Dirty talking climax

She opened the door quickly after he had knocked and smiled welcomingly. Her white dress that barely covered her thighs was beautiful. He closed the door behind him, and she turned around, giving her nice black hair a swing, walking slowly back into the open kitchen where she was preparing dinner. He followed her, watching her unbelievable ass, as it swung in the rhythm of her steps. She picked up where she had stopped to open the door, stirring the risotto she was going to serve for dinner. He put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered, and she threw her head back and smiled. Then he put one hand on her right thigh, and slowly moved upwards, under her dress, noticing to his surprise that she was completely naked underneath. “Wow, you are basically cooking naked!” he said. “Well, I expected you, so…,” she replied. He moved upwards, now with both hands, slowly going over her belly, reaching her perfectly formed breasts. He put both hands on those tits. “Mmmhh,” she moaned, “it is difficult to cook like this.” He just laughed and pressed his hips against her beautiful tiny ass. Her nipples were rock hard. “I feel something hard at my ass,” she laughed. “That is caused by those beautiful tits of yours,” he said. Then his right hand made his way back down her body, reaching for the most beautiful place between her legs. He stroke quickly over her labium, and then he pressed his middle finger on her vagina for a few seconds, not entering, just putting the top of his finger in, only to retract it again at the same moment which caused her a quick deep moaning. “You are really ready,” he said directly into her ear and put the finger that was in her vagina just a second ago into her mouth. She sucked on his finger and said: “Yeah, I am so wet! I really want your cock, oh my God!” “What do you want to do with my cock?” “I want to taste it. I want to feel it in my mouth. I want it inside me.” He responded by petting her vulva again. She bit her lips and her breathing got heavier. She turned her head and said: “Please, can I suck your cock? Let me suck it!” He kissed her and opened his pants. She turned around, looked at him and whispered: “I am going to put your cock in my mouth!” Then she slowly went down on her knees, thereby fixing him with her big eyes which displayed utmost arousal and the determination to fill her mouth with his cock. His pants were down, exposing a big, hard, pulsating cock. She was still looking at him, with that horny expression on her face, signaling that she was ready to give him oral pleasure that she might enjoy more that he would, his cock only an inch away from her mouth that was slightly open. She then moved her head forward, wrapped her lips around his forehead and closed her eyes as soon as she felt his cock inside her mouth. Her saliva made his cock wet instantly, and she moaned “mmmhh” while taking a deep breath through her nose, prove of the intense oral pleasure which gave her his cock in her mouth. “Uh, you can´t believe how good that feels,” he said. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and said: “My God, I am so cock hungry! Your cock feels so good!” Then she closed her lips again around his cock, this time letting it deeper into her mouth. She sucked on it a few seconds and then slowly let his cock slip out of her mouth, causing it to flip upwards like a spring when it popped out of her mouth. She shook her head, laughed and made a strange sound. “Aaahhhh! That is so good, your cock in my mouth!” “You can have more of that, if you want,” he replied and she put his cock back in her mouth before he had finished that sentence, sucking it as if her life depended on it. After some time she had to take a quick break to grasp some air, and when she was about to continue sucking, he said: “No, wait!”. She stopped, her mouth open, her tongue touching the tip of his cock. She looked up to him, waiting for some more information. “I want to put my dick into your pussy now,” he said. “You must be so wet now, I want to fuck you now!” She smiled and got up, put her hands on his face, kissed him, and said: “Ok, fuck me!” He quickly turned her around and lifted her dress. In anticipation of his cock entering her from behind she leaned a bit forward. She looked at the half cooked dinner and while she was briefly thinking that she would have to finish cooking later, his cock slid into her wet vagina like a knife goes through butter. She moaned loudly as his cocked had entered surprisingly quickly and stuck now deep in her pussy. He started to pound her, stuck his big dick as deep into her pussy as possible. “Oohh, this is so good,” she said between two heavy breaths. “There is nothing better than to have my cock in your wet pussy,” he said and continued to fuck her with ever increasing speed. She was so horny and his cock gave her so much pleasure that it was difficult for her to say anything between her heavy breathing and moaning. “Aahhh, this is so good! Yeah, fuck me!” she said. And then again: “Aaaaahhh!” She was pressed against the kitchen while his cock ruthlessly went in and out and in and out of her pussy. “I am going to cum! Ah, yeah, fuck!” she shouted. “Aaahhh, fuck, I am cumming!” She let out a short cry when orgasm finally hit her: “Ah!” Then at the height of her climax she shouted out louder and louder “aaaaaaahhhhh!” her eyes closed, her mouth wide open. When she was done, she immediately turned around, facing him, and said: “Now I want to taste your sperm!” She was quickly down on her knees again, wrapped her hand around his cock which was wet from her pussy juice. She started to rob his cock, her mouth open, looking up to him in expectation of a big load of cum. She increased her pace and licked the the tip of his cock while constantly looking at him. “I so fucking want your cum! Come on! I want your cum in my mouth!” She continued stroking him, and as his breathing got heavier she knew that he was about to explode. “It´s coming soon,” he said while moaning, “I am almost there. Just a little bit more.” He threw his head back. “Yeah, now! Ooohhhh!” A long string of sperm shot out of the tip of his cock. She perceived that shot like in slow motion, tried to follow that beautiful stream of semen which landed half on her hair and half on her face. She quickly put his forehead into her mouth to catch his second shot because she so desperately wanted to feel his sperm in her mouth but she didn’t make it quite. His second shot came out of the top just when she had reached it with her lips, causing the sperm to splash onto her lips and dropping from there onto the kitchen floor. She opened her mouth and closed her lips around his cock and another load of sperm filled her mouth, causing her to moan in ecstasy as she slowly moved his cock out of her mouth, closing her lips so that she could taste the sperm in her mouth and on her tongue. Then she stood up. She looked at him and swallowed the rest of his cum with a big smile. “I need to finish dinner now. But afterwards, maybe, you could fuck me in the ass….,” she said with an innocent look on her face.