Father Daughter Sex Story – My Sixteenth Birthday

Let me set this up properly, i’m 5’6, reddish blonde hair and a definite peach shaped bum, had a lot of boys send me the peach emoji on my phone and i know enough about how boys see my body to figure out what that means. i have perky 12C cups that I squeeze into a smaller bra so they push out of my shirt. i’m toned and my daddy used to tell me i have the cutest belly button so i show it of even though it’s not pierced. i like to show off my body and i absolutely love the attention. i’m not stupid and i’m not a slut, i’ve only given a few handjobs in my time but i know how to get my own way.

i’ll give a bit of perspective on my home life. I live with my mum and her roommate Myra, myra is amazing and teaches me all about boys, one night i came home from gymnastics and she was sitting on top of a boy i’d never seen before, she had a blanket around her but it was clear they were having sex.

she always had different boys around and they wold talk dirty and speak about past sexual experiences while i would have dinner.

My mother on the other hand tried to act like i had no idea what sex even was. she would invite several boys over when i was younger to hang out while she sat in her undewear and a dressing gown. we would all watch cartoons together when i was about 11 years old and the boys would soon pervert the conversation, i watched Ben 10 while my mum gave three boys blowjobs rght next to me, they called her a slut and pulled her hair, one of the boys violently began slapping her vagina and that’s when mum sent me to my room. i remember that day because i stood naked infront of the mirror and wondered why the boys had acted so animal like at the idea of touching my mum. And i was angry that i wasnt allowed to be part of it.

So i live with my mum but i see my dad every second week, he’s thin, average tall but has a really musclular body, he is a chef but he fights kickboxing in his spare time. he’s much more strict but is always offering to help and sometimes it can be annoying. he took me to one of his fights when i was 15 and watching him beat up the other man gave me a tingling sensation i had never felt before. as the bell rang i ran in to hug him and his firm, sweaty body made my hello kitty knickers damp through the seams. Because we didn’t spend much time together he almost tried to hard to impress me when i would visit and so he never felt like my dad, just a knight in shining armour who would save we once a fortnight from the sex driven household and the moans that kept me up at night.

But That’s enough context. My 16th birthday. it was pretty normal for the most part, woke up to a tet from dad telling me i’m his special little girl (always made me tingle) and that he is so sorry he cannot be with me today (thanks mum).

i didn’t leave my room until around 4pm, i had a semi-seethrough white crop top with no bra and a pair of spongebob shorts which barely covered my bum cheeks! I walked into the lounge room by which time mum and Myra were drunk with two boys Matt & Aaron on the couch. Mum screamed me over and kissed me on the lips before proclaiming that i was a fresh 16 year old girl and i was at the age of consent. she ushered me to sit between her and matt, he immediately wrapped his arm around me and leant into my shoulder ” you smell amazing,” he said “you smell ike whiskey,” i though.

the bys kept talking about how they didn’t think it was wrong to sleep with 16 year old girls even though they were 29 & 25 respectively. mum made a joke about ecstasy and within about half an hour the boys are telling me to take a pill. I looked to mum for reassurance but she kissed me on the lips again and offered me her woodstock can to wash it down with. I reluctantly took the entire pill and washed it down with the bourbon

i’ll skip ahead because the next hour involved a lot more bourbon and mum disappeared with Matt. i know mum was on pills too because she didn’t close the door while they fucked.

Myra asked if the pill was kicking in and asked me if i felt horny.

I told her i didn’t know, and Aaron slipped across to the couch and sat next to me. aaron had jet black hair and tattooed arms, he looked a bit like a shark in appearance and i felt it more as his hands circled my midrift. he had rough hands and i was frightened but the excitement and the adrenaline from the estacy overwhelmed me and i let out a soft whimper. this was all the encouragement Aaron needed and his hands began greedily tracing the seam across the top of my cotton underwear. Myra moved to sit next to me and caressed my neck, we made eye contact. Her eyes were as big as dinner plates, But her pretty slender face and long dark brown hair suddenly looked so calming and inviting. She twirled her finger around a golden ringlet above my ear and bit her lip seductively. her tight toned body, voluptuous chest and round bum had always been a beauty standard I had set myself, mum was too skinny although i was definitely jealous of her plump, peachy bum.

As I Lost myself in Myra’s eyes i hardly noticed as Aaron’s entire hand slid straight into my underwear and four cold fingers lie flat against the smooth slit of my vagina.

No one had ever touched me through my clothes before and the sensation was alarming. a single fingertip rested just below my tiny sphincter and it tickled, I wriggled over slightly so his fingertip pressed firmly against my bumhole. I closed my eyes and gave in to the ecstacy.

