The Screw-Ring Lesbian

In the lower parts of Les Spirites, was a screw-ring lesbian, named Hil Black.

At night, over the prone form of her lastest conquest, she unscrewed a round crystal like orb from her ring. Retrieving from her purse, a small dildo with a thread hold on the bottom, she screw it to her ring.

She moistened it with her mouth and went to pumping her partner in lesbianism through the night. When done, she retrieved her dildo, unscrewed it, and put away in her purse as she would a lipstick.

Her partner exhausted from the night, threw the curtains closed.

Hil rested before proceeding further down-town to a meeting hall. Her fellow lezians convened there and spoke briefly before retreating to the private quarters of one of the lezians.

She withdrew to a private building, all lesbians. No leaders, just cooperation. That was the rule.

Once, a head-strong lesbian from the East wanted to assert leadership. Just her way: a busy-body lesbian with no concept of the casual relationships lesbians had in Hil’s dorm. So they wagered her: if she could take a blow-job from each of them, numbering 30, she could have the leadership.

The busy-body lesbian went to the podium of a room, one by one, lesbian went into her, kissing her groin and mapping out its warmth with their lips and tongues. By the tenth lesbian, the busy-body lesbian looked fatigue. They were wearing her out, with it her resolve.

Hil took her dildo, screwed it to her ring, and went to screw the busy-body. By the 16th lesbian, the bossy lesbian crossed her legs and would have no more of it. From that day, no lesbian cared to assert herself as a boss.

The lesbians of Hil’s dorm remained independent, with a little help, from Hil, The Screw-Ring Lesbian.


(Disclaimer: all ressemblances in this story to real people, places, and things are purely coincidental. All stories from this page and account are compiled from local open, non-licensed, non-copyrighted free-to-distribute and use submissions for literature clubs, contests, and creative writing groups. They include Kelsi Brooks and various other LBQT writers. Feel free to copy, expand, derive future works. Include this disclaimer: this is the only condition for using or deriving works from this series.)