The Crowd

16 year old Sue was walking through the shopping centre on the start of the sales and the place was totally packed she could hardly move because of the crowd and had felt hands rubbing her bum and she had been unable to stop them, she had also felt hands slide over her boobs and has it was hot Sue had not put a bra on so knew the dirty old men were getting a good feel, Sue was hardly moving and suddenly felt hands sliding under her tee shirt and upwards and were soon rubbing her naked boobs and she could not stop who ever it was after a couple of minutes the hands stopped and went from under her tee shirt she then felt hands under her skirt pulling her panties down and rub her love tube  for a short while before her panties were cut off, Sue managed to edge her way through the crowd to the side and out onto the emergency stairs, Sue saw her class mate Amy with her boyfriend Steve the trio sat talking for awhile before Sue said ” she was going to the record shop” and went back through the door into the main part of the shopping centre and was soon in the thick of the crowd, Steve looked at Amy said ” her tits felt great and she has a few hairs round her cunt” Amy smiled and told Steve he was a dirty old man” Amy’s brother Gary who was a couple of years younger than her and Sue came in said ” look what I found and help up a skirt, Amy asked him where he had found it and Gary told her round Sue’s hips” Amy laughed said ” you mean the bitch aint got a skirt on” Gary nodded. Sue had felt her skirt being removed but had been unable to stop it happening, now her naked bum and love tube was being well rubbed Sue felt the back of her tee shirt being cut after a minute it was gone Sue realised she was naked she started to push towards the stairs, Amy was on her phone looked at Gary and Steve said ” it has worked the bitch is naked going to the stairs” then the three rushed up the stairs over the roof and down the stairs to the next door way just as Sue came through it, Amy looked at Sue and asked her where her clothes were, before Sue could answer Amy said ” are they on my dads bed like they were last night and the night before” Sue looked Amy then told Sue she knew that she had been fucking her dad and that she would pay for it, then slapped her round the face grabbed her hair and pulled it saying follow us and pulled her down the stairs and into the basement, Sue was maid to lay on the floor, Amy told Sue fuck my dad fuck my brother, Sue looked at Gary and saw he had his 6 inch erection out. Gary knelt  and was soon pushing his dick into Sue’s love tube Sue saw Steve stood with his 9 inch erection on show, Amy had her blouse wide open her naked boobs on show. Amy knelt beside Sue’s head bent forward and pushed her boob into Sue’s mouth saying ” suck bitch” and started rubbing Sue’s boobs as she did. Steve said ” could be a long night. Sue saw a few boys she knew from school stood with their erections on show.