Train ride

16 year old Amy was standing on the crowded train station platform, it was rush hour and there big delays and cancellations of trains, she had been with her boyfriend in the toilets and now had no panties or bra on, the icy breeze was blowing up under her very tight short skirt her thin cotton blouse was offering little protection from the breeze. At last a train pulled into the station it was a struggle to get on but Amy managed to board the train but it was so packed she could hardly move, she thought to herself beans in a can could move better, the train pulled out of the station, Amy knew it would be a hour to the next stop and she was pinned between a load of kids who looked to have only started the big school and she could not even lift her arm to scratch her nose, after a few minutes Amy felt her bum being rubbed she could not turn to see who it was, she then felt a hand go under her skirt and reach her bare bum and a young voice say “she aint got any on” a hand slid up the front of her skirt and rub the lips of her slit, hands started rubbing over her boobs, Amy realised she was being groped by young kids and she could not stop them, the finger on the lips of her slit slid inside making her jump a bit then hands went under the bottom of her blouse and up to her naked boobs and start to rub them, Amy felt her skirt being undone and pulled right down, her blouse was undone and removed she was now naked amongst a gang of kids who could move better than she could a boy started sucking on her boobs while other boys were taking it in turns to finger her after about 5 minutes of this treatment Amy was starting to feel horny and after 20 minutes gushed but the boys just carried on playing with her body by the time the train arrived at it’s destination Amy had gushed three more times, the train emptied at the station except for Amy who hid in the lavatory. The train pulled into sidings and all was soon quiet. Amy looked for her clothes but could not find them, she heard voices and saw 4 local gypsy boys all who were about her age, one said “fucking hell look it is the mouthy bitch from the estate and she is naked” soon all four boys had crowded round her and were groping her, Amy heard one boy say “I’m going to fuck the bitch” with echo’s of me to, Amy was laid on the floor and she soon felt a dick sliding up her love tube and start to bang away, after half a hour the 4 gypsy boys left each having released their sexual pent up feelings on Amy’s love tube. Amy lay there looked up when she heard a noise and saw Mark the local 16 year old pervert smiling as he undid his jeans revealing a 9 inch erection which was soon banging away into Amy, after he was finished Mark left, Amy fell asleep a few hours later she woke still feeling shattered she got to her feet moved a few feet saw her skirt put it on walked a few more feet and found her blouse, she arrived home late into the night, her parents were out, she ran a bath got in and was soaking thinking about what had happened her step when brother who was a few years younger than her walked in he smiled when for the first time he saw a naked Amy, Amy looked at him and draped one leg  over either  side of the bath, looked at her step brother said “finger fuck me” he did not need a second invite and was soon ramming his fingers into Amy’s wet love tube.