The explosion

It was early morning Abdul was delivering the papers with his sister who was a couple of years younger than him. At the shop there had been talk of the explosion at the chemical factory during the night followed by a warning for light skinned residents to keep doors and windows closed and to stay indoors. As a Bengali Abdul knew he would not be affected by any chemicals that were in the air. As he approached one house he saw Steve the 18 year old racist thug in the kitchen totally naked, Abdul called his sister pointed Steve out to her, she said “wow I can see his dick” Abdul put the paper through the letter box, as he left he had to pull his sister away. After delivering a few more papers Abdul approached Amy’s house and saw her in the kitchen also naked her large boobs on full show, after putting the paper through the door he took one final look at Amy as he left. At the next house he saw Mandy who at 16 years old was a couple of years older than he was laying on the table with the man from next door to her banging away into her, at the next house he saw 17 year old Mark stood naked jerking off his sister stood watching as he put the paper through the door, out in the street he saw one of his mates who said “what the fuck is going on all the white people are naked” Abdul replied “it must be the chemical” his mate said “fuck look it is the mouthy bitch” Abdul looked and saw Karen who was the same age as his sister walking along with her mum both were naked, Abdul looked at Karen saw she was flat chested with a smooth slit, Karen walked up to Abdul’s mate while her mum walked on, Abdul watched in disbelief as  Karen undid his mates trousers pull his dick out and start to suck it. Abdul walked on saw a naked 16 year old Mark with a full erection being jerked by his neighbour’s daughter who had only just started big school, he got to the house where 16 year old Kim the mouthiest girl from the estate lived as he went in the garden he saw her boyfriend Gary kneeling naked in the garden while one of the local gay boys pounded into his backside, Abdul saw Kim in the house naked with the door open, she was rubbing her hairy pussy, Abdul stood watching, Kim stopped rubbing looked at Abdul said “fuck me” Abdul went in and was soon banging away into the pussy of a girl a couple of years older than he was, after he was finished he went out to see his sister jerking Colin from his class at school, he left her went back to the shop where he saw a lot of naked white girls and boys from his school most were engaged in sex with Bengali’s he even saw his 86 year old granddad banging a girl from his class. After a few hours planes flew over head spraying water as they went. Soon the white community started to get back to normal suddenly finding themselves naked not remembering how they got like they were or what had happened, The Bengali community never forgot what happened and talked about it for ages after.