Nipple Piercing Parlor

In the winter of 2013 my best friend RaeAnn decided to get her nipples pierced. She asked me go with her. So we set out for the piercing parlor, the name of which I forget, but we drove up Route 28 past Rockingham Park Mall just over the Massachusetts line to the intersection of Route 97 and there we were. It’s been a long time but I think Rae’s piercing took about an hour. When it was over Rae was a little unsteady on her feet but otherwise okay. Later she told me it was a great sexual experience, the fear, the pain, exposing her tits in public that way and that she felt like she was going to cum right there on the table.

It took a while for her to get used to her piercings but three months later she loved them. For a while she felt uneasy being with a guy but she had no regular boyfriend so it really wasn’t a problem. She showed them to many of the guys we knew and by summer time everything was fine and she had no trouble doing whatever came naturally.

Her breasts looked beautiful with her barbells in. When we were alone she would open her shirt and pull her bra down and show them to me or look in the mirror. She had beautiful breasts anyway, much larger than mine, and in fact the biggest boobs of anyone in our group. By graduation day I was certain I wanted to get mine done too. It may not be politically correct, since they are my tits, but I talked about it with my boyfriend. He seemed delighted though he knew nothing about aftercare and how long it would take before he could enjoy my breasts as he had for the past few months.

So a week after I was legal I made an appointment at the same shop with the same guy who had done Rae’s. So one morning we again drove to the shop just over the line in Salem. My boyfriend thought I would take him but it never occurred to me to take anyone but Rae. She knew the routine and could help if I had trouble. And I could see trouble if I took a guy and what would happen when he saw me strip to the waist in front of these other guys and then have a guy work on my bare boobs.

I was fascinated by the shop. It was full of interesting people and full to the brim in just about every corner with all sorts of amazing piercing and tattoo paraphernalia. Every inch of vertical space seemed covered with pictures of tattoos and there were cases full of body jewelry. I checked in and was called right away for my appointment. He remembered us. I had chosen rings instead of the barbells Rae had and already knew the rings I wanted. My operator got them from the display case and placed them on the tray near the table where the work would be done.

He told me to take off my shirt and lie on my back on the table. Driving up in the car I felt a little tingle of sexual excitement and now that I was there and I actually would have to strip to the waist I really felt a little hum down there. Rae sat on a stool on the opposite side from the operator where she could hold my hand and wipe me down if necessary. For modesty’s sake I turned around and faced away from my operator to remove my shirt only to realize I was facing a mirror so he could see everything I had anyway. I had not warn a bra, just a light shirt which would not rub any more than necessary against my nipples once they were pierced. I opened my shirt, still facing away, to reveal my bare boobs and pulled the shirt off my shoulders. I was now naked to the waist. There was absolutely no privacy. People were coming and going, operators and counter people and one who appeared to be a customer. Now my body really started to hum and I felt just a trace of wetness and that peculiar stirring down there like I felt whenever I thought I was going to get myself laid.

I was very conscious of being bare breasted. I felt like it was my first time with a new guy. My nipples were so hard they hurt. I turned around and the operator asked me to please get up on the table and lay on my back. I did so and laid down somewhat nervously. I don’t mind admitting I was scared and could already feel myself sweating even without a top. I kind of scrunched up my upper body almost as if to hide my bare tits. I felt like I was at the doctor’s except no doctor I knew would have a girl lying flat on her back with her boobs exposed.

My operator had his back to me but eventually he turned about and approached the table. For all the way he acted I could have been a ham sandwich but I felt like I was totally naked and he was just about to start feeling me up. And I was totally scared, like I did the first time somebody did feel me up. He stood next to the table with a wad of cotton in his hand, put it on top of a bottle of some kind of topical disinfectant, generously wet the cotton and told me he was now going to apply it to both of my nipples. Having both your nipples done at the same time is not necessarily a good idea. But that’s what Ray had done it worked out okay for her so I figured I’d go ahead. Having both done makes aftercare more difficult and of course makes the pain worse to have it

He started gently rubbing the disinfectant into my right nipple, the one furthest from him, and the surrounding areola. It tickled a bit but the disinfectant felt warm and good. Then he did the same for my left nipple and the areola and then finished off with a bit more on each. This nipple rubbing really set me afire and I could feel my breath quicken and began to get even wetter down there. He said he was going to pierce me right at the base of each nipple and the thought of the pain made me even hotter. He said he was going to let the disinfectant dry while he finished getting his tools ready. I lay there scared out of my wits and I could feel myself sweating and there was a kind of moist glow over my whole chest from the sweat. And a moist glow inside my tummy somewhere between my belly button and my pussy.

I stared at the ceiling and kind of smiled and kind of shivered and made some funny little noises and exhaled hard and Rae squeezed my hand and I squeezed back.

