My British friend

Hi friends your Jaleel again with own story of fucking a British girl.

After returning from India I worked as a paratha maker and my work place is at the footpath of the restaurant, overlooking the opposite of the road there is a newspaper office and there is a young British girl around 24 years old. One day while I was at the table getting ready to start my work the girl was coming out of the steps of her office, she was wearing t-shirt and frock which is up to her knees. I happened to look to the steps of her office saw her coming down the steps, as she was not wearing bra I could see her boobs bouncing, she was coming to me and asked me what are you doing. I was so frightened that I thought she was angry for me ogling her boobs so I didn’t answer her, she showed me the wheat flour on the table and asked again. I said making paratha, is it ready, no, how long will it take to be ready, I need one more hour to start making it. Then she wanted to see the kitchen, after taking permission from the boss I took her to the kitchen, looking at the cook making food she thanked the boss then asked to see our room. I took her to the room, while going up the stairs she asked is anybody in the room now, I said no. Once inside the room she asked me you were looking at my boobs, I said sorry, no need to be sorry, then I said as you were not wearing bra it was bouncing so I looked, did you like it, I only saw the t-shirt bouncing, do want to see, yes please. She pulled her t-shirt a bit up and I saw her boobs, can I touch it I asked her, it was bigger than I thought. Then she told me to suck it, I sucked just a second, she said you don’t like my boobs. I said I’m afraid my boss might come up. Then we came down, she asked me about my free time, I said every day from 9AM to 5PM I am free. She said next Sunday we can meet, she told me to wait at a certain place. That Sunday she took me to her house by her car, she was driving so fast. Her house was a three bedroom flat, one for parents one for her one for her younger sister who is sixteen years old. The parents and sister are out, she said even if they come no problem. She took some whisky out we had some then both became naked. I started at her boobs then navel ear lobs, I pinched the nipple sucked the nipple. She is hot, I went to her pussy it was clean shaved, she took me 69 started to suck me and I licked her pussy ass, she liked it very very much when I licked her ass hole at the same time I finger fucked her pussy. Slowly I entered one finger of the other hand in her ass hole, that moment she had her orgasm, there was plenty of it pulling out of her pussy. I offered my fingers for her to suck and she licked my fingers clean of her juices. I also came and she swallowed it all then I asked her is it ok if I stay here tonight.