Boat Ride

Quite a few years ago when the wife and I were first dating we were mutual friends with a couple Bob and Karen who lived not far from us we used to occasionally go out and party dinner etc. the usual stuff couples do. One weekend we were invited out on their boat a really sharp 65-foot sport fishing boat always being an admirer but never an owner we intermediately accepted jumped at invitation. My girl was very excited as well and she said wow this is going to be cool hanging out on an actual yacht I’m just going to have to go buy a new bikini for the occasion. I smiled and said nothing but the best for my girl. A few nights later she showed up at my place with a bag in her hand and a big smile on her face and rushed into the bathroom. I said gotta go she said no silly I have a surprise for you. She come out a few minutes later wearing this short blue cover up robe that just hung below her ass and under it she was wearing this electric blue bikini. The top covered and supported her massive 38DD tits but not by much. The full back bottom accentuated her round firm but soft ass. She worked out a lot and for a 40-year-old she had the body of a 19-year-old, being only 5′-3″ tall her short stature accentuate her breasts. She twirled around and shook her ass at me and held the bottom of her tits and said well what do you think? I said I think I’m getting a hard on and need you to suck my cock. she smiled and said OK and started to take her suit off I immediately protested and she said the last thing I want is cum stains on my new bikini what will Bob and Karen think I’m some kind of cheap whore who blows any guy with a big cock. She stripped off her suit and hopped on my lap totally nude and kissed me and rubbed her pussy on my crotch which was getting my cock pretty hard. She said oh my I feel something pushing on my pussy and stepped back and pulled down my pants to reveal my hard cock spring to attention. Without skipping a beat, she bent over at the waste and sucked it for a minute or so and then straddle me and slid my hard cock deep into her pussy and began her fuck dance sticking her tongue in my mouth the whole time sucking on my tongue like she was giving a blow job to it and I was groping her giant melons. Needless to say it didn’t take long for me to fill her pussy full of my cum. she hopped off me giggled and took my hand and we went up to bed and of course played a little longer and then fell asleep.
Well the next morning the day we were supposed to meet our friends I was awaken by my cell phone, she says don’t answer it it’s probably work. Being the good company man, I was I ignored her and picked it up and sure enough my boos said we have a situation and you need to get to the plant asap. Needless to say, she was beyond pissed and said fine go to work I’ll stay home. I called our friends to cancel and they insisted she come down and they would wait for me. My work was only a few miles from where their marina. So, she headed doff to the marina and I headed off to work. She arrived at the slip to find Bob and his wife, the wives gave each other the usually big hug and kisses Bob commented nothing nicer than seeing two hot women kiss, my girl said you wish, Karen said in your wildest dreams, hey looking as good as she does I’d keep her for myself they all laughed and got on board and Bob fired the boat up they were just about ready to untie and Karen’s cell phone rings, she said oh crap it’s our neighbor the dog got out. she hopped off the boat and yelled up to Bob I’ll meet you guys ion a few hours by McGinty’s a boating bar and maybe by that time your honey will be finished up.
Reluctantly she agreed and figured hey she has known them both a long time Bob is cool so off the went down the New Jersey coast. He said why don’t you work on your tan she said not a bad idea Bob and took off her cover up and took her suntan oil out of her bag. She applied it liberally all over her body especially on her girls, and on her firm belly and legs. Bob whistled and cat called she smiled and said drive the boat captain. Well she was laying there in the warm sun and before she knew it she dozed off. When she woke she said the first thing she noticed was that the buildings on the shore seemed awfully small. Ah Bob aren’t we a bit far out, he replied he had to go out in the channel to clear the sand bars and reefs but not to worry her pretty little head, they were safe. He yelled down you look like you got some nice color. She noticed that she in fact had but only on her top side. She yelled up to Bob would you mind putting some lotion on me. She didn’t have to ask twice he yelled sure come on up and I’ll let you drive. She didn’t waste any time climbing up the ladder her big tits bouncing with every step and hopped in the seat next to Bob he said hey first your lotion, oh yeah she stood up and he rubbed lotion all over her back and shoulders softly massaging it in, she said you have nice strong hands Bob he didn’t respond and continued applying lotion to her legs and he ran his hand up and down her legs and her inner thighs she said she felt his hands rub the bottom of her biking material covering her pussy. She confessed to me that it actually felt good but she squirmed a bit and said down tiger you had better drive this thing. He jumped back in the seat and she sat next to him and she drive for about twenty minutes and she said I’m going below you want a beer she said sure he returned and put the cold bottle on her back she shrieked and stood up and he then slapped her ass and laughed been waiting all day for that. Oh really now Bob she sat back down and Bob stood up behind her drinking his beer and she said he put his hand on her shoulder and said nice driving lady she was all smiles and pounded down her beer Bob handed her another one which she made fast work off and said hit me again Bob three beers in barely a half hour she was feeling a nice buzz and she was drinking it when she felt both his hands on her shoulders again and he was massaging