I felt a pair of soft hands roam over me as the other coarse one forced it’s way into the back of my shorts and firmly squeezed my right butt cheek, his other hand hurriedly dug through the folds of my labia and forced two fingers into my virgin pussy. Myra applied plenty of spit to Aarons fingers and began gently cirlcing my clitoris with her thumb..aaron rocked my tiny body between his hands and with my eyes squeezed shut i imagined my dad, taking me away and saving me from the drugs and the disfunction, but as i envisioned his chiseled, sweat covered chest i began bucking into Aaron’s fingers and Myra started firmly flicking my clit back and forth until legs trembled and I let out a soft “daddy” Aaron laughed and told me he would love to play daddy with me and asked me if i’d been a naughty girl. I was too dazed to respond and with my eyes still shut he pushed me into a sideways position with my legs dangling off the couch. I felt a few sloppy kisses between my butt cheeks as this 29 year old creep tried to savour the taste of my ass. he spat on his dick and immediately began to push himself into my pussy.”Quick,” said Myra. His thick dick was too much and i winced. He had barely worked the head in as tears rolled from my face. He smiled and said “don’t worry soon you’re take it like your mum does” and grips my slender tummy as he tries to force his big cock into my virgin hole. It was then that mum walked out of her room with nothing on but a pair of lace underwear that hung loosely from her hips (all the drugs had help her return to a size 6.) her pale, flat belly glistened in the light from the semen Matt had clearly strewn across her,and drops of it splattered her loose black knickers) and down her legs.

Aaron immediately pulled out as mum walked over and asks Aaron what happened, I gathered the energy to pull my shorts back up and conceal my bum but still i lay there, dazed and confused, the attention i was receiving & my drug addled mind yearned for more, part of me wanted to be the doll I had watched my mum play. “It’s fine she asked me what a dick felt like and i said the best way is to show her,” Mum went balistic, after an argument Aaron left, but not before taking photos of me on his phone in my shorts and crop top.

I sat next to mum with Matt on the other side. We were all under the blankets and while Matt’s arm wrapped around my mum’s back his fingers were trailing small cirlces on my lower back.. My heart was still pounding from the ecstasy and a sensation in my groin needed satisfying. I made eye contact with him and one glance showed him that i submit. Mum told matt he’d be sleeping on couch because I would be sharing with her and Matt gave he a glance as if to say, “come see me”

we go to bed about 10pm because mums fucked. i lie in bed and she spoons me. Matt walks to the doorway with nothing on, his semi erect penis was long and thin with a bizarre curve I hadnt ever seen before. he stroked it slowly as he beckoned me over, i slipped out of bed, confused and not sure what to do. i followed him out into the back garden and into the shed where a bong and a glass pipe lie next to a filthy 2 seater couch. he grabs me by the chin and squeezes my face “this is a secret between you and me, okay?”

I Began to cry

“imagine what your dad would say about this,” he laughed

he pressed firmly on my head and guided me onto the couch.

“put it in your mouth now.”

he jammed his curved cock against my semi parted lips and I tasted a mans sickly salty pre cum for the first time, i pulled away but he wound his hands into my hair and tugged my face into the cock until it slide past my lips, hit the back on my throat and immediately made me gag, he pulled out and began stroking his cock with one hand while tugging my long reddish-blonde hair back, forcing me to look him in the face. I spluttered and tears stream down my face as a jet of hot thick semen hits me between the eyes and temporarily blinds me, another jet followed, hits my forehead and dribbles down my face, the third hit with less force and splashed down onto my owl themed pyjama top. “stay like that,” he demanded as he pulled his phone out and took photos and my tear stained and semen covered face. Once he’d filled an entire folder of my 16th birthday photos he grabbed a towel and started wiping the cum off me like he was trying to cover his tracks. he grabbed my face again and stared me in the eyes. ” what would daddy think?” he asked with a smile, “I used to fuck your mummy with all my friends and she would go home to your daddy, now you’re going to do the same understand?”

I panicked and began to cry again “it’s so hot when you cry, but unless you want me to send these photos to your dad of his little princess covered in cum i suggest you shut up, kiss my dick and tell him you worship him.

part of me liked having him boss me around. I affectionately circled my tongue around the head of his dick before giving it a gentle kiss on the tip. (i was familiar with this from porn) I looked up at him with my drugged blue eyes which gleamed and playfully said “Oh Matt I worship your dick, please don’t tell my daddy, what if he wants me to worship his dick too?”

