The Intern: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Jasmine was a 17-year-old light brown French exchange student coming over to London to get work experience. When she applied to Blue Shades Media, a production company, and got a positive response from the owner, she was delighted with the prospect at going and working at a real production company in London. Unfortunately for her, the company she was going to work at was hardly a company at all, just a few people out of separate offices. She met the main person, Harry, when she went there on the first day, finding him to be strange, but generally nice. He was around 50 years old and heavy. He told her that she would be working with his colleague, James, who was their new sales and marketing head.

James was depressed. He had graduated recently from University aged 21 and had little purpose or direction with what to do with his life. He liked films so had recently sent out emails to various production companies, and had had just a couple of responses, one from Blue Shades Media who seemed interested in him. Harry had come round to his house and told him about the company, that there would be no salary initially but that if they were able to sell some programs, there would be money all round. Since James had nothing better on the table, he quickly accepted the offer and began his job of doing sales and marketing for the company from his own house and bedroom. But he quietly hated it; he was feeling disillusioned with life, wishing he could do something right. So when he got a call from Harry, asking him if he would be prepared to take on a female French student intern, James quickly accepted. He felt lonely in the house by himself and felt that some female company might be just what he needed. The day came for Harry and Jasmine to come round to meet James. He was nervous and fidgety. Eventually the door-bell rang and Harry was standing there, his massive frame blocking the door. He smiled and turned slightly to reveal an incredibly beautiful French girl, young and smooth. She was short and petite, with dark, straight hair, and big, brown eyes that flashed nervously at James. He was immediately enticed. They entered his house and they went to the kitchen table to talk. He quickly learned that she was very shy, and her English was quite broken. She kept her head down mostly during the meeting, avoiding his eyes and spoke short, contained sentences when asked things. But it was agreed by the end of the meeting that she would start working with James as of Monday in this house.

On Monday morning, James was excitedly pacing the kitchen, anticipating the arrival of Jasmine at his house. Eventually the door-bell rang, again and there she was, standing there with her beautiful smooth features in a conservative outfit of black and grey. She came in and they had a tea whilst they chatted a little. James was trying to work her out, find a way through the shyness. He then took her upstairs to the top floor of the house to his work station in his bedroom, and showed her where she would be working, which was the room opposite his. She looked slightly uncomfortable at this news, but agreed and she began setting up her laptop. After she was all set-up, James then took a spare chair and put it next to hers. He sat down and took control of her laptop, showing her some of the email accounts, and gave her login details so that she could access the company databases. He then gave her a task of compiling a list of companies to contact for services, and went to the room opposite to get on with his own work.

As the days passed, Jasmine gradually realised that this was not a typical work placement. For starters, it was in the house of some bedroom, and secondly her boss and work-force comprised of one older boy who seemed either incompetent or on drugs. It was true that James was stoned a lot of the time at work, having inherited this bad habit from University, and he was also quite incompetent as well. But he wanted to make Jasmine like him, so he tried hard, in quiet desperation he thought he might love her. Her beauty, her purity were radiant and like a spell cast he thought she could deliver him from desperation and loneliness. It started one Friday afternoon after lunch. She had eaten alone as usual, and so did he, but he had decided to have a couple of Friday lunch beers with his meal this day. When he went back to work, he was quite pissed and unable to focus. He went into Jasmine’s room to check on her and saw that she was dutiful fulfilling her duties by researching companies. James went behind her chair to look at her work, and rested a hand daintily on the side near her arm. “oohhh, this is good” he soothed, “nice work, darling” and his hand travelled together with his other to her shoulders where they rested as he leaned over her, supposedly admiring her work. He gently massaged her shoulders, “yeesss, goood” he said in the same slurring, soothing voice. She could smell the beer on his breath as she sat motionless and terrified beneath his touch. Eventually he let go, said “keep it up” and left the room. Shaken, Jasmine got back to her work and left later that day without incident, but quite concerned.