“I’m scared!” I said aloud and giggled in spite of myself. I looked at what he was doing, pulling on rubber gloves. His tools were a pair of forceps with which he would grab each nipple and manipulate it before he pierced me. He had my two rings and a small pair of pliers that he would use to close the rings once they were in me. He also had a kind of thick needle which he would stick through my erect nipple to actually do the piercing. Plus his bottle of disinfectant and some gauze I guess in case I bled too much. Looking at the needle scared me even more but the thought of the pain made me wetter and I even kind of shifted my hips up a bit like I do just before a guy enters me.

He turned and faced me and stood about three feet away and looked down at me, not in a sexual way, he just wanted to see how I was. I looked back at him and felt about as vulnerable as I do in a scene where I know I’m going to be tortured. And just like in a scene I was at partly naked, my bare tits kind of staring up at him and my whole upper body a glow from the sweat and my vagina aglow for the feeling of wanting it in me and my bellybutton now pooling a drop of sweat and I would have killed to have been able to put my hand in my pants and I knew my panties were wet by now and I could smell sex and I bet he could too and I rolled my hips up and down and then, and then…..

He asked me to stand up.

“What,” I managed to stammer after a second.

“Could you please stand up.”

“OK.” I raised myself up to a sitting position and then looked at him again to be sure. Yes, I was supposed to stand up. I swung my legs off the table and with a bit of a stumble that almost made him reach out, I stood up.

“Just stand here and face me…”. I did, still bare naked to my beltline.

“Just stand with your arms at your sides, please.” He dabbed more disinfectant on each nipple and areola.

“We want these things to look normal.”

Then in the first kind of sexual thing he had done he started to pull gently at each nipple in turn with his rubber gloved fingers, kind of trying to straighten them and pull them out so they would stand up even though they already were and his touch made me even hornier. Standing there I really felt like I could shove my good right hand in my pants. I could feel the wet in my undies.

Now he took what looked like a wooden match stick and carefully aligned the end of it with the inside and then the outside of my right nipple, trying several times and then pressing gently against the side of the nipple which left a mark which told him just where to stick the nipple through.

“Got to get this level.”

After a minute, “OK, back up on the table.”

I hoped back up there with an air of confidence I didn’t feel. Now we were there, it seemed, the only thing left was the pain. I lay there and reached for Rae’s hand and found it and breathed out heavily and closed my eyes and as I lay there the little engine at the top of my vagina began to churn aways in earnest and my chest heaved enough so I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get it right.

He went quickly to work on my right side. He pulled the nipple gently twice, told me he was going to put the clamp on it and I should take a deep breath. And I did and he did, put the clamp on there and when he had the nipple secure he bent it right and left and then right and left. It didn’t hurt but felt a little like a guy sucking on it. Then he told me to take a deep breath and let it out when he said to and I knew the moment had come and my body purred and purred some more and I could hardly suppress rolling my hips up and the feeling crawled up my tummy from my cunt and then spread across my bare tits and then down into my vagina again and he pulled my nipple up straight and then pushed it in and I saw the needle in between his fingers and he said exhale and I guess I did and then I felt this awful pain and he pushed the needle in and in what seemed like an eternity it came out the other side and my body stiffened and I squeezed Rae’s hand hard and my hips rolled up and I cried out loud and I started to cum and I came and I felt it come in waves and it grabbed my whole body and I breathed hard and then just came some more and my whole body stiffened and I just floated off into never never land and saw green fields and sunsets and fireworks exploding and all the stuff you’re supposed to see and I breathed harder and my body moved and then I think I remembered where I was and my body began to float back to earth and my chest heaved but not so much and I started to come down and I held myself back and tried to stop and gradually I did and I did the best I could to relax and finally I kind of did relax and looked up at the ceiling and did my best to just lay there.

I looked down at my breast and there was the needle going in one side of the nipple and out the other.

“Oh, oh, oh my God!” I said through my teeth.

“Good.” Without my really knowing it he began to retract the needle and thread my new ring thru the hole and in an instance he was done. He picked up the little pliers and squeezed the ends of the ring together and that side was done.

That’s kind of the end of the story. The other ring was sort of anticlimatic. It hurts but I knew when and how much and I was still turned on by the pain and my bare breasts in public but in five minutes we were done. He had me lay still a minute and then had Rae come around to help me up and I staggered a bit but found my feet. He said good bye and I got dressed and the girls at the desk gave me the information I needed on aftercare. Soon we were back in the car and I slumped back in my seat and soon saw a sign that said Welcome To Massachusetts.


I was glad I did it. It was a great experience. I liked them, guys liked them, aftercare wasn’t too bad. But I didn’t keep them. I went to college next September. No one on the swim team had them. They were awkward in a tank suit at speed. My photographer didn’t care for them, nipple rings didn’t appeal to his market. Rae didn’t keep hers. She having tits as big as my head created all the boob issues she needed.

But I’m still glad I did it.