I prayed he would start feeding the fantasy building in my mind but he seemed stunned by how my pretty young face could speak such perverted shit and told me to go back to bed for now and he’d wake me up if he needs me, takes my phone number and kisses me on the cheek (i nearly gag)

I went inside and showered, and when i came out i saw a message from dad “hey beautiful hope you had a great birthday, call me when you can and tell me all about it, love you. Dad”

And I immediately called him, my confused and disturbed pussy was tingling and getting moist again. “Hey sweetheart whats up?

“Hey dad can you come get me from mums? i’ve had a bad day.”

thats all he needed to hear and he was there in 20minutes (my night in shining armour)

I sat outside and waited for him, so i was cold when he arrived, I had planned this so I could slide my hands across his rock hard abs under the pretense of finding a warm spot, i kept probing my hands lower, caressing his V lines and I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. He fidgeted away from me and I apologised for trying to warm my hands up. ” Don’t apologise sweetheart, what happened at your mums, do you want to talk about it?”

“At the moment i’m confused, I miss you dad I just to go home and cuddle you”

“okay sweetheart”

he get back to dads and the place is a bit of a mess, he hurries around to make his bed and put a whole pile of tissues in the bin, it was pretty cute.

“Daddy, do you have a pair of knickers I could wear please?”

“Umm I think the only ones I’d have of yours probably wouldn’t fit you anymore and they all have bunnies or something on them”

I follow my dad into his room and as he opens a draw I see several sex toys but dare not ask who they belonged to. He pulled out a pair of tiny yellow cotton panties with a kitten sitting cosy between the groin. “Dad I know I’m developing well but you have to look away for a minute” I joked and he laughed as he turned around. I slid off my old knickers and kicked them aside before forcing these tiny panties over my peach shaped bum. my cheeks hung out on both sides and the fabric between my legs could barely cover my labia. “What do you think daddy, perfect fit?”

He looked away to bite his lip but I saw it. “Can we go to bed?” “Yes but I’d better find some shorts to sleep in if you’re going to bed like that. “Why’s that? I don’t mind if you sleep in your undies like you always do” after a bit of debate dad slipped off his chinos and slid on a pair of loose fitting football shorts and a tank top, “Don’t sleep with a shirt on daddy i like the feel of your chest”

“okay sweetheart,” we switch the lights out, and dad wraps his arm round me as the big spoon and holds me tight. I gently slide my bum back until I feel my cheeks on his lap. I take my fathers arm from around me and place it on my stomach, I envisioned the dick that tried to wedge its way into me earlier, and my urge to see how daddys member compared to the other boys was fast becoming a hunger. I sighed.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” asked dad

“No dad not really, mum had friends over and they gave me drugs,”

“What the fuck happened who was it what was it what was your mother doing?”

“Dad I’m fine, please don’t freak out. I did some pretty bad stuff but I don’t want you to get mad at me when I tell you”

“Okay just please tell me everything and I’ll try to stay calm”

I explained in vivid detail everything I remembered from being given the drug, the caressing, Myra’s guidance ,Aarons large hand squeezing both of my tiny little butt cheeks together and the way he tried to sneakily fuck me without mum noticing like I’m a piece of meat. As I explained what happened dad kept trying to back away from me, i held one of his hands against my firm smooth belly and continued working my butt back until it brushed his mysterious penis.

And then I felt it twitch, I waited a moment to be sure, but daddy’s penis was waking up and the pill from earlier seemed to kick back into gear.. “He put his finger in my butthole daddy” I teased softly as i continued to press his hand against my firm stomach. another twitch as daddys meat begins to get warm up to the idea of his little girls violation”

“what else did he do baby?” he moaned

“He took naughty photos of me pushed some of his penis into me”

“What sorts of photos? and what do you mean some?”

“His dick was too thick” I said as i clenched my butt cheeks around my fathers semi- erect penis, at first he pressed into me before pulling back slightly.

“Am I in trouble daddy? I didn’t ask for the drugs but they are making me so wet, see!?”

I grabbed his hand from my midrift and placed it directly over my hole. That’s why I had to change my last knickers.

he pulled away which I expected, and I kept explaining all of the different ways Aaron’s undeserving and smug hands had played with my young untainted body.

“Sweetheart of course you’re not in trouble I am just worried, I am going to kill the boys that did this to you, daddy will always take care of you”

“But daddy I liked being the centre of attention. Myra and Aaron were both obsessed with my body and Matt took me into the shed when mummy was asleep and he said i have the prettiest face he’s ever seen.”

“What the fuck?! I’ll kill him, It’s illegal sweetheart don’t you understand! what did he do to you in the shed?”

He put his dick into my mouth and made me suck on it, then he squirted all his sperm on my face,”

Dads dick was rock solid now and i rolled over to press my face to his chest, my hand slid casually up his inner thigh before settling on the bulging head of my daddy’s big long uncircumsized dick.

