It’s my turn

Daddy is always dominate. When we started having sex he decided that I was his submissive little slut and so that’s how he treats me. Today however that’s gonna change. I’m going to show him that I can dominate just as well as he can. It’s three am and I’m in his bedroom. We always have sex in his room because he likes to tie me up and he has the ropes already tied to his bedposts. He’s a sound sleeper, I know that nothing will wake him right now. I walk over and take the ropes into my hand. He sleeps naked so there’s no problem there. I tie his legs up by his head so his asshole and balls are visible if I stand at the foot of the bed. It’s daddy’s favorite position for me because it gives him full access to both of my holes. I blindfold him and go into his closet where all the sex toys are. 3 different sized dildos, a vibrator, 3 different sized butt plugs, anal beads and a ball gag. I set them in a box next to his bed and go back to my room. Once there, I find my black boots, a red lace thong and its matching bra. I also put on black lace stockings. I grab my black eyeliner and put some on, as well as some black mascara and red lipstick. I brush my long hair back into a tight ponytail. Now, I just have to wait for him to wake up.

I’m standing in his doorway. I know he will wake up to the sound of his alarm. Normally he turns it off on Friday nights, but I set it for 6:30 so that I can get an early start on him. When it goes off, he tries to reach for it but can’t due to his binds. I walk over and turn it off.
“Morning daddy” I smile and undo the blindfold. He glares at me in response.
“It’s 6:30 in the morning. Untie me right now”
“No daddy I don’t think I will. You always get to dominate now it’s my turn.” At my words I see his cock twitch. I pick up the box of toys and set it on his night stand. I take the ball gag out and hold it in front of his eyes.
“If you’re good I won’t need to use this. But the second I’m unhappy with you, it goes in your mouth. Understood?” He nods in response and I smile. I put the blindfold back on him. I don’t want him seeing what I have in store for him. I grab the smallest dildo, 6 inches long and about an inch thick. I grab the bottle of lube from his night stand and rub some on the dildo. I put a small glob on his hole and hear him gasp.
“Relax daddy. This will be much more enjoyable for you if you’re relaxed” I see his muscles slowly relax and I press the head of the dildo into him with little effort. He groans and I smile slightly.
“Oh it makes me so wet when you moan daddy.” I push the dildo in a little more and listen to his moans. Then I begin to fuck him with the dildo, slowly and gently until his ass gets used to it and with more force. I then see him arching slightly to meet the thrusts and at the same time feel my arousal dripping down my thighs. I pull the dildo from him and grab the vibrator and anal beads. After turning the vibrator on, I slide it into my soaked cunt before pushing the first ball from the anal beads into his tight butt. He tries to move away but the ropes hold him there. I start pushing the second one in and he cries out in pain. But I don’t stop. I push a third and fourth one in. I move the vibrator over my clit, moaning and watching him writhe in pain. For a moment I’m tempted to push another in but decide against it. If I hurt him too much I will regret it later. I gently pull the four balls from him and grab the next sized dildo. 8 inches and 2 inches wide. I have a bit of an easier time pushing this one into him, but still have some trouble because his body isn’t used to this kind of torture. I continue moving the vibrator around my clit and pussy until I cum, screaming in pleasure. I fuck him a bit harder than the first time with the dildo and enjoy watching him squirm. After five minutes I pull it from him and grab the last dildo. 10 inches and 3 inches wide. With practically no effort at all, I’m able to slide it into him and I fuck him a hell of a lot harder. His cock now stands fully erect at 8.5 inches. After a few minutes of rough fucking, I pull it out and he thinks it’s over. But i still want to fuck so I slide the biggest buttplug we have into him and hear him groan out in pain. Then I straddle him and push the ball gag into his open mouth. I start bouncing hard and fast, feeling his entire cock go into me every time. I grab the knife from his bed side table, one he keeps there for when he decides to cut the ropes away from my arms and legs, and cut him free. I pull out the ball gag and take off his blindfold. I immediately feel his hands grasp my hips and help me to bounce even harder and faster. I can feel his thick veiny cock throbbing inside me. Daddy moans that he’s going to cum and I can feel my own orgasm creeping close. I feel him cum deep inside my womb and am grateful I’m on the pill. As I feel his sperm hitting my insides, it pushes me over the edge and I scream that I’m cumming, my body convulsing. When my climax subsides, I collapse next to daddy on the bed.
“Now it’s my turn” Daddy says.

The end

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