The Hostel

Sara was not happy, her dad had left home six months ago and her mum could not keep up with the mortgage payments so they had been evicted from their house. the council had found them emergency accommodation in a hostel, so at sixteen years of age instead of sleeping in her own room in a decent house she was sharing a room with her sister Amy who was nearly four years younger than what she was in a grotty hostel and to make matters worse her sister snored. It was two in the morning and Sara could not sleep so was sitting on the roof wearing just her dressing gown and panties, it was a warm night and nobody else was on the roof, Sara was thinking about her former home and friends who would no longer talk to her and shunned her. Sara heard a noise looked up and saw the Indian boy who was called boy by his family, Sara knew he was the same age as what she was and had a younger brother who was two years younger, boy said ” hello you look very nice” and smiled, Sara suddenly realised her gown was open and that the boy could see her naked boobs, Sara blushed and closed her gown, boy smiled and said ” to late I have had a good look at those very nice tits” Sara noticed the bulge in boys pyjamas and said ” yeah looks like it” boy looked down and said ” you want to help get rid of what you caused” Sara laughed said    ” you don’t piss about do you” boy bent down and before Sara could stop him he pulled her gown open saying ” no” Sara said ” oi do you mind” boy smiled saying not at all, and cupped one of Sara’s boobs, Sara looked at him in surprise, boy cupped Sara’s other boob saying beautiful white tits and started rubbing them, Sara reached up to stop him got hold of his wrists and said ” hands off” boy said ” ok removed his hands then bent forward and started to lick Sara’s nipples, Sara pushed his head but boy pushed it back and carried on licking, Sara felt his hand slide inside her panties and start to rub her love tube, Sara was starting to enjoy what was happening and relaxed, boy carried on rubbing Sara’s love tube and licking her nipples, Sara was now breathing heavy and when boy pulled her panties down and off made no attempt to stop him, boy moved his head down Sara’s body and between her legs and when he started to lick her love tube Sara moaned a bit and when boy pushed his tongue inside her love tube Sara parted her legs a bit more moaning as she did, boy pulled his tongue from Sara’s love tube and stood up the lowered his pyjamas, Sara looked at the seven inch erect India dick and moved, boy knelt between Sara’s legs and slowly pushed his dick into Sara’s very moist love tube causing Sara to moan as he did, boy started to thrust in and out slowly making Sara moan, he gathered speed pushing in as deep as he could go and after a few minutes Sara groaned out loud as she gushed, boy carried on pounding away into the still moaning white girl going in as deep as he could and just after he felt Sara cum for a second time boy pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube and squirted his cum up her body before he lay on the roof, the pair lay there not saying a word for a few minutes, Sara looked at boy said      ” you certainly don’t piss about do you” boy stood up pulled his pyjamas up said     ” no just fuck about” the pair sat talking for awhile then went back down to there own rooms, as Sara walked into her room she looked in surprise Amy was laying naked on her bed and the brother of boy was pounding into her, Amy was moaning with pleasure, Sara saw the boy pull his dick out and squirt four spurts of cum over her sisters body, Sara smiled the boy looked at Sara and said to her    ” it’s your turn tomorrow night and pulled his pyjamas up and as he walked out of the room stopped and slid his hand inside Sara’s gown and felt her boobs, before leaving, Sara got into her bed thinking it is not that bad here after all and as she lay down thought to herself I wonder what mum is doing and laughed.