“Daddy why is your willy so hard?”

“I’m sorry honey I’m not used to a couple little bum cheeks rubbing against my willy in a pair of tiny underwear.”

“Daddy are you hard because i let two guys you hate play with me?

I squeezed his long shaft and he sighed relunctantly,

“sweetheart you’re confused and you still have drugs in your system, You should let go”

“Make me” I said playfully before slowly tugging upwards once causing dad to moan..

“What did you get me for my birthday daddy” I breathed into his mouth before landing a kiss on his lips and gently nibbling the bottom one.

“Baby I bought you a necklace”

“Well can I have that egg toy in your top drawer please?”

He nods with closed eyes as I carefully stroke the dick that made me with adoration, every motion has to be perfect. I gently tucked his penis back into the footy shorts and went to retrieve the miniuature vibrating egg and it’s wireless remote from the draw. I bound back into bed and dad was still dazed and confused.

“Does daddy want to make out with his little girl? He continued to stare blankly, torn with guilt by what his daughter was doing and how excited it was making him. I kissed him and immediately slid my legs over him so the warm wetness of my hungry pussy pressed forcefully into the head of his bulging cock. It was like fusion, the second my soft lips touched his he gave up on the the limitations of being daddy and immediately rolled me over so he was on top. furiously locked lips as the pent up sexual energy unleashed. I could tell daddy was mad at what the other boys had done to me, but I know i was safe now, daddy was going to give me everything and I was going to do everything I can to be his queen.

“Does it make you jealous that these boys had the first chance to explore my body?” I quizzed as I slid my hands up and down his beautiful cock and he stared me dead in the eyes.

‘Of course it does baby You are so beautiful, you are so intelligent and clever and i don’t want to see you be reduced to that”

“Would you punish me if I did it again?” I asked, and to my surprise dad bit back, he grabbed my hips and slid me close with his pulsating cock slotted into my prominent thigh gap.

“You don’t need them any more, there’s lot s of games we can play at home baby.

I smiled and slid underneath the sheets to my dads cock, he quivered as i took my time patiently kissing every inch of his veined erection. ”

“Is- Baby stop, please, I can’t” was all my wonderful daddy could muster before he shot his warm, salty/sweet load straight into my mouth, I attempted to swallow but so much more followed and my mouth overflowed causing me to splutter and send cum across my face and chin.

‘Daddy I made a mess” I say as I slide back up from underneath the blankets, “but not as much of a mess as matt made on my face”

His cock stayed rigid despite the gallon of jizz he shot down his baby girls throat “Don’t talk about him mate i’m serious” In usual circumstances when dad starts calling me mate it means trouble. but this isn’t ordinary so i pull off my little top and snuggle to dads chest. at this point i get a message from Matt

“Come home now, I have some chores for you”

Dad leant over and read the message. “sweetheart I want you to take those little knickers off and lay down with that gorgeous bum in the air”

I was confused but I obliged. I arched my back to provide the best possible view of my little tight bum & tight clean shaven pussy before Daddy buried his face into it.

The next hour was a blur as waves of the ecstacy trip kept my mind on another level.. Daddy gave me 6 consecutive orgasms with his tongue while he carefully reassessed his daughters developing body with his hands.

Daddy pulled his tongue from deep in my sensitive bumhole as I quivered from the final orgasm.. “Now that I’ve shown you how a man pleases a woman, I need to punish you for letting just any boy take what he wants from you.

And with that I felt his long penis slide slowly down to the base, his balls gently brushed my clit and i reached between my legs to hold them against me but daddy began to pull back before smoothly gliding back into my tight pussy. each stroke was bringing more euphoria and daddy rode me bareback like he did with mum when they conceived me. daddy’s hands wandered between my legs and began to delicately caress and fondle the moistness between my legs as his substantial member buried itself repeatedly into my welcoming hole.

daddy rolled me over and I saw a version of him i’d never seen, he was always so calm and happy and wise, no he was dripping with sweat, hair a mess and a look of pure lust and determination. This wild version of her daddy only served to flare her raw/ untapped arousal. “Daddy let me ride you”.

I pushed him onto his back and climbed aboard, as I gently slid down and settled at the base of dads 8″ cock I whispered “fill me up with the cum that made me. daddy squeezed my bum cheeks together and worked his cock into my tight snatch while he kissed my neck and told me how much he loved me.

I just said the same words over and over again because they drive him wild “Daddy I can’t believe you’re inside me” or “does it feel wrong taking my pussy?” until he finally exploded sending his thick, creamy semen gushing from her sweet little pussy and onto the sheets.