The Rules

Sara who was sixteen years of age was standing in the kitchen of the flat where she lived with her boyfriend Steve who was 17 years of age, Sara heard the entry door to the flat open and heard Steve’s brother Mark who was a couple of years younger that what she was, Sara heard Mark say ” be patient be patient” then Mark walked into the kitchen smiled at Sara and said ” as you know Steve was in court today he got five years so your now finished bitch” Sara looked at Mark and told him that she already knew as her mate had told her” Mark smiled broadly and told Sara that she was now public property, Sara looked at Mark who added you know the gang rules, Mark walked over to Sara and grabbed hold of her boobs said ” nice” then went back into the lounge, Sara grabbed her tea went into the lounge and saw Mark was sat with his class mate Abdul, the two boys looked at Sara, Mark smiled at Sara and said ” get your fucking clothes off bitch” Sara looked at the boys and knew that under the street gang rules she would have to do what the Mark said or she would get beaten to a pulp. Sara removed her jumper reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and let it fall free exposing her boobs, Abdul whistled and said ” oh yeah look at those tits they are beauties” Sara undid her jeans and along with her panties took them off standing naked, Mark said ” at long last the bitch is naked” he got up out of his chair walked to Sara and slid his hand between her legs and rubbed Sara’s shaved love tube, Abdul got up went over and started rubbing Sara’s boobs, Mark told Sara to get on the floor and part her legs, Sara did as she was told closing her eyes, after a minute Sara opened her eyes and saw the two boys were naked which she expected but was surprised at the size of Mark’s erection she judged it be  about eight inches and it was fat, she looked at Abdul and saw his dick was about five inches. Mark knelt between Sara’s legs bent forward and slid his dick into Sara’s love tube and started to thrust in and out getting harder with each thrust, after five minutes Sara moaned as she climaxed a few seconds later Mark pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Sara’s body, Mark stood up sat on the sofa while Abdul knelt between Sara’s legs and was soon sliding his dick into Sara’s love tube, Abdul pushed his dick in as far as he could before he started thrusting away deep and hard with each inward thrust making Sara moan and after five minutes Sara climaxed just before Abdul pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Sara’s body.  The boys were happy and got dressed and left the flat, later that night Sara returned to the flat after visiting her friend, Mark was alone, Sara looked at Mark smiled said ” want to fuck again” Mark started to strip watching Sara as she stripped naked, after a few minutes Mark was thrusting into Sara and after five minutes was squirting his cum over Sara’s body, in the morning Sara woke Mark asking him if he wanted to fuck, Mark was soon ramming his morning wood into Sara who moaned as he did and like before squirted his cum over Sara’s body, later Mark was in the bath Sara walked in looked at Mark’s solid dick sticking out over the top of the water and smiled then asked Mark if he wanted to fuck her again and soon Mark was pounding into Sara as she lay on his bed and again squirted his load of cum her body, not long after Mark fell asleep, Sara went to the lounge where Abdul was watching telly smiled and said want to fuck and soon Abdul was pounding into Sara in the morning Abdul was surprised when Sara asked him if he wanted to fuck and he was soon pounding away deep into Sara’s love tube and later in the day after Sara asked him if he wanted to fuck again was happy to pound away into Sara. Later that night both Abdul and Mark went into the flat and found Sara sat with her two sisters Cindy who was twelve years old and Mandy who was ten years of age, Sara looked at the boys smiled, Mark said to Sara ” in the bedroom and strip bitch, Sara smiled said ” you don’t know the gang rules as well as you thought you did” Mark looked at it asked her what she was on about, Sara said ” well boys under the gangs rules when a girl offers her self to a boy three times on the trot and the boys accept and fuck her they become the property of the girl and you have both accepted my offer to fuck me three times and have fucked me three times so that makes you my own property” Abdul looked at Mark and said ” fuck she is right” Mark looked at Sara and said ” you bitch you have fucking conned us” Sara smiled said ” your not as clever as you thought you were” the boys looked at each other, Sara said “OK boys now for some action get your fucking clothes off and let my sisters have a good look at your cocks” Cindy and Mandy both smiled, Abdul looked at Mark and told him they had no choice but to do it unless they wanted to get a good kicking and end up in hospital, the three girls watched as the boys stripped naked, Sara lifted her tee shirt exposing her naked boobs both boys soon had full erections, Sara told them to jerk off both boys started to stroke their dicks as the girls watched and after a few minutes Abdul squirted his cum in four spurts, Mark squirted in six long spurts both the younger girls were smiling broadly happy at what they had just seen, not long after the two younger girls left the flat and went home, Sara stood looking at the two still naked boys removed the rest of her clothes stood naked and asked the boys who wanted to be first, Mark looked up looked at Abdul said knew taking the Viagra was a good idea and stood up his still solid dick pointing at Sara who said ” my your eager what a surprise ” and produced a large strap on dick and told Mark to bend over the sofa, both boys looked in horror at the fake dick as Sara slid it on and greased it then stood looking at the two boys and said “this is going to be fun” hesitated then added well for me it will be.