How I made the School’s Nerd my Pet Pt.1

Before beginning the story I would like to introduce myself… Hi my name is Jake, I study in Pittsburg High, I am the captain of the football team and an athlete. I am average in studies but mostly I manage not to fail. I am black in ethnicity and the son of the school coach. I am a dominant person in bed whether it’s a girl or boy in the bed. I am openly bi ( Note: I only like to fuck not have a dick in me myself, plus there is a certain group of guys I like to fuck, like- sissies, cds, submissive ). This is a story of how I fucked the Nerd in my class ( made him to submit to me and worship me ) and also his whole family.

It all started with a small incident in the school hallway. As me and my friends were going to the gym I happen to collide with the nerd ( Troy ). Troy was a perfect nerd – Always attending all the classes, Girls used him for notes and assignments, no physical strength. I knew him from when we were young plus I had fucked her sister on various school parties. I had an eye for him as he was a perfect match for the type of guys I like to dominate and fuck. He was petite, pale white, had silky mid length hair and I knew he was a born submissive ( I have intimidated him before ). I wanted to fuck him before but as he was not gay or even bi I could not…. I would have used force earlier but at that time I was fucking her sister and to respect her I did not. Now I had a perfect reason to work out my fanstasy.
“ Sorry, Sorry “ he said and was going to his class.
I went behind him and grabbed him by his collar “ Where the fuck you are going? ”.
Startled troy begin to find words “ Wait… leave me… I said I am sorry.. ”
“ You think you could just say sorry and leave ”, my friends laughing on how troy was trying his cute small hands to make me leave his collar.
“ What do u want, It was not entirely my fault? ” He said.
“ What did u just say? “ I spoke as I grabbed his hair and at that moment I knew I was getting hard. I didn’t wanted a erection before gym so I told him – “ I am getting late for the gym, meet me after school in the gym we will settle this my way ”.
Scared little Troy had no other way rather than agree with me at the moment “ Ok, Now please let go off my hair “.

After the gym session I was waiting for him to show up but as I had a feeling it was not going to happen. I started to go home as all of my friends have left and school building was closing. On my way home I saw Troy walking home. I pulled up my car next to him and said to him to hop in I would give him a ride home.
“ No, I don’t need a ride… btw my home is nearby ” he said.

“ You have two choices- either you hop in the car by yourself or I myself will throw u in the car. And I strongly recommend the first one ” I said sternly, pissed off from him not showing up in the gym.

He knew he had no choice and plus his home is nearby so he hoped in…

“ Why didn’t you showed up after school I was waiting for you in the gym ” I asked placing my hand on his thigh.
“ I was getting late and I almost forgot it until now ” he spoke getting a little uneasy with my hand on his thigh.
“ I think u are afraid of me – Are you? ”
“ No… why…. Will u please forget about the hallway thing…. It was nothing…. ” He said surely intimated now.
“ I will forget anything happened if you do as I say and if u don’t I will make sure that rest of the year is like a hell for you ” I said, knowing that I will break him.
“ What do want ” he asked
“ Lets get to your home and I will tell you “
“ Is it a assignment? “ He asked innocently.
“ Yes, you can say that ” I said smiling.

We reached his home. I parked my car and we were welcomed outside by his hot mother. I would like to tell a little about his mother ( Nancy ) – She was in her 40s and had a chubby figure… huge milk cans and a ass that jiggles… plus she was a redhead ( I fucked her too but we will get to that ).
“ Hey honey who is your friend? ” Nancy asked troy eyeing me from top to bottom.
“ Umm… he is a classmate… here for assignment ” he said.
“ Hey, come on in and call me Nancy! “ She said to me.
“ You don’t look like you are his mom, I mean u look so hot ” I said with confidence knowing that there is no way she would not like this somewhat inappropriate remark.
“ Oh!! Thank u.. Your Name? ”
“ Jake.. “
“ Well come on in you two “ she said.

We went to troy’s room. While going to the room I ogled his mom’s perfectly round ass. My hands were fighting the urge not to spank.

Upon entering troy’s room he threw his bag and offered me to sit. Acting like we are friends. Soon he was going to remember his place.
“ So, what assignment do u want me to do? ” He asked.
“ This!! ” I said as I stood up where he was sitting and showing him my 8 inches black meat.
“ What the fuck!!… Stay away from me ” he said trying to move away from the cock.
“ Suck it once and we are good, but if you don’t you will regret it the rest of the year ” I said firmly.
“ I wont do such thing, I am not a fag, I like girls ” he protested.
“ Not until now…. I know you want me I have seen u looking at me on various occasions. ” I said.
“ I don’t want you I wanted to be like you…. ” He said nervously.
“ Take my cock in your hand and start stroking it ” I said grabbing his hand and placing it on my dick.
“ Get away from me!!! “ He tried to push me away making me tumble over the chair and ultimately falling. Now he knew he made a mistake. I stood up, went near him, towering him by over a foot, grabbed him by his neck and smack!!… Hard Slap across his pale white face.. Leaving fresh red bruises.

