The New Life

Cindy was not happy, her parents had struck it rich, her granddad who lived in South Africa had passed away leaving his fortune and gold mine to Cindy’s dad and at the same time her parents had won a multi roll over lottery draw, they had gone from being poor to billionaires in a matter of days, and when the sale of the gold mines in South Africa went through they would be multi billionaires. Cindy was now standing in the ballroom of the twenty bedroom house her dad now owned, she was wearing a strapless ballgown and was wishing she could go change into her jeans and tee shirt, she also wished she could go and meet her friends she had before they became rich instead of having to mix with high class of society, Cindy looked at the glass of bucks fizz the butler had brought her and when asked him to get her a can of cider had been told there was none. Cindy thought the music being played was boring and wanted some heavy rock but the orchestra had told her they had none, the owner of the large building approached Cindy and said to her ” you must be Cindy the charming daughter of our host” Cindy looked at the fifty five year old builder and said to him ” yeah I am the daughter of the host but I am not charming and I am sixteen years old which means I am to young for a dirty old cunt who should be in his coffin so piss off” John the builder stood back shocked at the outburst, Cindy put her glass down and headed to the main entrance as she went through the door a guest who was just arriving said ” oh good evening” Cindy snarled and said ” it is not a good evening it is bloody boring” and went grabbing a bottle of champagne as she did” and when the butler said ” excuse me” Cindy replied” well don’t fart and we would not have to excuse you” Cindy headed off across the lawns swigging from the bottle of champagne as she went, Cindy went and sat on the swing in the quiet area of the garden, after a few minutes Cindy saw John the builder stood looking at her, Cindy snarled at him and asked him what the fuck he was looking at and threw the now empty bottle at him, the bottle missed John by quite a way, Cindy got off the swing went and bent down to pick the bottle up but as she bent she lost her balance and fell flat on her face, Cindy got to hands and knees trying to get up, John stood astride Cindy’s back saying ” your going to get a good spanking” and grabbed the bottom of her gown pulling it up as he did, Cindy said ” get off me you dirty cunt” as she did John pushed her panties down revealing Cindy’s bare bum which he started to slap, unbeknown John Cindy had always liked having her bum slapped by boys at her old house, after six slaps John stood away from Cindy, who looked at him and said ” you old fucking coffin dodger that did not hurt at all” Cindy stood up, John grabbed her by the arm sat on the swing pulled Cindy over his knees raised her gown and started to slap her bare bum a bit harder, Cindy said ” it don’t fucking it” John realised that Cindy was enjoy it and moved his hand over her boobs feeling the pokies as he did, John pushed Cindy off his knees stood up then pulled Cindy to her feet and got hold of the top of her gown and pulled it right down to her ankles then slapped both of her naked boobs, he then sat back down on the swing and pulled the naked Cindy over his knees and started to slap her bum again, after a few minutes he pushed Cindy off his knees and stood up looked down at Cindy who was laying on her back and undid his trousers letting his ten inch erection spring out, Cindy looked at it surprised at the size of it she had never seen one as big in all her life and when John knelt down at her feet Cindy parted her legs, John moved in between the naked sixteen year old girls parted legs bent forward and slowly slid his erect dick into Cindy’s love tube, as she felt the large dick slide up her wet love tube Cindy moaned out loud, John started to pound away into the now panting Cindy and squeezing her nipples as he did and after a few minutes he felt Cindy cum hearing her cry out ” yes oh yes” as she did, John carried on pounding away and soon felt Cindy cum again but still he carried on pounding into the moaning girls love tube feeling her cum a third time then a fourth time and not long after Cindy had climaxed for the fourth time John pulled his dick out  of Cindy’s love tube and squirted his cum over the grass. Not long after John was doing his trousers up as he did he looked down at Cindy and said ” not bad for a dirty old coffin dodger am I” Cindy laughed and said ” your still a dirty old cunt” John walked back to the house,  Cindy stood up picked up her gown and put it on thinking to herself it might be ok living here after all and started walking back to the house where after having a shower Cindy went to bed and soon fell asleep. The next day Cindy got an invite delivered by one of John’s sons who Cindy knew was two years younger than what she was, Cindy looked at the invite and saw it was to a male dom party on Friday. On Friday Cindy turned up at the party when she went into the ballroom she saw best friend Karen from her former town standing topless with two men sucking her large boobs, Cindy felt a hard slap on her bum turned and saw John’s son who had delivered the invite standing behind her he said” welcome bitch” and slapped her bum again, Cindy then saw two of the boys mates advancing towards her, the three boys ushered Cindy into the room as they did one was pulling the zip on the back of her gown down, by the time she was in the middle of the room Cindy’s gown and panties had been removed leaving her naked, the boys got her onto a bed and stood round her, John’s son undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection spring out and with in a few minutes was pounding into Cindy’s love tube. Later that night Cindy lay in her own bed thinking I have been fucked by three boys two years younger than myself and their dads plus two butlers then fell asleep thinking about it, In the morning Cindy was woken by somebody coughing when she was fully awake she saw John’s youngest son stood there he told Cindy that the butler had let him in, Cindy saw that the boy was naked his dick standing up fully erect like a flagpole Cindy smiled and threw the bed covers back, the boy smiled at the sight of Cindy’s naked body and as she parted her legs he climbed up on the bed saying ” you have great tits” Cindy thought to herself I like living the new life and moaned as the boy slid his seven inch dick into her wet love tube.