Ray’s Birthday treat. Me cuckold

For those of you who have red my first two blogs know my wife went into modelling just after we where married. Part of the chores was to keep her pubes in good order, she would trim them keeping a nice triangle but I always had the enviable task of shaving her lips, this always ended with us having fun. The reason for the shave was to give a better shot for the camera. Now she did this the Thursday before we went out.

I digress. I worked for a small company in Ibstock their were six of us in all (Electrical Engineers). At the end of the week we would meet up with some of the wives and go out for a drink around the village, at that time there were six pubs. The more we had to drink the sexier the chat would get but this was normal. At 11pm (closing time) Lynda asked the gang back to our house for coffee, but they all declined apart from Ray who had left his car at ours anyway, so we all said our good nights and went our separate ways.

Non of our friends new Lynda was a model. When we got home Lynda said “why don’t you show Ray some of my latest photos”? Ray sat on the settee and I got him the photos, when he saw them he went bug eyed. Lynda had gone up stairs while I put the coffee on then went to chat to Ray obviously he had no idea. Ten minuets went by when the lounge door opened and Lynda came in with only a see through sarong my brother had given her from Selon and a blind man could see she had nothing underneath. She sat down between us on the settee, put her arms around and said “Happy birthday Ray I hope you like your present” we where gob smacked, then she sat down between us kissed me and turned to Ray and really gave him a passionate kiss. I saw nothing else for it but to start to play with her breast, all the time she was kissing Ray, she then started to move and moan so I moved my hand down between her legs but their was already another hand there with two fingers working in and out, the only thing I could do was to remove her sarong. By the time that was off she had Rays dick in her hand and be-leave me he was well hung.

she stood up saying to me to sit still and watch. She then un-zipped him put the tip of his dick into her mouth while she pulled down his pants, he said “ don’t do that I will soon cum”. So she lay back on the floor and opened her legs we both just looked at the glorious view before us. She then said “come on Ray this is for you” so he took down his pants, knelt down and entered her. It did not take him long but when he did shoot he went right into her. After that they lay entwined for a while then he lifted off her. I could see his sperm dripping from between her lips as she lay there spread-eagled. I stood up to take my turn but she stopped me, told me to get the coffee while she sorted herself out.

We chatted while we had our coffee. After she took Ray to the door, kissed him goodnight. She would not let me touch her until the next evening. This was the first time but certainly not the last.

More to come if you would like ?