The Port

Dawn was walking around the lorries in the port, the lorries were lorries that had come into the country from abroad and were waiting for customs to inspect them. Dawn was a sixteen year old racist thug who believed that Britain should be kept white, she hated immigrants and had beaten a few up over the years, she was looking round the lorry park looking for illegal immigrants so that she could  either beat them up or grass them  up to the police or customs, her mate had been arrested by the police earlier but Dawn had managed to avoid arrest, Dawn’s sister Amy who was twelve was sitting in the car waiting for her to return Dawns boyfriend Steve was keeping an eye on her. Steve was in the front of the car he looked at Amy who was in the back and told her he would be back in a minute got out of the car  and went the other side of a large sided van close bar Amy could see part of Steve between the cab and rear of the van and could see him undo his jeans and pulled his dick out Amy smiled at the sight of Steve’s seven inch dick and was disappointed when he moved back out of sight after a few minutes Steve got back in the car. Dawn spotted an immigrant get into the back of a large truck and thought to herself your dead meat and headed towards the truck when there she climbed up into the back of the truck and saw the boy who looked a couple of years younger than what she was, the boy looked at Dawn who asked him where he was from the boy told her Dawn then said ” well fuck of back there then you little bit of shit” and took a kick at the boy which the boy was able to avoid, when Dawn took another kick the boy was able to grab her leg by the ankle and throw her off balance causing her to fall flat on her back where she lay stunned, the boy grabbed Dawn by her hair and dragged her to her knees the boy undid his jeans said ” suck English pig” and pulled his seven inch erection out of his jeans, before she could react the boy was forcing his dick into Dawns mouth and then humping away and after a couple of minutes was squirting his cum into Dawns mouth making her gag, the boy then slapped Dawn round the face hard sending her flying to the floor, Dawn tried to get up but as she did hands held her down and no matter how hard she struggled she could not get free, Dawn saw there was group of about ten immigrants all who looked a couple of years younger than what she was, one of the boys pulled Dawns jumper right up exposing her naked boobs and soon Dawn felt hands rubbing them and squeezing her nipples at the same time she felt her jeans being undone and pulled down then hands rubbing her bare love tube then fingers slide in side and start pushing in and out going in deep somebody started sucking her nipples after a few minutes the fingers up her love tube were removed and then another set went in, Amy was telling Steve that she had seen his dick when he had been the other side of the lorry, Steve just smiled at her said ” so what I don’t care” Amy looked at him smiled said ” in that case let me see it again” Steve undid his jeans and pushed them down, Amy looked at Steve’s dick smiling as she did and watched as it grew to a nine inch erection, Amy said ” have a wank” and watched in Awe as Steve started stroking his throbbing dick after watching Steve stroke his dick for five minutes Amy gasped as Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Dawn was just having her fourth orgasm when she heard a boy shout police and the lads all scrambled out the lorry and ran, Dawn quickly pulled her jeans up and jumped from the lorry after checking the coast was clear and ran towards the car, as she ran Dawn thought at least I was not fucked and thought I will be back and they are going to regret coming to this country. Back at the car Dawn saw Amy smiling asked her what was funny, Amy said Steve told me a joke. Dawn got in the car told Steve she could not find any one and fell asleep as Steve drove home.