An unexpected message

At work, bored but trying to concentrate, he got a surprising text from her. The woman he’d move mountains for, even though she’d certainly hurt him deeply. She had made it perfectly clear he could only ever be a friend, but his feelings remained so strong. Sometimes he felt he knew her so well, yet a lot of the time she seemed an unfathomable stranger. Her text puzzled him, playful and suggestive, and his heart missed a beat before starting to pound.

‘I’m bored and I want to be bad’.

Soon he was answering her demands to describe what he would do to her given the opportunity, but there were rules.

‘This is for my pleasure not yours darling’

No kissing, his cock was to come nowhere near her, she wanted her unique needs fulfilled, and that was as far as it could go.

So, putty in her hands, he put into words his desire for her.

‘I want to push my hand between your thighs, finding your pussy as you open your legs, slipping my fingers up you and rubbing your hard clit with my other hand as you sit there til you cum, getting my hand wet with juice’.


‘I want to taste you, push my tounge between your pussy lips, and as far up your wet hole as I can, and while I’m there lick your asshole too, then suck on your clit, nibbling at it and returning my fingers to your wetness’.

‘I love getting fisted, I want to see your hand glistening’

So it went on. By now his cock was hard and he ached with desire, and she knew this.

’Go and wank in the toilet’.

Hiding his erection as he walked awkwardly through the office he did as he was told, and started to wank his hard pulsing cock, sitting down on the seat and slightly nervous yet thrilled at her bold instructions.

‘Show me’

was her next order. He duly sent a picture, then continued stroking his hard shaft while texting her, standing up as the moment approached, and as he pumped his load into the sink he sent her a video.

‘I’ll save that to wank over later’.

And it was over. Back to work, wondering if that would ever happen again.