The Shop

Kabir was working alone in the small corner shop that was owned by his family, he hated having to work till midnight on a Saturday night when his mates were out enjoying them selves, he thought that at sixteen years of age he should not be working late, he looked at his watch and saw … Continue reading The Shop


Dawn was a sixteen year old vile loud mouth violent thug who most people were scared of and stayed clear of her for fear of being hit if they got in her way, Dawn drank cheap cider which she normally stole from the local corner shop, the owner of the shop and his family knew … Continue reading Sir

The Run

It was the day of the school annual run that always attracted many entrants from among the students with many parents gathered in the school grounds, the run took place over a twenty mile course, the runners were given maps and had to find check points where they got a card they carried stamped with … Continue reading The Run

The Help

Dawn was on her way home from the youth club, her best friends dad had refused to give her a lift because he said that Dawn was a very bad influence on his daughter and would get her into trouble, Dawn had even missed the last bus so was now walking alone through town, as … Continue reading The Help