The single cowboy – part 2

The following story is a fictional story and is not true.
As morning comes, Tom is woken up by the sun radiating on his face. With Lexi snuggled up next to him naked, with his cock wedged between her legs, near her pussy. Lexi than humps him with her ass, and ask if he slept well, yet Tom is in disbelief thinking last night was just a dream, and was lost for words. Lexi than speaks again, and says someone has an early morning woody. Tom moans, knowing all to well he needed to cum, or be stuck with blue balls. Without hesitation, Lexi grinds on Toms cock, and somehow gets Toms cock to slip into her hot, yet wet tight pussy. She moans loudly, as he bottoms out in her pussy, and hits her cervix. Tom knew he would not last long in her pussy, and Lexi knew he would cum soon in her fertile womb. Lexi was obsessed with Tom, yet waited for years to make her move on him. She clenched her pussy muscles, making Tom moan again, and sensing he was about to cum. She kept grinding into him, until he came long, and hard into her pussy. Lexi wanted Tom’s baby, and she wanted him, all to herself. Tom than speaks, and asked Lexi why she never confessed her love for him. Lexi responded, and said because she wanted a country boy, not a city boy. Tom was lost for words, yet confused. Lexi than explains, that she been in love, just she never knew how to tell him. Yet tell him why she never went for him. Tom than understood, she never wanted to live in the city, and they were wanting the same. Without warning Tom kissed Lexi on the lips with passion, and confesses his love for her. Lexi was so aroused, and knew she wanted to marry him, and have his kids. Tom unexpectedly stops kissing Lexi, and just looks into her eyes, and say he loves her. Lexi becomes speechless, and just french kisses him, until he became hard again. Tom is ready to fuck Lexi again, yet she stops him from entering her vagina. Tom looks at her confused, wondering if she was having second thoughts about him. Lexi tells Tom they need to clean up, and shower. Tom sighs, yet agrees that they both needed a shower. Lexi leaves Tom side, and heads off to the washroom. Tom stays behind, and starts to masturbate, to cum one last time. Yet Lexi had other plans, on her mind little did Tom know. Lexi returns to Tom, and looks at him with loving eyes, and ask if he was going to shower with her. Tom was so closing to Cumming, yet Lexi had plans for him in the shower. Tom gets up, and follows Lexi into the bathroom, and sees the fun was not over yet. Lexi had brought some sexy lingerie, and had it sitting on the sink, turning Tom on, Lexis plan was working she wanted Tom obsessed with her. Lexi than gets into the shower, and turns on the water, while Tom looks at her in aww. Lexi became aroused seeing the man she always wanted, looking in aww at her beautiful body. Lexi than reached out, and pulled Tom into the shower for a deep kiss. Telling him he won’t get clean just by looking at her. Tom snaps out of it, and grabs some soap, and a sponge and starts washing Lexis body. Lexi moans, because she never took a shower with someone else before, yet felt so loved. Tom was a true gentleman and Lexi knew this as well. Lexi stops Tom from bathing her, and starts to bathe him. Yet she began to become emotional, and Tom hears her crying behind him. And turns around and ask was she ok, yet why the tears. Lexi responds and says she never felt so loved, yet cherished. Tom was still confused, and ask why the tears If your happy. Lexi responds and tells Tom she was a virgin, yet waited so long to have sex with him. Tom was confused, and thought she had sex before. Lexi knew what he was thinking, and responded and said she only masturbated. Tom confessed he was also a virgin, and never had sex, yet also masturbated. Lexi stopped crying, and was in shock, because she realized they both were virgins, yet had been making love like they weren’t. Lexi asked Tom why he never pursed her in the past. Tom responded and said I was a city boy and you was a country Girl. Lexi laughed and said this is why she didn’t purse him, because she thought he was to good for her. Yet Tom laughed, and said he thought the same of her. Tom and Lexi were a match made in heaven, two childhood friends both in love but neither confessed there love for eachother.


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