The Picnic

I remember the long holidays of summers past. Daska and I decided to have a pic-knick at the week end. I told her we could go to Bradgate Park for the day, we could walk from my house to there. She asked if there was somewhere away from the crowds of people that went there on week ends. I told her yes there was a place half way where no one went.

When we met later on in the week she told me her twin sister Edwina had parted from her boyfriend Paul and could she come with us, to get her away from her parents? I saw no reason why not but they could bring the food. I liked Paul he was a good laugh when we went out together.

When Saturday came it was a beautiful day. I picked them up, they had little summer dresses on with sensible light weight walking shoes. We had loads of food in two big bags, enough to last all day. I had a large blanket in the car and a little picnic stove. We left the car at my home and walked down the public footpath that went to Newton Linford. I knew of a nice spiny in the middle of a wood were we used to play as kids, there was an old Oak tree in the middle that had a low branch protruding at right angles about one meter from the ground. When we where kids we played games around it and the losers ended being tied to it when they got court and things like that, we called the place Dragon Island.

When we got there we set the blanket down and started our picnic, it was good the three of us chatting and having good fun some a bit close to the bone, the problem was they bought a bottle of red wine and it went straight to my head, they were OK because they where used to it but not me.

After we had eaten I think it was Daska that suggested I take my top off and relax while they put the things to one side, so we could all lay down on the blanket. They slipped their dresses off and just had their bra’s and pants on. I lay on one side next to Daska and We chatted, after a while I could feel myself getting drowsy. I closed my eyes and drifted away listening to the voices of the girls.

I was woken by a tugging at my trousers. Opening my eyes I realised they where trying to get them off, somehow they had got my shoes and socks off. When they saw me they both started to laugh. I asked them what they thought they were doing. The conversation went something like. “Edwina has not seen your dick so we thought we would have a look”.
“Have you seen Paul’s”? I asked Daska.
“Well I did have a look when we played coming back from Melton”. So I lifted my back and let them pull my pants of, then my under pants. That made me CFNM. They both sat there inspecting me and obviously I started to get hard to their amusement. They were both making naughty comments, and to be honest I was enjoying myself. Daska moved up to me and started to kiss me and I felt a hand just lightly flicking the end.

Daska then slowly moved her hand down my body and stroked my balls, Edwina started to tug me. I tried to tell them to stop because I would be coming but Daska kissed me hard and would not let me get up. Pretty soon I was past the point of no return and could not hold back. They both sat looking at me shoot and made remarks about my cum on my stomach and chest. They both kissed me and I said that I should clean up and get dressed. The answer was no, so I was naked for them all the rest of the afternoon.

After a while I made a brew while they went off for a pee, in that time I cleaned myself up a bit.
When they came back we had tea and they asked me about the games we played there when we were kids, I told them what used to happen. All afternoon they would be tweaking my balls or grab my dick.

When it started to get cooler I suggested we make a move and unbeknown to me they had taken my cloths into the wood so I had to go nude and find them. When we got home my sister wanted me to baby sit for her so we went over to her al Leicester Forrest East. As soon as she had gone out it started again.