Got You

Cindy was staggering around on the deserted railway station platform at three in the morning waiting for a train, Cindy had been to a birthday party to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and was now trying to get home and like some of her friends was to drunk to know properly what she was doing, Cindy’s sister Amy who was a couple of years younger than what Cindy was, Amy was just as drunk as what her older sister was. Sixteen year old Mark was with his girlfriend Sharon who was his age and her younger brother Paul, Paul was looking had Amy who was laying on a bench, he shook her a few times and got no response from the bully of his school, Paul looked at Sharon who smiled and said ” go on then everything” Paul smiled and was soon going to work on Amy and doing what his mates and himself  did with drunks and soon Amy was totally naked laying on the bench and not moving, Paul was looking at Amy who was a couple of years older than him and smiling, Sharon said to him ” carry on” Paul started to rub Amy’s firm boobs and love tube, as he did Sharon spotted Cindy nudged Mark who smiled when he saw Cindy, Sharon and Mark left Paul with Amy and went to Cindy when they got to Cindy Sharon shook Cindy who was laying on the ground and when she got no response started to strip Cindy and after a few minutes Cindy was naked with Mark rubbing her boobs, he looked at Sharon who was rubbing Cindy’s love tube,  Mark stood undid his trousers Sharon looked up at him as his nine inch erection sprung out and said ” this one is mine go fuck Amy” Mark walked to where Paul was pushing his fingers into Amy’s love tube, Mark looked at Amy who was a couple of years younger than him, Paul pulled his fingers out and watched as Mark pushed his dick into Amy and started to thrust in and out. Sharon was on her knees with her head buried between Cindy’s legs with her tongue probing the love tube of  Cindy, Sharon looked up and saw Cindy’s worst enemy Tina stood watching, Tina said ” bout time somebody done that bitch” Sharon got up went over to Tina and said ” you want her as well” and started rubbing Cindy’s boobs” Cindy stopped her saying others are here come to my house tomorrow night. Mark was just pulling his dick out of Amy and squirting his cum, Paul was stood watching, Amy just lay there with a couple of her classmates watching Martin was undoing his jeans while his class mate Sally sucked on Amy’s nipples. The next night Sharon was knocking on Tina’s door and when a naked Tina opened the door and let her in she smiled even more both girls sat on the sofa Tina clapped her hand and called out ” enter slaves” and when a naked Carol who was sixteen and lived next door to Tina entered followed by her best friend Helen who was also naked Sharon smiled even more and thought I must be dreaming.