The Agency Chapter 1

If you look at the buildings you will think that they are a set of office buildings which they are kind of. When you walk in you will get directions to what is called The Agency’s offices and if you enter you will find an attractive assistant and receptionist and if you have an appointment the receptionist will ring you in and you will go into a beautiful office.

The office is wood paneled and beautiful leather furniture and a large oak desk where they will be an exceptionally attractive lady with black shoulder-length hair green eyes 5’8″ 125 lbs in her 40s wearing a skirt that comes down just above her knees a white blouse and a blazer and she has her 3″ heels under her desk which she can put on immediately when she comes around her desk. She is a woman who has a commanding presence with an air of confidence. If she comes around her desk you can sense an athleticism. Which you would be right she runs 5 miles a day and swims 3 days a week and plays volleyball and fastpitch softball.

Today a man has come in thinking he might find a sissy but what he doesn’t know is he might end up being a sissy.

He is blonde about 5’6″ 120 lbs soaking wet and she was already visualizing him.

She asked,” So tell me what kind of sissy are you seeking? What would you like to do with her.”

He nervously said,” I am not sure just that women don’t find me, man, enough to satisfy them and I think a sissy will be more accepting of me.”

She said,” Of course well, I think I have the perfect one for you. Would you like something to drink?”

He said,” Tea would be nice.”

She went to the mini-fridge and pulled out a pitcher of tea and put a small pill in it and put a lemon in it and a little sugar and a couple of cubes. She stirred it thoroughly and handed him the glass.

He drank it down and 5 minutes later he nodded off and she went to check and was satisfied that he was thoroughly asleep.

She pushed the button on the phone and buzzed the assistant and said,” Can you please send the 2 men here please.”

The receptionist said,” Certainly.”

Five minutes later athletic looking men came in and she said,” OK I want you to bring this one with me please.”

One of them said,” Heck I could handle him myself.”

She said,” I am sure you can but I want this one to be handled with care.”

He said,” OK.”

One man lifted his shoulders and the other one picked up his legs and they followed her to a darkened room with a water tank.

They stripped him naked and one of the men said,” He definitely is a pretty little thing isn’t he.”

She said,” Yes he is and let’s put him in the tank and hook up the straps on his arms and legs.”

After putting him in the sensory deprivation tank and closing it they quietly left the room.

She put on relaxing music that was piped into the tank but was subliminal messages telling him how good of a sissy he was. Telling him when is with a real man how his body would tingle.

She had him in the sensory deprivation tank for a good 1 1/2 hours and he was dreaming about being with a man while those messages were being played.

When she saw the time she dressed him and then had the 2 men pick him up and take him back to her office and sit him down in the chair fully dressed.

She whispered in his ear,” When you hear the word heels you will come to me for further instructions and you will not be able to resist do you understand? If so say yes Mistress.”

He said,” Yes Mistress.”

He slowly woke up and he blinked twice.

She said,” Oh my you fainted I had a nurse look at you and you are fine but I would suggest that you stay there for a little while longer. Now, there is a perfect one for you it is she just doesn’t know it yet.”

He smiled and said,” It must have been that project I have been working on I guess I got less sleep than I thought.”

She said,” I understand and how is your progress?”

He said,” Oh, we just finished.”

She looked into his eyes and said,” Oh, you look good, you are good to leave. We will contact you to set you up with her.”

He said,” Thank you.”

After he left she said,” Jennifer his word is heels use that word if you call him.”

She wrote that word down on a pad and put it in the drawer and asked,” Would you like to call him tonight?”

She smiled and said,” No, let’s give him a couple of days to let those messages marinate in his subconscious because if we are too impatient we will chase him off.”

She asked,” Do you think he is really the candidate we are looking for?”

Mary Roberts smiled and said,” Yes, oh do we have any more appointments?”

The little man is Mark Andrews and he arrived home and he has been feeling so strange since he arrived home.

He felt almost effeminate though he was small he never felt really effeminate though he wasn’t really masculine. He also felt like he kept seeing images seemed kind of out of focus but was really strange. What he didn’t know was the sensory deprivation tank and the subliminal messages were starting to take effect in his mind and was you can say was rewiring his brain. He fixed dinner was making lamb chops, a baked potato, and some green beans.

After about an hour and a half, he was dishing up a lamb chop baked potato and some green beans and got himself some milk.

He ate dinner and after eating his fill he put the leftovers in the refrigerator when there was a knock on the door.

He opened it and he saw it was a receptionist and she smiled and said,” Oh Miss Roberts said after that stressful project you might like this c.d. It has wonderful ambient music to help you relax do you have a cd player?”

He said,” Yes yes I do.”

She said,” Good, put this on when you go to bed tonight I play the ambient music myself when I had a really particularly stressful day.”

He said,” I will do it.”

She smiled and said,’ Ta Ta.”

He closed the door and looked at the cd then put it in his room and finished up cleaning the kitchen. What he didn’t know was that cd with the ambient music had the subliminal messages which his brain heard when he was in the sensory deprivation tank.

When Jennifer got to her car she got out her cell phone and called Mary Roberts.

Mary asked,” Did you give him the cd with the instructions?”

Jennifer said,” I did, I told him to put it on as he went to bed.”

She said,” Good those messages will work really well as he is sleeping hopefully he will play it night after night when he sleeps the submliminal message said to do it but sometimes they don’t.”

Jennifer said,” I play my cd when I need to sleep.”

Mary laughed and said,” Yours just tells you to relax over and over.”

Jennifer said,” You put subliminal messages on mine?”

Mary said,” Relax I have the same message on mine.’

Jennifer laughed and said,” I am sorry for being paranoid after the job we have done on previous sissies.”

Mary laughed and said,” I understand those are girls who think they are men. It is so effective without physical abuse. Is he looking out the window at you?”

Jennifer said,” No, I can start walking towards my car.”

Mary said,” Good, I know that one we lost was overly paranoid when he accidentally saw you on the phone with me but I learned we have to be really careful.”

Jennifer said,” Wow, was he flaky. He was a conspiracy theorist. I am almost to my car and will be heading home. Yes, I am more cautious and he didn’t see me.”

Mary said,” Good I will see you tomorrow.”

Mark didn’t look out the window he finished eating thinking about his appointment wondering if he did accidentally fall asleep in the chair. He shook his head and he was in the chair when he woke up and nothing was out of order with his clothes. After eating he cleaned up and sat down to watch tv.

Around 10 he got ready for bed then he remembered to get the cd. He was dressed for bed and he put the cd in the cd player and the music started playing he found it very relaxing.

He got into bed and turned out the light and what he didn’t realize was the reprogramming was continuing with the subliminal messages about what kind of a pretty sissy he was. How she needs pretty new clothes and saying it over and over.