her. She protested a little but it was not until his hands reached her big tits that she actually stood up and said hey there was Bob completely naked with his cock standing at attention, she came around and grabbed her by the waste and tried to kiss her on the mouth she protested he was groping her tits and pulling at the top. She slapped him hard and said enough not taking no for an answer Bob continued his advance and holding her closer and tighter kept kissing her and moved to her neck with one hand on her tit she said she didn’t know weather it was the beer, the heat or that she had always thought Bob was pretty attractive guy on top of that Bob found her weak spot the nape of her neck typically made her melt like butter. So she felt her body totally relax and Bob knew she was his, He wasted no time in pealing off her top fully exposing her big suntan oiled tits and it didn’t take long before he had his hand in the front of her bikini bottom with a full hand on her mound, unknown to me she had shaven herself clean to surprise me. he felt her smoothness and moaned and said you little hot bitch and pulled her bottom down they were now both naked and she said wait what about the boat he laughed and said its on auto pilot and with both hand on her shoulders forced her to her knees and with his hard cock only inches away form her face he took his hand and placed it on her head and was about to force his cock into her mouth and she said hey I’m good with this don’t be an asshole an took his cock in her mouth and began to give one of her signature blow-jobs. Besides her massive tits which I notice intermediately when we first met the thing that attracted me to her was her ability to give the best head I had ever had. She pumped his cock with her hand and sucked him before long her head was bobbing up and down on his cock sucking and slurping taking him all the way into her mouth without the use of her hand both of which were now caressing her breast and rubbing her nipples. She told him there was no way she was going to let him cum in her mouth so she slowed her pace and pulled all the way back until she had just the head of his dick in her mouth and she sucked on it with every ounce of strength she had and squeezed the shaft of his cock with one hand and grabbed his balls with the other and griped them as tight as she could she said she almost lifted him off his feet and he was the one now wincing she pulled the head of his cock and said no way your cumming in my mouth you fuck. and stood up still with one hand on his cock. She said you wanted to fuck me now let’s get it over with come on fuck me Bob you know you want too. She leaned back against the chair and pulled him in and guided his swollen hard cock into her pussy Bob starting pumping her and was about to cum and she said no not yet you fuck if you’re going to fuck me you had better do it the right way. she pushed him back and stood up at the console put both of her hands on the stainless-steel rail and arched her back and put her beautiful round ass out and said come on Bob show me what kind of fuck your gonna give me. Bob slipped his hard cock in her wet tight pussy from behind and grabbed both her hips and pounded at her pussy harder and harder her big tits swinging and slapping each other her nipples were hard as a rock and occasionally they would rub the instruments or something on the dash the rubbing felt like when I flick them when we play around she protests but it excites her. Bob pounded away and she could tell by his moaning he was about ready to cum and she clenched down on his cock and pushed back and said no way your cumming in my pussy she demanded he pull out even though there was no threat of her getting pregnant she said she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. He pulled put and she grabbed his cock and barely stroked him a half dozen times before his spurted his cum all over the white leather seats. He was spent and panting. She grabbed her suit and headed down stair and yelled bring me another beer you fuck. He came down and she told him shut this thing down he looked at her and with a puzzled look did as she asked and he said I have to drop the anchor or we’ll drift ok drop the fucking anchor and get your old ass over here. He did as she ordered now it was her turn to turn the tables on him. Get on your knees and eat me Bob. She was leaning back in the lounge chair and pulled the side of her bikini aside exposing her freshly fucked pussy. Bob licked her wet cunt a few times and she pushed his head away and was holding her camera in her hand and said let me tell you how this is gonna work Bob if you don’t do as I ask I’m gonna show these to your wife and this boat will be a memory. Bob laughed and said go ahead see where that gets you that bitch knows where her bread is buttered. Bob thinking, he regained the upper hand said nice try and said let’s go back to shore or do u want to fuck some more. She looked up at him and said get me back. They were almost back to the place when he said give me your bikini top she said what he said just do it she told him to go fuck himself so he produced one of his wife’s and clipped it to the antenna. Apparently, some kind of signal to his buddies that he fucked another one. Well they tied up the boat and she gathered up her stuff and stepped off the boat and he went to slap her on the ass and she grabbed his hand and bent his wrist back and said look you fuck you bitch cunt wife might have known about this and been in on your little game and when I see her I’m going to kick her straight in the cunt but one thing is for sure my Ex-Navy seal boyfriend doesn’t and if I tell him he will snap your neck like a chicken wing. Bob’s face got white as a ghost and said you wouldn’t tell him he’s dump you in a minute oh no Bob when I tun on the water works you don’t know how convincing I can be. Oh, by the way I have my eye on that Black Corvette on your lot be a dear and have it detailed for me I’ll pick it up first thing Monday morning.