The Robinson family were enjoying a three week holiday in Spain, sixteen year old Amy was not happy at the way the local Spanish boys were watching her all the time while her sister Tina who was a couple of years younger was unhappy that the local boys were not paying any attention to her. It was mid afternoon the sun was beating down on the small town, Tina and Amy were laying face down sunbathing on the balcony of the rented house they were staying in when they felt a rumble, Tina looked at Amy smiled and jokingly said “dad has dropped his wallet on the floor” Amy laughed but both girls fell silent when the house started to shake Amy said    ” fuck it is an earth quake” both girls very quickly got to their feet as they did Amy’s bikini top which she had undid at the back to avoid tan lines fell free, the ground shook violently for a few minutes many buildings collapsed, the house the two girls were in started to crack then the girls found them selves falling, the shaking stopped Amy found herself laying on a cold floor surrounded by rubble and lots of dust she struggled to her feet and saw two of the local boys covered in dust standing looking at her and smiling, it was then that Amy realised she was topless and her boobs were on full view, Amy crossed her arms over her chest covering her boobs, the two boys had broad smiles on their faces, Amy looked down and saw the bulges in both boys tight fitting speedo’s, Amy moved to the door tried to open it but found it would not open and no matter how hard she pulled or pushed the door would not budge, Amy felt the tie’s on her bikini bottoms being pulled and before she could do anything her bikini bottoms were off and laying on the floor, she realised she was naked and felt hands running over her bare bum, Amy pushed hard and ran to one side but was not able to go far she looked at the boys and saw they were both now naked and each of the two boys had erections that Amy judged to be about eights inches and fat. the boys advanced on Amy who had backed herself into a corner, the boys started to rub Amy’s boobs with one sliding a hand between her legs and started rubbing Amy’s love tube, Amy tried to struggle free but could not after a few minutes of being groped Amy started to feel aroused and had erect nipples which one boy was licking and sucking and when the boys pulled her into the middles of the room Amy was quite relaxed and went with out a struggle and when she was lowered to the floor parted her legs allowing one of the boys to push his dick into her now wet love tube, Amy was soon groaning as the boy thrust in and out and after a few minutes cried out in pleasure as she climaxed, after he had squirted his cum over Amy’s body the first boy stood up and soon his mate was banging away into Amy who was still groaning, twenty minutes later Amy was sat resting against the wall looking at the two boys who had made her cum multiple times, one of the boys stood up Amy saw that he was still erect the boy walked over to Amy was about to bend down when Amy leant forward and started to suck the boys dick, Amy got on her knees the other boy moved behind Amy and Amy humped when for the first time in her life she felt a dick slide into her bum, Amy swallowed as the dick in her mouth squirted cum deep into her throat at the same time she felt the dick in her bum being pulled out and wet warm splatters on her back. A hour later Amy heard voices and the sound of rubble being moved and a voice shout ” we will have you out in minute” Amy though shit we are getting rescued.