snoring is allowed” then after dumping her school bag on the floor kicked her shoes off, Dawn started to unbutton her blouse, Sara was a lesbian and kept giving the occasional look and after Dawn had removed her blouse she unclipped her bra and took it off, Sara glanced briefly at Dawn’s firm ample naked boobs thinking nice but was to scared to have a proper look. Dawn smiled and said ” it is no good just glancing at my tits you can have a proper look” Sara said what, as she took her skirt off Dawn said ” we know your a lesbian but that is cool” then slid her panties down and and off, Sara looked at the naked bully saw that her nipples were erect and said ” you know” Dawn said ” yeah I known for awhile” the went and put the lock on the door across turned and faced Sara who looked at Dawn’s love tube, Dawn went over to Sara and pushed her backwards onto her back and pulled her gown open then to Sara’s surprise Dawn started to rub her naked love tube and after a minute bent forward and started to lick and suck her erect nipples then after a couple of minutes stopped rubbing Sara’s love tube bent forward and started to lick it before pushing her tongue right in, Sara lay enjoying what was happening to her and after ten minutes moaned in deep pleasure as she gushed, after a few minutes Dawn put a gown on and went to the shower leaving Sara hardly believing that the school bully had just made her cum with her tongue, later at the dinner table Dawn’s sister Amy who was four years younger than her was moaning about having to share her bedroom with Sara’s sister, Sara said ” if she gets on your nerves throw her out the window” Sara’s mum said ” gag her first to stop her screaming and waking us up” later that night Dawns door opened and Sara smiled when she saw a naked Amy stood in the doorway, Amy said she is snoring” Sara looked at Amy’s just starting to develop boobs and love tube thinking nice, Dawn got out of bed and took Amy back to her room as they went Sara admired Amy’s bum thinking she could get in bed with me , when Dawn returned she locked the door saying we don’t want her disturbing us look at Sara and said ” you got a compliment to return” and lay on her bed parting her legs as she did In the morning as she passed her house Sara looked at the roof and thought I hope that the repairs will take a very long time.