The ocean going passenger ferry had just left port on it’s way to Australia, on board were 60 pupils from a British school who had been saving all year for the holiday of a life time, for many of them it was the first time they had been to sea and some had taken precautions of taking anti sea sickness medication but others had not bothered. The students were having a great time with many enjoying the new experience of being on a boat at sea.  Mavis who was on the cruise celebrating her 100th birthday had been nervous of seeing all the teens but soon felt at ease when two of the boys helped her up the stairs and joked by announcing that she had not lost it and could still pull the boys, other passengers felt relaxed when after a few days at sea the youngsters were being polite and well behaved. The weather started to change with the sea getting a bit rougher. Then the captain announced that gale force winds were fore cast and told passengers not to go out onto the decks for their own safety, 16 year old Cindy one of the older students on board the ferry was struggling to get to her cabin the way the ferry was rocking about in the rough sea and her sea sickness was making things more difficult, Mark who was a couple of years younger than what Cindy was and came from a sea faring family was not bothered about the rough conditions and was moving about as normal, he saw Cindy and went to give her some help telling Cindy to put her arm round him which Cindy did while he put his arm round her as he did his hand brushed over Cindy’s boobs, Mark helped Cindy along and while doing so his hand brushed her boobs, he got to Cindy’s cabin took her inside and got her onto the bed where Cindy just lay there, Mark shook her and Cindy just groaned he then ran his hands over Cindy’s boobs she just lay groaning, Mark lifted her jumper looked under and saw she had no bra on, Mark smiled and rubbed Cindy’s naked boobs, Cindy made no response Mark rubbed her boobs for a couple of minutes before pulling her jumper down as he did the door to the bathroom open and July Cindy’s cabin met staggered out, Mark got a big surprise July was naked, she staggered to her bed fell flat on it, Mark looked in awe at her large boobs and shave slit, he went over shook her by the arm and after getting no response started rubbing her naked body, neither girl responded to Marks touches, he undid his jeans freed his erection and was soon pounding away into July’s love tube after 5 minutes he pulled out and squirted his cum over her body, after cleaning the mess up, after leaving the cabin Mark saw his step sister Amy who was a couple of years younger than him helping 16 year old Steve, she looked at Mark and said ” he has got a massive cock it has got to be at least 8 inches and it aint even hard yet” Mark helped Amy get Steve to his cabin where Amy soon had Steve naked, she then said ” Tina is well out of it on her bed in our cabin I stripped her naked ready for you” as Mark left Amy said ” there are plenty of pickings about”.