“ Sorry…. I didn’t mean to… ” he said while on the verge of crying.
I then pushed him down on his knees… Sprung my cock near his face… and yelled ” Suck it ”.
I don’t know was it the slap or the yelling which made him grab my cock.
“ I will stroke it but please don’t make me suck it…. I cant even stand the smell… I might puke ” he said.
“ Not only you will stroke it…. You will worship this dick…. And the smell you are talking about its Real men’s Musk ” I told him knowing that I had him exactly where I wanted him.
“ Please no sucking….. ” He resisted as he stroked.
“ Open your mouth…. ” I said while grabbing his hair tightly causing him pain.
“ Please… I beg…. No ”

Smack!! He was startled with a hard slap across his face… this time more brutally. I was enjoying this so much that my cock was rock hard. I could see his eyes getting teary. He knew he had no choice – If he chooses to push me away today I would make his life in school hell and plus its only sucking… people have done worse.

Soon I could feel some warmth on my cock…. He began to suck the tip…
I will tell you guys the truth it’s was a great feeling… The feeling of being in power.. The feeling that I finally broke him… And this will go for a long time although he was unaware of this.
I grabbed his hair and pushed my cock further in his mouth.. He gasped for air..
“ I cant take any further… please.. It so big… ” he resisted.
I put my hand behind his head and forced his head further down the dick… Halfway through he was making gagging sounds… I hit the back of this throat at the halfway… I wanted more….. I further pushed his head ( he was all panting and gagging and trying to break my hold and get some air ) …. As more further I went I felt my dick going downhill in the Food pipe in the throat. That is when I had my full 8 inches shoved in his throat. I let my cock out…. Letting him breath…. I could see tears in his eyes… My full cock covered in saliva from tip to the end.

“ Did I told u to stop… ? “ I asked
“ Its enough I sucked you.. Please let me go.. ” He protested.
“ Its enough when I say its enough ” I told him while putting my cock back in his mouth and this time pumping it hard… To be honest it was the hardest pumping I ever did… Most of the time girls and fags just get to suck my cock without any objections as they love it.
“ Worship me.. Bitch ” I said as the pumping began to gain pace.
While I was making sure he was sucking me properly I took out my phone from the back pocket and recorded him sucking me like a little bitch. ( No one wants to miss the memories ).
As I was getting near a orgasm I grabbed his head and made sure he didn’t move when I cum in his mouth… I wanted him to taste my cum… superior cum… Cum that will make him mine forever…. Few pumps later I began to cum…. Strings to the hot liquid began pouring in his mouth… He tried to take his mouth away but of no use… I made sure he drank every last drop… After about a minute of draining I took my cock out… He had his mouth still half full the other half already in his tummy…. He wanted to spit it but a hard slap made sure he drank every last drop…. I wore my clothes and let him rinse his mouth and wash his face.
“ I loved the blowjob…. I will call again for more… ” I said as he came from the washroom.
“ Get the fuck out of my house… You and I are done.. Deal’s done… I sucked you.. I don’t want to see you again ” he said in anger.

“ Maybe this will change your mind ” I said as I showed him sucking my meat..
His eyes were not believing that I made a video… and to top it all he didn’t knew that while I was making… It made him question his senses ( He began thinking – How could I miss it…. Was I so much engrossed in sucking him… How could I miss while he was taking my video ) …. He knew I had the most destructive leverage against him.

“ Please delete it…. ” He pleaded.
“ I will meet you tomorrow in the school’s gym and I will be hard and you will be kneeling in front of me ” I replied paying no heed to him pleading.
“ Please I beg…. You made me suck you once… why do u want it again ” he begged.
“ I want you as my bitch… You are born fag… Tell me did you liked the taste of cum… Did u noticed that I made a video of you…. You may say that you are not a fag… maybe you don’t know it yet. ” I said knowing that I own his ass know whether he want it or not.

Saying that I left the room letting him to contemplate the act he just did and about the future…. On my way I saw his mom bent over the Kitchen sink…. I went to her..
“ Goodbye Nancy, Will see you again ” Saying while winking to her.
“ Bye Jake, next time come for dinner ” she responded laughing to my wink.
“ Sure and I like Pasta so make it when I come for dinner the next time. ” I said staring in her eyes with authority.
After that I left for home and messaged troy the video…. With a message- “ Will be waiting for you in the gym…. Don’t eat to much prior to meeting me… I don’t want you puking over my cock.. ”
He read the message and didn’t reply… I knew that he has no other way then to submit me…. I slept that night and hoped for the morning to come early…. I have a personal bitch at my will now and I was eager to play with him.