Exposed To The Nurses

About 5 years ago I came off my dirt bike and broke my left wrist, as my van was an automatic my mate helped me load the bike in and I drove home as I only live about a mile from the hospital and I walked to the A&E department to get it checked. They x-rayed my wrist and confirmed it was broken, they put a temporary cast on but as it was a Sunday evening of a bank holiday they made me an appointment for the Tuesday at the fracture clinic to see the consultant. After a while in the waiting room I got called into the consulting cubicle and the consultant came in with the x-ray and said that I had done a good job of breaking my wrist and he would need to operate to realign the bones. The surgery list was full for the day so he said he wanted to admit me so that they could operate first thing the next day and that I should wait there and a nurse will come in with the paperwork. The nurse came in and asked some questions and gave me some papers to get a blood test, she then said she needed to do some swabs to check for mrsa. She opened the pack and said “I needed to take a swab from inside your nose” which she did then said “I also need to swab your groin if you could take your jeans down a bit but leave your underwear on I can just move them a little to do the swab”. I tried to undo my jeans but I couldn’t get the button undone one handed the nurse saw that I was struggling and said “would you like me to help?”. I was a bit embarrassed but I had to let her help so I said “if you could please”. She undid my jeans and pulled them down to just above my knees then she got the swab and said “this will only take a second” but instead of just pulling the front of boxers forward she pulled the front of my boxers down and my cock was exposed as she did the swab, after she had done the swab she helped me dress again and I went to get the blood tests done. Later when I got to the ward I asked the nurse “is there any chance I could have a shower as I feel sweaty”. She said “you can but you need to keep the plaster dry”, so she wrapped it in a plastic bag and taped it up then got me a gown and a towel and took me to the shower wet room. She said “if you needed any help just use the nurse call”. I said “I couldn’t get my jeans undone earlier when the nurse did the swab so could you help me to undo my jeans?” so she helped me to remove my jeans and my t-shirt and left me in my boxers. I locked the door then took off my boxers and got in the shower. Once I had washed myself as best I could I got out of the shower and tried to dry myself and realised that I couldn’t dry my right arm and I would never get the gown on one handed so I pulled the nurse call. I waited a minute or 2 then someone knocked on the door and a female voice said “I’m a nurse are you ok?” I replied quietly “I’m just having trouble getting the gown on as I have a wrist in plaster” She said “if you unlock the door I can give you a hand with it if you want” Nervously I replied “I’m naked” She said “oh that’s ok I’ve seen it all before”, I thought maybe but not mine but I didn’t have much choice really so I unlocked the door. As soon as I unlocked the door and before I could grab the towel to try and cover myself the nurse came in opening the door fully, as she cam in I was still standing there fully naked facing the door I’m sure that the people in the corridor would have seen me as well. As I was a bit shocked I didn’t even try to cover myself with my hands so everything was completely on show. She came in and locked the door then asked “did manage to wash ok?” I said “I had but couldn’t wash my right arm”. She said “ok I’ll wash that for you and as she was washing my arm she said “and did you manage to wash your bottom?” “yeah kind of” was my nervous reply “Well we need to make sure that is nice and clean so I’ll wash that for you as well” she said. I felt a bit humiliated that I had to stand there naked and be washed by a stranger especially when while she was washing my bum she also washed my cock. I said to her “I bet this is not one of the better bits of your job” to which she replied “oh I don’t mind there are worse things”. She helped me dry off and get into the gown and did the 2 ties that were on it at the top and I gathered up my clothes and went to my bed. The trouble was that while holding my clothes with my one good hand I couldn’t stop the back of the gown opening so as I walked down the corridor and across the ward I knew my bum was showing as I could feel a breeze. A bit later a very nice student nurse came over to finish off the paperwork she said “I needed to do some swabs for mrsa”. I said “I have already had them done earlier” but she said “that’s ok we like to do them on the ward anyway to make sure that they get done” At least I knew what she needed to do and she took a swab from my nose then said she “I need to take a swab from your groin now” so she pulled my gown up so she could she my cock as she did the swab. In the morning after the other people had breakfast (I was nil by mouth ready for surgery) the nurses went round the beds with bowls of warm water and a cloth for people to wash with and pulled the curtains around the beds, they also changed the bedding. The nurse got to me and pulled the curtain around and asked me to get out of bed so they could change the bedding so I got out and sat in the chair next to the bed while they changed the sheets then the nurse asked “would you like me to help you wash?”, then she helped me to take off my gown. I said “I can manage to wash most of myself” She just said “it will be easier if I just do it” So I stood there naked while she washed me, as if I didn’t feel humiliated enough just as she was washing my bum another nurse came in to get the dirty sheets not realising I was still naked she pulled the curtain back so half the ward saw me standing there naked.