The Immigrants

Sixteen year old Dawn had just arrived home from school and was vey happy because her parents had gone away to see her aunt and would be away for four whole days leaving her on her own, Dawn thought it was going to be bliss perfect peace and quiet, Dawn dumped her school bag on the floor then went out into the back garden to feed the two rabbits that she kept as pets, after feeding the rabbits Dawn saw the forty year old Bengali man who lived in the house next door to the house she lived in looking over the fence, Dawn knew that the man and his family were immigrants but did not care, she looked at the man who jokingly said ” nice rabbit pie” Dawn stuck her tongue out at him the man’s  son stuck his head up and said ” two pies” the mans wife came out of the house and gave Dawn a flask telling her it was some nice soup for her, Dawn thought good it will save me cooking, Dawn saw Padma the man’s daughter who was the same age as what she was come out of the house, Dawn often thought that Padma was a lesbian and did not trust her, Padma told Dawn that the soup was very good she had helped make it, Dawn went into the house and after pouring the soup the soup into a dish went into the lounge and sat in a chair started eating the soup liking the spicy taste of it, after eating the soup Dawn washed the flask and took it back, Padma took the flask asking Dawn if she eaten it all Dawn told her yes and went back to her house and after having a shower sat in the lounge in just her dressing gown watching telly, watching telly for a few minutes Dawn started to feel a bit horny and after another half hour was feeling very horny and after another twenty minutes Dawn was feeling hornier than she had ever felt and slid a hand inside the top of her dressing gown and started to play with her nipples then after a few minutes stood up and took her gown off, Padma who was stood outside watching through the window with her younger brother, Padma looked at her brother who was four years younger her said to him ” how is that” the boy said ” yeah look at her tits they are big and her cunt has no hair round it, Dawn sat make down stretched her legs out and started to rub her love tube then inserted two fingers inside and start to push them in and out, Padma and her brother stood watching both enjoying the sight of the naked white girl masturbate and after a few minutes smiled as Dawn arched her back knowing that she had climaxed, not long after Dawn went up to her room and fell asleep on her bed and slept till late the following day, after having breakfast Dawn went to the shop and got her magazine when she got back Dawn saw Padma who gave her a dish saying mum sent this in Dawn saw it was it was peaches and cream her favourite desert Dawn went in and had soon eaten the lot and with in a hour was feeling extremely horny again and slid her hand under her tee shirt and started to play with her boobs after a couple of minutes Dawn saw Padma at the door and removed her hand Dawn pulled her hand out, Padma smiled said ” you can carry on I have seen it all before” Dawn said ” what you on about” Padma then said ” last night you were in the lounge totally naked frigging yourself my brother and myself were watching you from the window” Dawn went bright red Padma then said look and showed Dawn her phone on which she had filmed Dawn, Dawn looked said ” you bitch” Padma then told Dawn the film would be all school on Monday unless you do what we want, Dawn asked what she wanted, Padma said strip naked again, and as she did rubbed her boobs, Dawn said ” I am not lesbian” Padma said ” I don’t care just get naked” Dawn knew she had to and stripped, Padma rubbed Dawns naked boobs and slid a hand between her legs and rubbed her love tube, Dawn was still feeling horny and when Padma slid her fingers into Dawns love tube she found it was moist and after a few minutes Dawn was breathing heavy, Padma lay her on the floor then started to suck her nipples and finger her at the same time after ten minutes Padma felt Dawn cum and smiled but carried on fingering her, after a hour Dawn had climaxed five times, Padma smiled removed her fingers from Dawns love tube and left her laying on the floor and went back to her own house. The next day Dawn got a phone call from her mum who told her they would not be home for a few more days. On Monday Dawn arrived home from school and after making a cup of tea went into the lounge as she stood by the window she saw Padma looking at her Dawn started to take her uniform off and after a few minutes she was standing naked, after a few minutes Dawn went into the kitchen and saw Padma at the door Dawn opened the door letting Padma in, when Padma was in Dawn smiled and said to her ” you took your fucking time get here didn’t you, Padma smiled back at Dawn and said to her ” shut up you fucking lesbian and get up stairs” twenty minutes later Dawn was rolling on her bed moaning as Padma sucked her nipples while thrusting her fingers in and out of  her very wet love tube  and twenty minutes later Dawn was climaxing for the second time, the following day as Dawn arrived home from school she saw Padma with a friend who looked at Dawn and said ” nice very nice” after twenty minutes all three girls were naked on Dawns bed, Dawn was hoping her parents would be away a long time.