My friend’s mom taking a nap

Hey guys my name is Brad and I’m 18 years old. So, at the time of this story I was younger. I had a big foot fetish since I was a kid.

So, I was spending the holidays at my friend’s place. We were really close friends. I’m his family there was his mom, dad and elder sister.

One day, he was gone with his dad for some shopping and sister was out with her friends. So, I was alone with his mom at his place. I was on my phone watching some videos on youtube when suddenly I started feeling horny. So, I started watching some porn but that was not enough for me.

I was walking around the house when I saw my friend’s mom taking a nap. I always thought that she was beautiful. She was in her mid 30 and resembled the actress Rosie HW.

I had a big foot fetish. I couldn’t resist those perfect feet of hers and her toenails were in white. Knowing that she was a deep sleeper, I went to her feet and just started touching them lightly. After some times I couldn’t hold myself and started kissing her feet. Then I was sucking on all her toes and sole. I then popped my dick out and lifted one of her feet. I pressed my dick against her soles and started thrusting my dick on her soles. Afterwards I grabbed both of her feet and thrusted my dick in between her arches. At that point it didn’t take long before I blew my load on her feet.

Then, I noticed she was waking up so I couldn’t do anything. So, I left her feet like that. And I think she knew what happened because from that day she always looks and talks with me like a horny woman and sometimes touch me intentionally with her feet.

I will keep you guys updated if anything else happens during the holidays. My friend’s sister is so sexy. I am thinking of going into her room late at night and play with her body.

Thanks for reading and tell me in the comments what should I do.