Apache – Part 1

The Apache tribe of Indians were a well feared tribe, they were known as being ruthless and after The Battle Of The Little Big Horn when General Custer and his soldiers were wiped out the white settlers were feeling even more scared. Some settlers were not scared and went about their daily lives as normal, while others packed up their belongings and moved closer to the forts for better protection. Sixteen year old Amy was a tomboy was good with a lasso and gun and better than most of the boys of her own age. Amy dressed like a boy and wore a hat and most people who knew her said she fought like a boy and was a boy. Amy was riding back to the ranch that her parents owned after collecting her sister Cindy from a neighbouring ranch, Cindy who was four years younger than what Amy was and was in a mood and moaning, Amy was riding a few yards of Cindy when she saw the two Apache boys who she judged to be about her age, the two young bucks were stood on top of a mound, Amy smiled looked back at Cindy then back to the two backs and ran her hands over her boobs and rubbed between her legs, she saw the two bucks look at each other and one rubbed his crutch Amy nodded her head and rubbed between her legs again, Cindy rode up to Amy and said ” look Indians” Amy told Cindy to ride across the fields to the ranch and she would fight them off, Cindy rode off at a gallop over the fields with Amy watching her go, after Cindy was out of sight, Amy looked at the two bucks and started to unbutton her shirt took it off  and sat looking at the braves who were smiling, Amy then lifted the vest she had on over her head and off letting her large boobs fall free, the two Apache bucks stood looking at the white settler girl who had her boobs out liking what they were seeing, Amy got down off her horse and tied it to a branch, the two bucks walked down to Amy and stood either side of her then they both cupped her boobs and started rubbing them, after a minute one of the bucks undid Amy’s trousers and pulled them down, they both lay her down on the ground, Amy watched as they both undid their loin cloths and smiled when she saw they both had erect dicks that were about eight inches and when the first one slid inside her love tube Amy moaned out with pleasure and after the buck had ground into her for ten minutes making her cum twice  and had squirted his cum into her mouth the other brave was sliding his dick into her love tube and like his partner made Amy cum twice and also squirted his cum into her mouth, Amy lay on the ground both the bucks looking at her, Amy saw a dust cloud in the distance and realised Cindy had got home and people were riding out to get her, Amy told the bucks to go which they did, Amy quickly dressed then lay on the ground by her horse and after five minutes a few men from the ranch arrived, Amy told them that a snake had spooked her horse and she was thrown off but that the Indian boys had helped her and had not harmed her she also said ” the boys ran off when they saw the dust” When she got back to the ranch with the men Amy’s mum made a fuss of her. Next day Amy was riding to collect her sister from school when she saw about thirty Apache warriors, Amy stopped and realised she had problems, but then she saw one of the bucks from the day before he was speaking to one of the braves, the brave after speaking with the younger buck rode forward to Amy and told her he was Chief full moon then told Amy she had made his son very happy and that her and her family would never be harmed by the Apache he gave her a broach telling her show it to any Apache and they would help her.