Gambian Holiday

My wife Carol is 24 years old, just 5’2ft tall and a slim 110lbs. We have often fantasied about her have sex with other strange men when we’re making love, she gets very excited but later always says it was just pretend.

I had booked us a two week stay in The Gambia and was looking forward to a warm relaxing time with my wife. We had talked about starting a family and she had been of birth control for 3 months, and the holiday was going to be the time we would start trying for a baby.

As we lay sunbathing I noticed the old gardener taking quick looks at my wife, she had on a tiny bikini barely covering her breasts and a little V shape just covering her pussy. Looking at him I would say he was mid 50’s and he was fat and ugly, not attractive to women was my thought. The more I saw him looking at her I started to imagine him with my wife.

After a while he moved farther away, I turned and asked her if she had seen him looking at her. She sat up a little and looked at him, turn to me and asked me what I was thinking, I just looked at him and back to her and smiled. She said no way and lay back down.

The seed was in my mind I wanted to see this ugly old black man having sex with my young wife, not just that I wanted him to give her a baby.

In the evening after we’d had dinner and a few drinks in the bar we went back to or room. After getting into bed we started to fool around, she was more excited than usual because now she wanted to make a baby. I reached and took a condom off the bedside table and put it on, she told me to take it off but I told her tonight that I wanted her to think about the old black gardener, I told her to imagine it was him giving her a baby. She lay quiet for a few minuets, then said ok if that’s what you want to do, I kissed her lips and she put her arm behind my head and kissed me back.

We fooled around for a little while before I got on top of her opening her legs and slipped my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. I lay still, and told her the gardeners name was Paebou and she should call me that tonight. I started to move in and out and she pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around me. I asked her if she wanted to have a baby with him, and she replied yes I want his black baby and wrapped her legs behind my thighs. I thrust deep into her all the time telling her she was going to have his baby, and then pressed deep and shot my cum into the condom. We cuddled for a while and fell asleep.

We woke in the morning and went for breakfast, nothing was said about the night before. On returning to our room my wife went and put on her bikini, I pulled back the curtains and there was Paebou, I stood looking at him as my wife came over to me. She looked out and saw him, I put my arms around her waist, as we stood there I whispered in her ear how fantasizing about him last night she had cum so many times. I told her that I was thinking about him having sex with her, she was quiet for a short time and then said she’d get pregnant.

We opened the door onto our patio and went out to the sunbeds just outside, laying down she asked me to put sun cream on her back, once I’d finished I told her I was going to chat to Paebou. She looked at me and asked what was I going to talk to him about, I could see she was a little nervous. I told her I was just going to say hello and ask him to come over and meet her. I walked over to Paebou and said hello, and after a few words asked him to come over when he had some spare time as my wife wanted to meet him, I told him she had been watching him for a while and was rather interested in him, he smiled and said he’d come when he had his break.

I walked back and sat next to her, she looked and ask what I had said to him, I told her that I’d told him she wanted to meet him, she asked why? And I told her that I wanted her to get to know him and he was going to help her have a baby. She said no I’m not having him anywhere near me, you can forget that he’s old, ugly and black, no no no never.

It was about an hour before I saw Paebou coming towards us, I told my wife he was coming, she looked at me but said nothing. I said hello to him and then introduced him to my wife Carol and her to him. He was looking her up and down, I was now sitting facing my wife and placed my hand on her thigh, she looked at me as I eased her legs apart but didn’t stop me. Looking at Paebou I asked him if he would like to come to our room when he finished work, he quickly said yes he would. As he walked away my wife looked at me and asked what was I doing, I told her that Paebou was going to help us have a baby, she sat up and said no not with him, he’s old ugly and really black.

We had gone back into our room and were lying on the bed after showering, it was just getting dark when there was a knock on our door, my wife looked at me as I got up and went to the door I could see she was afraid, she knew it was Paebou and he had come to have sex with her.

I opened the door and let him in, he was smiling as he saw my wife laying on the bed with just a bath towel around her. She was shaking as I asked Paebou if he wanted to undress and have sex with her. He pull of his shirt and dropped his trousers he had no under pants, he stood there naked, his black cock semi hard as I moved to my wife and removed the towel covering her. She looked into my eyes, I saw her glance at Paebou his cock now hard and sticking out, it was a good 8ins and thick, she looked at me as he moved onto the bed opening her legs as he mounted her, holding his cock he put it between her pussy lips and slowly pushed, as his black cock went into her she let out a gasp and her head went back. He entered her with one long slow thrust until his cock head was pressed against her cervix and then lay still as she got used to his big black cock now inside her.

He lay still for a few minutes and then started log deep thrust into her, a short gasp came from her each time he bottomed out inside her. As I watched him laying between her legs pumping his black cock as hard as he could into my young wife, it came to me I was watching this old ugly black man fuck his black baby into her.

Paebou fucked her or about 15 minutes and then he started to speed up, I knew he was close to cumming and so did my wife. She looked at me, I could see she was afraid but with a hard thrust Paebou bottomed out and held still, a deep groan and his buttocks clenched and he pumped his hot fertile black baby sperm into my wife. Her whole body tensed and she held him tight her legs wrapped around him pulling herself onto his black cock. I knew that she had lost control and was cumming as Paebou pumped his sperm into her womb, as he finished cumming inside her they lay locked together for a few minuets both breathing heavily.

Paebou slowly got up his long cock slipped out and he climbed of the bed leaving my wife laying there her legs open, her pussy open and wet but no sperm was leaking out, he had cum deep inside her. He dressed and said he would see us in the morning as he left.

I lay on my side next to her, she looked into my eyes and just said she couldn’t help it. I kissed her and told her it was alright, that I was happy she had cum when Paebou was pumping his sperm into her. She said it increased the chance that he would get her pregnant, I kissed her again, and we just lay there holding each other.

We got up and dressed quickly, to catch dinner before it closed, after we had a drink looking out to sea and talked over what we had done with Paebou, she was worried but at the same time excited that she could get pregnant with Paebou. She said that she would let him have sex with her when he wanted to if I was ok with her having his baby. I said yes I wanted her to, and that’s what she did for the next 2 weeks.

We are home now and waiting to see if Paebou gave her the black baby he wanted to, she won’t take a test, just waiting for nature to tell us.