Brother my lover 2

I returned home from school. I was feeling super horny. My hormones racing. I knew Rich would be home.

I wore a short red and black pleated skirt white blouse and black stockings. My school uniform really. I dumped my bag in my room and walked outside to his sleepout. His car in the driveway. As O walked past the bathroom window I heard the shower turn on. Good timing I thought.

The sliding door was unlocked. I walked in his lounge and listened as the shower door closed. There was like of washing on the couch. I pulled out a red G String. His girlfriend’s. A assortment of her underwear and bras some clothes.

I walked into the bedroom. He hasn’t seen me naked yet. I wanted it to change. I listened to him in the shower. ” Just me. ” I said
” Sis ” he said as I walked in the bathroom.
” Hi ” I said sitting on the vanity seeing him through the glass door.
” How’s ya day ” he asked.
” Good ” I said.
” Come for play ” he asked.
I stood up opening the door watching him shower. His cock hard.
” Yeh ” I said smiling at him. I then stepped into the shower fully clothed and closed the door. The water wetting my clothes. My black bra now totally visible through my white blouse. I grabbed his cock and played with it. He held my hips as I kissed his chest. I the knelt down taking his cock into my mouth. I sucked up and down his shaft caressing his balls as I then licked his knob and down his shaft. I flicked his knob with my tongue then stroked his shaft as I sucked him.
” Oh Fuck ” he said holding my head. ” Cant believe my 16 yr old sister is in the shower with me sucking my cock. ” He said. He felt himself build up. She had taken his load before. She liked it. He relaxed and blew. He filled her mouth with semen. She licked and sucked it up and kissed his knob. She stood up.
” Nice ” she said
” They say practice makes perfect. The way you suck cock your a natural. ”
” Thanks ” she said kissing his lips. His hands on her hips. She grabbed his hand sliding it up her body to her breast.
” Cara ” he said feeling her breast.
” Fuck me ” she said ” I’m a virgin. ”
” Serious. I’m your 25 yr old brother. ”
” Even better to pop my cherry. ” she said kissing his lips. He admired the black bra under her blouse. Her erect nipples visible through the fabric. He caressed her breast. He slid a hand down to her arse under her skirt feeling her stockings the lifted it back to her blouse. He started undoing her buttons . . Each button revealing more of his sisters cleavage. He kissed down her neck to her breasts pushing her blouse off her shoulders dropping it to the floor of the shower. He kissed her cleavage and sucked the hard nipples poking through the lacy fabric. He unclipped her bra pulling it of her c Cup breasts falling out. He admired his sisters breasts caressing them and fondling them kissing and sucking them.
” Nice tits Sis ” he said
” Thanks ” she said smiling.
He unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the shower base. Then her stockings and knickers she pulled then off with his help dropping then to the base of the shower. She felt his hard cock on her stomach as they hugged kissed and fondled.
Rich turned off the shower. They got out and dried off. She lay naked on the bed Rich stood in front of her admiring his Sisters naked body. He knelt between her open legs straddling her kissing her lips fondling her breasts. He slid his hand to her groin rubbing her hairless pussy circling her clit.
” Sure you want your 25 yr old brother popping your cherry? ” He said.
” Yes ” she said as her ran his fingers down her pussy.
” I am 9 yrs older ” he said.
” Even better ” she said. He kissed down her neck to her breasts fondling and sucking them as her rubbed her clit. She groaned as her kissed down her stomach to her pussy. Circling her clit with his tongue pushing hard into her tasting her virgin juices. He slid a finger into her moist pussy sliding it in and out as he licked and sucked her virgin pussy. She groaned as he licked she fondled her breasts.

Rich got up into a 69 as he lay beside her she grabbed his cock and sucked it as he continued on her pussy. She bent her leg as he licked her pussy lips and clit. His arm under her thigh leaning on it with his fingers inside her. His other hand caressing her breasts. She licked and sucked his cock.

He then got up between her legs. He stood up pulled her to the edge of the bed he grabbed his cock rubbing his knob over her clit and up and down her pussy. He smiled as he circled her vagina opening with his knob admiring her virgin pussy lips and clit as he slowly pushed his cock inside her. She groaned and felt the pain for a bit as he slowly thrust her in and out. He watched his cock slid in and out of his young sisters wet juicy pussy.
” Fuck that’s good ” she said.
” Good ” he said opening her legs thrusting her. He admired her body her young body. Her breasts her pussy. He was fucking her . His sister . His 16 yr old Sister. He was 25. If there parents found out.

He stood there speeding up inside her listening to her groan as her watched his cock in her thrusting her. He lifted her legs. Her ankles on his shoulders. His cock thrusting her. He held her ankles. Her breasts bouncing. Her head back been fucked for the first time. She felt his cock inside her. She had wanted this for a long time. She never thought it would be her brother. Her boyfriend would be so jealous. Her brothers girlfriend would. Would this be a one off with him. She was enjoying her brother. His experience.

Rich withdrew.
” Get on top ” he said. He lay down she straddled him. She grabbed his cock sliding down his shaft her hands on his chest she rode him up and down he sat up caressing and sucking her breasts and kissed her lips. He lay down as she rode him. She started groaning more and let go as she orgasmed. Rich thrust her. Thrusting up into her as she groaned. A while later he cum shooting up inside her filling her pussy with her juices.

They got up and showered together. After getting out and they got dried. She hugged him.
” I have a problem ” she said.
” What ? ” he asked.
” My school uniform is wet. I can get to the house or the neighbours will get suspicious. Could you go into my room get my spare uniform. There’s new stockings in my second drawer down. Put my clothes in a bag. ”
” Yes ” he said he got dressed and went across the lawn to the house. Once in his sisters room he put her spare skirt and blouse in a bag. In her top drawer he pulled out a pair of underwear. He looked at he other underwear as well and a bra. He got a hard on as he rummaged through her drawers getting her stockings out of the second drawer. He was about to leave when he saw her washing pile. He found used underwear. He picked it up putting it to his nose sniffing it smelling her pussy juices.
” Pervert ” he said to himself.

Cara walked naked to the washing pile finding his girlfriend’s underwear a red G-string she slipped her feet into it pulling it up she looked on finding a matching bra. She put it on but it was a bit small her breasts not fitting in properly just then Rich walked in the room.
” Shit ” he said seeing his Sister in his girlfriend’s underwear.
” Bras a bit small ” Cara said ” My tits are bigger. ”
” They are ” He said handing her the bag. She pulled out the uniform. She took off the bra. She was about to take off the underwear. ” Leave them on ” he said. ” Its sexy you wearing my girlfriends underwear.
” Ok ” she said as he walked over to her feeling her breasts and kissed her lips. He slid his hand down onto her arse cheeks rubbing them. ” Maybe later ” she said. She took out her new stockings putting them on. Rich sat watching her dress. She put on her white lacy bra. Her skirt and blouse then her shoes. She lifted her skirt standing in front of her brother. The red G String visible through the fabric.
” Nice ” he said she sat on his knee kissing him.
” I enjoyed fucking you ” she said he slid his hand up her thigh.
” Me to ” he said. She got up and left walking into her room and lay down.

” Fuck ” she said out loud.


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