B v W

Amy was one of the troublesome girls at school when she was there, she was always bunking off school and normally drinking cheap cider that she had stolen from a shop in town, all shops had a red warning board in the office which contained photos of all the shop lifters and trouble makers Amy’s was on nearly every one, A police officer once told Amy that her photo was not on the red warning board in the kit model shop, Amy had replied ” wot I must be slipping or they are to tight fisted to get a camera” Amy was out on the waste ground instead of going to school, Amy saw her brother 14 year old Simon went over and said ” you bunking school you will grow up not being able to read and write, Simon looked said ” you mean I will be like you” Amy nodded Simon told her I don’t want boobs I will go to school, his mate Mark who was with him smiled and told Simon he would look good with a set of boobs, the boys went of pushing each other, Amy went to the derelict factory where she saw Marcus who at 16 was the same age as her he had his brother Joel who was a couple of years younger than Simon with him, the trio sat talking and drinking, when Joel bent to pick some thing up Amy playfully kicked his bum saying I kicked black ass today Joel told her she could never kick black ass, Amy said ” so easy to” Joel looked at Amy and challenged her to a No Holds Barred wrestle match, Amy laughed and agreed, Joel took his jacket of told Amy he would enjoy beating her and getting her naked, Amy laughed said ” no way you winning” they started wrestling, Amy put Joel down a few times then Joel declared warm up over and put his head down and charged getting Amy off guard and taking her down to the floor and quickly got her in a bare hug, Amy broke free they wrestled a bit more before Amy was laying on her stomach with Joel sitting on her back she felt her joggers being pushed down along with her panties before she could react Joel was off her back standing at her feet and tugging her joggers clean off her staying a white naked bum Amy got to her feet Joel said look a white cunt with a bit of hair Amy looked down realised her mistake to late Joel had her in a head hold saying amateur falls for oldest trick in book he grabbed Amy’s tee shirt and pulled it up releasing her head and getting the tee shirt right off then quickly grabbing her bra straps and pulling hard till they gave, Amy was now naked and had lost the fight, Joel smiled said now for the best part, Marcus laughed said ” my little brother is going to get some white pussy” Amy looked up said ” no he cant” Marcus smiled said ” you know the rules now spread those legs and let him in” Amy laughed said ” but” Marcus said ” your about to be fucked by my little brother” Joel undid his jeans let his solid dick out, Amy looked at it was surprised at the size, Amy said oh fuck and parted her legs Joel got down and was soon pushing his 7 inch dick into Amy’s love tube and start thrusting in and out after 10 minutes Amy climaxed then shortly after felt Joel dry cum. soon after Joel got off Amy did his jeans up thumped the air saying yes I had white pussy and made her cum, and went off, Amy stood up Marcus said ” you got great tits” smiled then added I should have wrestled you, Amy saw the bulge in Marcus’s joggers. Marcus smiled asked Amy if she wanted it and pulled his dick out, Amy looked said ” fucking hell that is massive” looked at Marcus and lay back on the ground parting her legs as she did, Marcus went down and was soon sliding his 10 inch monster into Amy’s willing love tube making her groan as he did, after 20 minutes Amy had climaxed multiple times before Marcus squirted his cum over her body, after 10 minutes Amy dressed the couple sat talking awhile before Marcus left, a few minutes after he was gone, Mark appeared he smiled said ” seeing you naked was great but seeing you fucked by two boys was better than a porn movie” Amy looked and asked Mark if Simon had seen it all and where was he, Mark told Amy that Simon had not seen it because after she had left he had also left and had gone back to school because it was his favourite lesson human biology  this afternoon. Mark smiled said ” he has got human biology I got a sex education lesson he then added and it was a very good one as well, Amy told him not to tell Mark anything about what he had seen, Mark smiled looked at Amy and smiled again. Amy looked at Mark said ” what’s all the big smiles for” Mark smiled and asked Amy if the sex education lesson was over for the day, Amy looked at Mark who smiled again and asked him what he meant, Mark said I would love a love blow job and a feel of your tits, Amy looked at him said you black mailing me. Mark said no but most boys would love to get hold of your tits and see what I have just been watching and even swop places with Joel and Marcus, Amy gave Mark a play full push laughed said come on then get your cock out, Amy lifted her tee shirt over her head, Mark looked at the nice boobs in front of him rubbed his hands together then started to gently rub Amy’s boobs then after a few minutes stood undid his trousers, Amy looked at Mark’s throbbing dick then started sucking it much to the deep pleasure of Mark who after 5 minutes squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth, after Mark was gone Amy lowered her tee shirt thinking of the 2 black dicks that had not long ago had, thinking I will have to get Marcus again.