Welcome Home

Noel was a fifty six year old Nigerian man who had just been released from prison after serving a twenty five year prison sentence for sex offences mainly against underage kids. Noel walked down the street of the town where he had lived before going to prison, as he walked Noel got a lot of dirty looks from people who remembered him and what he done a few residents shouted abuse at him and one lady went up to him and spat in his face, Noel was used to the abuse he had got plenty and worse in prison so just walked on, One man walked up to Noel with a young girl and told Noel that the girl was Susie his twelve year old daughter and if Noel touched her he would kill him, Noel side stepped the pair and carried on walking. Noel arrived at the house that his family had owned for eighty years and where he had been born. Noel let himself into the empty house and was pleased to see that his probation officer had got the supplies in that Noel had asked and paid for. After having a long soak in the bath tub Noel made himself something to eat and while eating saw the lady who lived next door and had been friendly towards him walking along his garden path, Noel opened the door and got a friendly greeting from the lady who he always called Mrs J. Mrs J sat talking with Noel while talking two girls appeared Mrs. J. introduced the two girls as her sixteen year old daughter Amy and Amy’s best friend Tina, after a few more minutes Mrs. J left telling Noel to call for his tea the next evening. The next evening Noel was walking along the garden path of Mrs. J’s house when he got a surprise, he saw Amy through the window and saw she was wearing nothing except her skimpy underwear she had on a skimpy blue bra that showed a lot of under boob and a blue g string that showed her bare bum, Noel knocked on the door and was surprised when Amy did not run out off the kitchen and instead opened the door and let him in, once he was inside Amy said she would let her mum know he was here and walked out the room with Noel admiring her cute bum. A couple of minutes later Mrs. J. appeared and apologised to Noel saying she had been called into work but she had cooked him some tea and that the girls would look after him and after putting his tea on the table left for work. Amy walked back in the kitchen still wearing just her skimpy underwear and told Noel when he was finished to come in the lounge and watch telly, a few minutes after Amy had left Tina walked into the kitchen and Noel chocked on his food when he saw that Tina was topless wearing just a skimpy pair of panties, Noel looked in awe at the naked ample naked boobs of the sixteen year old white girl and smiled, Tina got a drink and left again, after finishing his food Noel went into the lounge as he walked in he saw both Amy and Tina laying on the floor completely naked, Noel stood looking at the two girls and when Tina got up went to Noel and said come on in we are both waiting to sample that black cock of yours and rubbed his crutch, then looked at Amy and said he has got a hard on, Amy smiled and said ” oh good I knew he would mum spiked his food with Viagra” Tina started to undo Noels shirt and after a few minutes Noel was stood naked with Tina sucking his nine inch erection and after a couple of minutes Noel squirted his cum into her mouth, Tina lead Joel into the centre of the room and lay him down on the floor where both girls started to rub his body, after a few minutes Amy pulled Noel on top of herself and said ” fuck me” Noel did not need a second invite and was soon thrusting away into Amy’s love tube making her moan while he licked and sucked Tina’s erect nipples, after a few hours Noel had filled both girls mouths twice with his cum and had pounded both girls twice. Later as Noel was going back to his own house he bumped into Mrs. J who asked him if the girls had looked after him, and when Noel told her yes Mrs. J. told him things had changed round here in the last twenty five years, she also told him they were having a party the next night and that he was invited, the following night Noel saw quite a few youngsters going into Mrs. J. house and thought he had better not go to the party but a hour later Mrs J, was knocking on his door and told him if he was not in her house in the twenty minutes she would arrange for the boys to come round pick him up and carry him there then headed back to her own house, Joel went and had a wash then after locking his house went next door, after knocking on the door Joel waited for it to be opened and was surprised when a boy who looked to be about eighteen walked into the kitchen completely naked with a erection, the boy smiled said ” you must be Noel come on in” Noel walked in and when he entered the lounge saw that everybody was naked, he saw Amy on her hands and knees with a boy who he later found out was two years younger than her pounding away into her bum while she sucked the dick of another boy who looked even younger, he then saw Tina who was also on her knees and hands being pounded while she sucked another boys dick and two much younger boys playing with her boobs, he saw Mrs J laying naked on the floor with a boy who was about Tina’s age pounding into her, all round the room Noel saw lots of teens of various ages being pounded by older adults. Noel thought to himself things sure have changed round her and was soon naked pounding into a girl who looked to be a couple of years younger that Tina. The next morning Noel woke to find a naked Amy sucking his dick with a boy of about fourteen pounding into her and thought what a change.