My step-cousin

So I’m going to get right into this one, but there is a lot of leadup so let me explain that quickly.

I have the sexiest, hottest, somewhat-nerdy step-cousin that  I have been fooling around with for quite a while. She became part of the family when she was younger (like 10 years old), and we immediately had a connection. We started playing this “doctor” game while we were alone in one of our bedrooms, or even in the family room if we had the house to ourselves. I would play the doctor, lay her down on a couch or bed, and give her massages and sensually suck her small, yet perky, pre-teen tits. We were both the same age and didn’t fully know what sex, or even anything sexual, was, so we were just fooling around and figured out it felt good. As we got into our very early teens, I started to get harder while messing around with her.

One night I was sleeping over, and we both couldn’t sleep. We noticed that we were both awake, and silently walked to the door in her room that connected to a bathroom. There was a little bit of moonlight shining through so we could see each other. I brushed my hand on her tits and she whispered, “Ohh, that feels so good.” We sloppily made out and she noticed that I was getting hard. She hadn’t seen my naked penis before, so she whispered in my ear while kissing my neck, “I’ll show you my private area if you show me yours…”. So I pulled my already rock hard boner out of my thin boxers and showed her it. I pulled back my foreskin a little and let her touch the tip. She was biting her lip a little as I was pulling down her loose pajama shorts, and once they were down, she used two fingers to separate her vagina lips. It was so sexy. She asked to lick my tip, and said yes, but carefully. She just gave it a little taste, as more would come in later years.

I had still never orgasmed at this point in life, and nor had she, so only in the later years we realized what we could really do, so we both went back to bed and had the best sleeps of our lives.

I would love to write more about our future exploration, which got even more sexual once we knew we could orgasm. For example, I fingered her once while we were watching “Inside Out” with a few of my cousins. I can tell that story if you want me to, just let me know 😉