Not Able

Sixteen year old Dawn was trying to get her eighteen year old boyfriend Steve home to where he lived, the pair had been out at a birthday party and Steve had drunk very heavily and was now so drunk that he could hardly stand, Steve was a heavy weight to Dawn who was struggling a long the road with one of Steve’s arms draped round her shoulders, Dawn was in a foul mood with Steve for ruining her evening, as she struggled along the road Dawn saw Mike the sixteen year old gay boy that Steve hated, Mike was very gay and was known as the local queen, Dawn thought to her self I will teach you to get pissed, she then pulled the zip on Steve’s jeans down reached inside the open fly and pulled Steve’s fat seven inch dick out she then opened the top of Steve’s jeans. When Mike saw Steve and Dawn he smiled and when he noticed Steve’s hairy dick was out his eyes went wide Mike stopped and looked staring hard, Dawn took hold of her boyfriends dick and started to stroke it, Mike stood watching after five minutes Dawn stopped stroking, Steve was to drunk to get an erection. Mike walked off happy that he had seen Steve’s dick, Dawn put Steve’s dick away and after doing his jeans up carried on with the struggle of getting him to where he lived and after a hour got him there, Steve’s dad came out and helped get Steve in and up to his room and after putting him to bed Dawn and Steve’s dad sat talking with a cup of tea, Dawn saw the pictures of Steve’s mum who had died a few years ago and asked Steve’s dad if he still missed her, Steve’s dad put his hand on Dawns knee and said to her ” not when I get a good looking girl like you come in the house” Dawn laughed and said ” it must be good to dream about what your to old to deal with” Steve’s dad replied I am only fifty six that is not old, Dawn told him yeah it was not old but he was past it, Steve’s dad then told Dawn he still had the power and a ten inch sold dick to go with it, Dawn laughed and said ” in your dreams” Steve’s” dad said to Dawn ” you want proof” Dawn laughed and said ” how you going to prove it” Dawn watched as Steve’s dad opened his dressing gown and lowered the front of his pyjamas and gasped when a ten inch dick sprung out, Steve’s dad said proof enough” then ran his hand under Dawns skirt saying want proof that it works, Dawn sat staring at the biggest dick she had seen and knew she wanted it, when Steve’s dad  unzip side of Dawn’s skirt Dawn did not stop him and soon her panties and skirt were laying on the floor and her tee shirt was being lifted over her head, Steve’s dad lifted a naked Dawn down onto the floor where Dawn parted a her legs and when Steve’s dad slid his throbbing dick into her love tube Dawn moaned out loud, soon Dawn was breathing heavy as Steve’s dad thrust in and out of Dawn and it was not long before Dawn climaxed,  Steve’s dad thrust away in Dawn for a further half a hour making her cum four more times before he squirted his cum over her body. The next day Steve phoned Dawn and apologised to her for getting drunk, Dawn told him not to worry, That Friday night Steve went sea fishing with his friends foe the weekend, two hours after that they had gone Steve’s dad heard a knock and when he opened it he saw Dawn standing there who said to him where is that proof that you were talking about the other night, a hour later a naked Dawn was laying on a bed having cum four times and when Steve’s said to her ” is that proof enough for you”, Dawn smiled at him and said ” no, can you not do any better than that old man.