Oral sex with Nina

NINA is hot, wild and bold. She is a 17 yrs. Young gal studying in class 10+1 in a local school. Looking at her my intention was always good. She is too cute and looks like a sex goddess in her school dress. She always wears a ultra mini skirt with a shirt and a stockings covering her legs and put a black shoe in her legs.. One morning both left for bus stop as she go to school on school bus and I took DTC bus for my college. On the way, she said….. ” Its a shivering cold today, want to bunk my classes and enjoy in a park.

(Garry) ok but your partner for joy.

(Nina) you can become my partner for a day.

(Garry) ok but where you want to go ?

(Nina) Buddha park will be fine. ” And than we hired a auto-rickshaw. In the chilling cold both are sitting too close on auto and my knees is touching her soft breasts. We reached there at 10:55 am and moved inside park. Its foggy and even sun has not shined. Visibility is less of 20 metres and we moved inside park in a dense forest zone. We both kept our bags on grass and sits on it. Looking at her, my intention is dirty and I asked her…… ” Nina what to do here for joy ?

(Nina smiled) today you are my partner and for our joy we can do anything.

(Garry in confusion) but you are my younger sister Nina, so please don’t say like this.

(Nina) oh Garry leave that relation in a bucket for a day and see me as a young gal only.

(Garry) Nina are you mad, don’t try to cross the limit.

(Nina) Garry my too many friends enjoy with their brothers and relatives, are they mad?

(Garry) oh means my little sister has become a young gal.

I moved close to her and she grabbed me in her arms. While pressing her breasts on my chest, she put her lips on my lips and our lips are locked. Nina took no time to push her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it my hands are on her back. She is now sitting on my lap with her legs wrapping my waist. I hold her tightly and my hand is inside her skirt, her bum is nude…. May be she is wearing a G string panty. Now she took out her tongue and kissed my lips. She is bit shy and put her head on my shoulder. Now my finger is moving on her panty and lastly I removed her G string panty. My finger moved inside her cunt and its hot…. While fingering her cunt I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she is sucking it like a matured gal. We both are in oral sex session. She is breathing fast and left my tongue. She moved away from me and vanished in dense fog..

Nina came back and washed her vagina infront of me. Now she is standing infront of me and on my knees, I put her skirt up to her waist and she stretched her legs wide open to show her glittering vagina. I put my lips on it and my hand is on her ass. While kissing it I can feel my penis erected. Now I am licking her vagina and she is screaming in joy…… “Ooohh uuhhhhuuummm… Oh Garry suck my cunt I will cum soon. ” And I took her cunt in my mouth to suck and she ejaculated her juice in my mouth. I tasted it and she sits on grass with palms covering her face like a shy gal. Looking at her, I removed my jeans and brief… She is looking it and now I am standing on grass. Nina is on her knees…. Took my penis in her hand and started rubbing its soft part on her face as well as lips, smelt it also and looking at me, she took my penis in her mouth to suck. My 3/4 th penis is in my sister’s mouth and she is nice in sucking. Now she started moving her head and I am screaming in pleasure….. ” Oh Nina you are so hot my darling I have never thought you will suck my cock oohh….. ” And she sucked it for 5-7 minutes. Now her tongue is moving on my penis and we both have become hot in a chilling winter. Nina took my cock again and sucked it for some time..

We both are sitting on grass and drinking water. Its 11:30 am and I am feeling some how hungry. She took out her tiffin and we have butter and bread with soft drinks. Now looking at her, I asked….. ” Nina I want to know one thing, have you lost your virginity ?.

(Nina bit shy) no Garry I have not lost it but will lose in 5-6 months with you.

(Garry) love to do it my baby….. ” And now we both are coming closer. She unbuttoned her shirt and remove her brassier…. Put it in her bag. Now small tits with brownish nipple is inviting me. I ask her to sit on my thigh and put my face down to take her boobs in my mouth…. While sucking it my hand is on her back and I pushed a finger in her vagina…… While fingering it I am sucking her breast and she is masturbating my penis. I took another one and sucked for some time. Now she is in mood to suck my cock…. I stand in front of her…. She knelt down to suck my long hard penis. She is moving her head faster, swinging it like a matured lady. Now I hold her hairs tightly and started fucking her mouth with my penis..

Nina is now licking my penis with her tongue. My penis is now rock hard and she took it again in her mouth and while holding her hairs, I started fucking her mouth and cock is going up to her throat. Her eyes are closed and she is getting her strong penis of his brother and now I shouted…. “Ooohhjuuummmmaashjjaaahhhh Nina I am going to ejaculate my sperms in your mouth, drink it taste it you bitch…… ” And my penis pour it in her mouth and she drink it like a mango shake and than licked my penis also but she has lost her cum again, so I licked it and our classes of sex ends in a high note. We promised for it in a week in our home.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.