The New Girl

At just sixteen years of age Steve held a black belt in judo and another black belt in karate, he had won various awards but was also arrogant, loud mouthed self centred, big headed, and did not care who he upset or about how his actions affected other peoples feelings, Steve liked being the centre of attention and enjoyed showing off his skills. Steve had just taken his twelve year old sister Amy to her friends house where she was spending the day and was walking back home he had decided to take a short cut through the woods and was half way through the woods when he saw a couple of his sisters other friends, there were three girls from Amy’s class who Steve knew plus one girl he never, Steve started to show of his kicks, the three girls that Steve knew stopped while the one he did not know carried on walking and walked past Steve, Steve immediately became annoyed that the girl was not paying him any attention and shouted at her calling her ” shit head” the girl stopped turned round and said to Steve ” if your calling me you pronounce my name Jane” Steve preformed some kicks just skimming over Jane’s head, Jane never flinched just stood there, then said to Steve ” have you finished pip squeak” Steve kicked over Jane’s head and when he tried to preform a second one Jane landed a kick at the top of each of Steve’s legs in quick succession causing Steve to fall to the ground, as Steve tried to get up Jane kicked the tops of his arms in quick succession, Steve fell back onto his back his arms and legs numb, Jane looked at the other three girls who were standing looking in disbelieve at what had just happened, Jane smiled at the girls and said to them now for the winners prize and reached down and in one hard pull pulled Steve’s joggers and under wear down, the girls stood looking at a helpless Steve who was laying there with his six inch hairy dick on full view. Jane said to the girls ” lets play who makes him spunk” one of the girls asked how it was played, Jane said” it is easy we all take ten seconds each in playing with his cock and who ever is playing with it when he spunks up is the winner” the four girls gathered in a circle round Steve and started the game with each girl stroking Steve’s dick which soon became erect and after ten minutes was standing up fully erect, Steve just lay there unable to move his arms or legs while the girls took turns at stroking his eight inch erection, after ten minutes Steve squirted his cum in five spurts while Kim was stroking, Kim cheered the others called her lucky, Jane looked at Steve and told him his limbs would be back to normal soon and to be careful as somebody might have more belts than him, as the girls walked away  Jane told the girls she would teach them a few moves, as the girls got to towards the end of the woods they saw Steve’s eighteen year old brother who was walking towards them he shouted get out my way, Jane said to the girls” want another game”  and after ten minutes the girls were kneeling round Steve’s brother who was laying on the ground with his jeans round his ankles and his nine inch erection being stroked by the girls. Kim said to Jane ” glad your living here in this town, the others agreed.