Dawn was a sixteen year old vile loud mouth violent thug who most people were scared of and stayed clear of her for fear of being hit if they got in her way, Dawn drank cheap cider which she normally stole from the local corner shop, the owner of the shop and his family knew that Dawn was stealing the cider but were to scared to try and stop her. It was late at night as Dawn staggered home,  John who was fifty seven and had just moved in to the house next door to where Dawn lived was on his door step as Dawn walked past, John called out saying oi can you not come in quietly you make a heck of racket, Dawn looked at John and said ” you talking to me you fucking old coffin dodger and took another swig of cider from her can, John told her to keep the noise down, Dawn threw her half empty can of cider at John, the can missed John and hit the wall beside him, John picked the can up and threw it back at Dawn hitting her on the shoulder and said my shot is better, Dawn snarled and said ” your going to regret doing that you old cunt” and rushed towards John who side stepped causing Dawn to fall over the door step landing flat on her face in the hall way of John’s flat, John stepped over Dawn grabbed the collar of her jumper and pulled her to her feet saying you need to be taught a lesson and dragged her into his lounge pushing his door shut with his foot as he did, Dawn was shouting  at John to get his filthy hands off her, John pushed Dawn onto the sofa, Dawn got up rushed at John who pushed her back onto the sofa, John then grabbed her legs and pulled her onto the floor, Dawn landed on her stomach John sat astride her lower back and said ” your getting a spanking” and started to slap her bum and after awhile stopped and stood up, Dawn rolled onto her back and tried to get up as she did John saw up her short skirt and saw she had no panties on giving him a view of her love tube, Dawn realised what John was looking at and said ” you dirty fucking perv” John quickly sat on Dawns ankles saying ” when you show a man your cunt it means you want one thing” and ran his hand up Dawns skirt and placed it over her love tube then started rubbing, Dawn tried to pull his hand out but could not, John pushed her back down on the floor got the zip on her jumper and pulled it down and opened the jumper to see that Dawn was wearing nothing underneath her bare boobs on show, Dawn cried out calling John a dirty perv, John bent forward and started to lick Dawns nipples he removed his hand from inside Dawns skirt  grabbed the shoulders of her jumper and pulled hard forcing it down her back then off her arms, Dawn was now topless and trying to get John’s head away from her boobs but could not, John sat up grabbed the top of Dawns skirt and pulled hard pulling the skirt down her legs and off, Dawn was now naked and tried to get up but could not John had sat back down on her legs, he pushed her back fully on the floor and started to rub her ample boobs then squeeze her nipples and after a few minutes placed his hand back on Dawns love tube and started to rub as he did he bent forward and started to suck her nipples  after ten minutes he pushed fingers into Dawns love tube and found it was very moist he also saw that Dawns nipples were very erect and that she was breathing heavy, after a few minutes John removed his fingers from Dawns now wet love tube and stood up then undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out, Dawn looked up at it and parted her legs, John smiled and asked her if she wanted him to fuck her, Dawn said “yes” John smiled and told her to ask for it, Dawn said ” please fuck me” John took his clothes off knelt down between Dawns open legs  positioned his dick in front of Dawns love tube and slid it in as Dawn felt it slide in she moaned, John started to thrust in and out going in as deep and hard as he could, Dawn was groaning loudly with pleasure and after five minutes John felt her cum and as she did Dawn cried out ” yes oh yes” John carried on thrusting in and out of Dawns love tube and soon she was moaning again and after another five minutes John felt Dawn cum again but he did not stop thrusting away and after another five minutes John felt Dawn cum a third time and not long after John removed his dick from inside Dawns love tube and squirted his cum over Dawns stomach then lay down beside her, after five minutes John stood up went and got a cloth and gave it to Dawn who wiped John’s cum off her body, after John disposed of the cloth he looked down at Dawn who said ” you fuck good for an old coffin dodger and your cock is not a bad size” then she stood up, John looked at her and said ” you will be getting my cock up your cunt a lot more from now on and I hope you like spunk trickling down your throat, Dawn smiled, John then told her that from now on she called him Sir and did as she was told when in his house, Dawn got dressed and a hour later was laying on her own bed thinking that was the best fuck she had ever had before falling asleep. Next day Dawn was in the kitchen when her sister came in and said to her that the man next door wanted to see her, Dawn got up from her chair and went out the door to see John waiting by his door, when John