The single cowboy – part 1

The following story is a fictional story and is not true. My name is Thomas, which some people call me Tom for short. I live in town not to far out from the city, so yes I live on a farm. I have it all what more can I want, I have a whole 12 acres to myself, with a few livestock. I am just missing a female companion. I always told my maw, that one day I would have my own farm, and move away from the city. I was born in the city, with my maw and paw, I was the only child. I wanted to get away from the city lifestyle, at age 21 I made the choice to do such. I planned alot, worked hard, until one day this city boy, got himself his own little place a few miles out from the city, yet close enough to visit my folks often. As I rock in my chair, overlooking my live stock from my porch, I reflect on my past, and remember those words I told my maw, a few years back. Which I thought to myself, as I rock back in forth in my chair, how darn nice it be to find myself a woman. Yet I had not thought much about dating, yet I thought who would love a country boy. I had a few people I knew, yet none of them wanted the country lifestyle, they were to stuck on the city lifestyle. I started to become aroused, thinking about my dream girl, from back in the day. I had a true one to say the least, blue eyes, blonde hair, yet a country accent, yet skin so smooth and rose white. Yet this was my dream girl, from my dreams of course. I start to day dream, thinking sexually, about having a woman by my side. Yet all that was interrupted, when my own cattle started putting on a show, and I do mean a show it was that time of month again. Which I nearly fell out of my chair, hearing the mating of some cattle nearby. I snapped out of my sexual thoughts, and I got up made a call to me maw, and told her I would be in town to visit. I head inside from the porch, get my clothes packed and call up an old female friend to watch the ranch while I’m out of town. Yet little did I know, she had other things on her mind while I was gone. As I wait for my female friend named Lexi to show up, I go ahead and shower. As I end my shower, and step out naked, and head to my master bedroom, I see Lexi standing at my front door. I quickly get dressed, and greet her and let her in. I tell her I will be gone for a few days to check up on my folks, and to make herself at home. As I say this, she brings up a discussion about my cattle, and says that one cow show ain’t letting up no time soon. I look over her shoulder, and I could not believe it the cattle were still going at it, mating like there was no tomorrow. Lexi than tells me it’s been a while since she got fucked like that, which I was caught off guard by her remark, and told her I would be leaving now. And told her she was allowed to eat anything left over in the refrigerator, and thanked her for showing up to watch my ranch. Lexi than interrupts me, and tells me I better be getting along, day light was burning. I again thank her for showing up, and I throw my stuff in my truck and get ready to hit the road. Yet I couldn’t help but notice she was still looking at the cattle mating, before heading inside and waving goodbye to me. A few hours later, before sun down, I make it to the big city. Which I had not planned on staying up once I got to my folks house, yet I did and we talked about everything. And I do mean everything, from how was the farm life, yet was I still single. I was not expecting that question, yet paw spoke up and told me to get some sleep. I headed off to bed, yet got a hard on, thinking about having a woman by my side. I start to masturbate, I start thinking sexually about having a woman to please, yet all that was interrupted when my phone rang. I looked at caller ID, and saw it was Lexi, I answered and she asked the most odd question, how long do cattles mate, I told her it was late and would try to explain this later. I hung up, yet my hard on was raging, I needed to cum. I get out of bed, find a towel and masturbate. I came so hard, yet so much thinking about eating a womans pussy. I finally doze off, and sleep the rest of the night away. As the next morning comes, I hear maw and paw down stairs, yet maw yells upstairs, and say breakfast is ready. I get up, and nearly run downstairs almost forgetting about last night, I was half naked, with dried up cum on my towel and on my cock. I hurry up put my pants on, and throw the towel in the dirty clothes hamper. I make it down stairs and maw and paw, are almost done eating. Old paw had humor, and joked if I was late because I had a dream about a woman. I had no clue why he said it until I realized I was semi hard, yet maw told paw to knock it off and said, all guys his age have the early morning woody. I ate my green eggs and ham, and drank my juice, and talked with my folks. Until old paw said we should go out, before I had to go back home. I was planning to stay a few days, but maw said a bad storm was coming the next day. So we went out to an restaurant for dinner, a place I loved when I was little, and afterwards we went back home and watched movies. I fell asleep on the couch, watching an old western with my folks. I woke up to my maw and paw, getting up and saying goodnight. At this time my phone rings, and see its Lexi calling, I answer and she ask if I knew about the storm coming, I said yes and I would be home soon. I hang up, and sleep the night away. I wake up, and tell my folks I would be off in a bit before the weather got bad. Yet they agreed I should leave sooner than later, which I did. As I make the drive back, I start to see it’s getting ugly outside with lighting in the distance. I thankfully make it home before dark, I unlock my door, and see Lexi masturbating in my chair. She gets startled, and ask how long was I watching. I said nothing because she was the first woman I seen naked, yes I was a virgin still. She starts to speak, and said she meant no harm, yet sees my cock getting hard. She than gets up, and tells me that she always wanted to fuck me. Yet the cattle mating made her, want to mate with me. I was lost for words, because a friend I known for years wanted me. Than it struck me all my fantasy were about her, she has blonde hair, yet blue eyes, and white milky skin. Without saying a word she drops to her knees, and pulls my pants down, and says she been waiting to make her move on me for years. I try to speak, yet before I could say anything she has her lips all over my cock. She than says I am naughty, because she can taste my dried up cum from the previous night. I try to speak, yet all I could do was was moan, as she sucked my cock. She than tells me she wants to fuck me, long and hard, like the cattle from a few days ago. Her words made me cum so hard in her mouth, she looks up at me and says she wants all my cum. I could not believe it, my own friend taking me like this. She kept sucking, until she opened her mouth full of my cum, and gulps it down. She than tells me, I am the cowboy, and she is the cowgirl and wants to ride me cowgirl style. Before I could even say anything, she pushes me onto the chair she was masturbating on. She rips off my shirt, and takes off her shirt, and we both are naked taking in eachothers assets. She than makes me lay down, and she gets ontop of me, I feel something wet on my body. She looks at me and grins, and said I was in her puddle of cum, and said she was so horny for me, that she masturbated where I lay. I became rock hard, as she grabs my cock, and guides it to her pussy, and rides me like there was no tomorrow. At this time the storm is here, and it’s raining hard, and lighting and thundering. I finally say something, and say my animals are in this mess, she wouldn’t stop riding me, and told me they are safe and in the barn. I felt my cock about to cum, I look into her eyes, and she knew I was about to flood her pussy with my cum. She just told me to cum in her, she needed to be bred, I came in her, until she rode me to her own orgasm. She fucked me long into the night, until the storm was over.


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