Sissy Kajal – Part 1

Hi friends,

My name is Manish Agrawal. I am a sissy. My gillie name is Kajal. My age is 18. This story is a fictional story. It is my first sex story. Please write your reviews to my gmail id.

In my family there are four members my mother Mitali Agrawal; my father Amit Agrawal, my sister Monika Agrawal and me. I start this story from my childhood. I was a brilliant student from beginning. I always get first rank in school. In primary boys were very naughty and I was a simple cute and silent boy so I was not too much friendly with boys. My all friends were girls named Parul Poonam Ekta Yogita and Avantika. In my neighborhood all boys were elder so I played with my sister and her friends Nisha and Meenal.

At the age of 12 we shifted in Jaipur from Sikar because of my father transfer. One day when I was alone I saw my sister’s school dress. I don’t know why but I think to try this dress. I don’t know about sex at that time. I wore her skirt I felt very good in this dress. After this event I wore my sister and mom bra and panty many times. One day at my rscit center I saw a boy watching nude girls images. I was surprised because I didn’t know about this. On that day I knew something about sex. After sometime I knew about sissy.

I made a fb id I met here a girl name as Saloni she was very dominating girl. She told me w=all things about sissy and said me that I want a sissy slave for me. Do you want to be. I said yes but I don’t want to disclose my identity now may be we meet late but not now. She accepted it.

She ordered me to be nude before her on video call. I did it. She said that my new name will be Kajal. We did chat many times she dominated me so much. She taught me to finger herself drink my cum. Oh I missed one thing from day 1 she told me about porn and advise me to watch sissy slave porn daily. After 6 month chat she asked me to come at her home. I said yes I want to meet her because of porn I wanted to be slave and be humiliated. I told my parents that I am going to study with my friend for 15 days because I am weak in some chapters so I want his help. They allowed me.

I went to her house. The house was like a palace. She asked me to come inside home. She was alone because her parents was on a official tour and she told her parents that she doesn’t;’t want any servant because her friend will join her and she doesn’t want any disturbance. Her parents allowed her to be alone. She said me to be nude. I became nude in less than minutes. She said me that you are my bitch you are not allow on two foots get in you bitch position. I did it. Then she said bitch Kajal lick my foot clean. She sat on sofa. I did it for more than 10 minutes after that she said that she is going to make me bitch. She gave me a cream and I applied it all over my body after 5 min I went take a bath. My body was clean no hair on my body. I felt very smooth..

She gave me pink bra and panty I wore that immediately. She gave me full pink dress. I wore that. She did y make up she gave me a wig. She filled my bra cups with her use panties. After that she took me before the mirror. I was unable to recognize myself. I was looking like a real girl.

This was initiation part of my story. All 15 days story will be in parts one part having description of one day and all will be very amazing. Please write if you want any fantasy I will include in my parts. Write your review and advise to my gmail id [email protected] Next part will come till first week of June. Please give you suggestions.