saw Dawn he told her to come into his house, Dawn went and once inside went into the lounge where she saw Mark who she knew was two years younger than what she was and his Paul brother who was two years younger than he was, John looked at Dawn and said ” take your clothes off” Dawn looked at John said ” what here” John told her yes get naked and hurry up, Dawn shrugged her shoulders and lifted her tee shirt over her head and off both boys looked at Dawns naked boobs and smiled, and when Dawn stepped out of her skirt and stood naked the boys could not believe their eyes, the sixteen year old thug girl standing before them completely naked, after John had told Dawn to lay on the floor she did what he told her to do, John looked at the two boys smiled and said ” what the fuck you waiting for get on with it” the two boys with out any hesitation got out their chairs and knelt beside Dawn one on either side of her and started to rub her boobs and love tube, Paul started to suck Dawns nipples while Mark slid his fingers into Dawns now moist love tube and started to wriggle them about making Dawn moan, John called out to boys to stop, the boys stopped and stood up, John looked at Paul and told him to strip, Paul started to undress and was soon standing naked, Dawn looked at him seeing his dick was standing up erect at about three inches, John looked at Dawn and said to her ” suck him off” Dawn smiled knelt up and took Paul’s dick into her mouth and started to suck, Paul stood not believing that Dawn was sucking his dick but was really enjoying it, Dawn sucked away and after five minutes felt Paul’s twitched and realised he had dry cum in her mouth, Paul stood back with a big grin on his face, John looked at Dawn smiled and told her to lay on her back, Dawn lay down on her back, John looked at Mark smiled said to him ” ok  then strip naked” Mark smiled and started to undress Dawn watched him and when he was naked Dawn gasped Mark’s dick was standing up fully erect and throbbing at about nine inches and fat, John smiled at Dawn then looked at Mark and said ” well get on with it give her a good fucking” Mark moved round to Dawn who parted her legs, Mark knelt down between Dawns open legs smiled at her bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Dawns wet and waiting love tube, Dawn cried out as Mark slid his dick deep into Dawns love tube then start to thrust in and out making Dawn moan loudly after a few minutes Dawn climaxed Mark carried on pounding away deep into Dawn making her cum four more times before he squirted his cum up her stomach, Mark stood up smiled and Dawn who lay exhausted on the carpet, John looked at her and said do you like my two boys, Dawn smiled and fell asleep,  when Dawn woke she was fully dressed laying on her own bed, Dawn stood up went to the kitchen where her mum was sat talking to John, John looked at her smiled then said her, you awake then you gave us a scare when you fainted, Mark help me bring you home, Dawn smiled John then told her you probably had something to much, Dawn turned went back to her room smiling as she did thinking to herself  not to much of something not enough of it, got into her bed and was soon fast asleep again. Next day Dawns mum told her that John was going away for a few weeks and wanted Dawn to look after Mark and Paul while he was away, Dawn smiled and said to her mum ” yeah ok it will be something to do. Later that night as John was getting into his car he patted Dawns bum and told her to keep his boys happy and as he drove away Dawn thought oh I will no need to worry, Dawn turned and walked into John’s house as she entered the lounge she saw that both Mark and Paul were stood naked with fully erect dicks, Dawn smiled at the sight and said to them ” you two boys want something”  Dawn looked in surprise as four of Marks friends walked in to the lounge from the kitchen one of the boys said ” if they don’t we do” Dawn saw that the four boys were all naked and that each of them had full erections, the boys surrounded Dawn and after a few minutes Dawn was naked laying on the floor as the boys all explored her body with their hands and tongues, Dawn was breathing heavy and when her legs were pulled apart and a finger slide partly into her love tube she not worry then realised it was Paul and he was fucking her as best as he could after a couple of minutes another boy replaced Paul and after he had finished another took over soon al four of Marks friends had had their turn with the willing Dawn, Dawn looked up at Mark who was stood looking at her and said to her ” come on suck it” Dawn rolled  over onto her front and onto her knees and started to suck on Marks throbbing dick and after five minutes gagged as Mark squirted his cum into her mouth and down her throat Mark stepped back, Dawn felt one of the boys behind her and cried out as for the first time in her life Dawn felt a dick slide up her bum and start to thrust in and out, Dawn saw three boys stood smiling each with a full erection, one boy walked forward knelt and slid his dick into Dawns mouth which she started to suck, Dawn felt a boy start to lick her love tube and her boobs being played with, Dawn thought it is going to be a long night.