Party Time

Sixteen year old Abdul watched as his sister Oma who was six years younger than what he was danced with her friends in the back garden of the house where they lived, it was Oma’s birthday and a few of her classmates from the school she attended was helping Oma celebrate her birthday. Abdul looked towards the house of his neighbours and saw Mark who was two years younger than what he was standing naked in the lounge of the house, Mark was stood with his back to the window, Abdul smiled and called his little sister over and when she got to him Abdul pointed to Mark saying ” look at that” Oma looked in the direction smiled as she saw Mark and said ” oh yeah” as they looked Mark slowly turned as he did he was talking into his phone, when Oma saw Mark’s five inch dick hanging down in front of him she said ” Cor” Abdul said to her ” how is that a white cock for you to look at” Oma called her friends over and soon there was a group of young Bengali girls watching the naked Mark and admiring the sight of his dick as he spoke into his phone. After a few minutes Mark put his phone down stretched and left the room. The girls went back to enjoying the ice cream and fruit and dancing, after half a hour Oma saw Mark leave his house and said to him ” thanks for the birthday present” Mark looked at her and said ” what you on about you stupid bitch I gave you no present and nor would I ” Oma walked away laughing, over the next hour Oma’s friend slowly left the party and went home leaving just Abdul and Oma, Oma was inside the house when Abdul saw Mark’s brother Steve who was sixteen enter the lounge of his house, Abdul saw that just like Mark Steve was naked but with a seven inch dick hanging down in front of him, Abdul quickly called Oma who was soon stood beside her brother staring at the naked Steve, Oma was looking eyes wide she said ” wow his cock is much bigger than what his brothers is” Steve knew that he was alone in the house and did not know that Abdul and his little sister were watching him so when his dick started to twitch he was not worried and when it started to stiffen he made no attempt to hide it and was soon standing naked with a nine inch erection that was sticking up like a mini flag pole. Abdul smiled looked at his sister who was staring at Steve wide eyed and mouth open, and said to her ” how is that for a birthday present a naked white racist thug with a fucking hard cock” Oma said back to her brother ” yeah it is massive and I like it” after a few minutes Steve left the lounge and went up stairs where he got dressed and not long after dressing he left the house, as he walked down the garden path Steve saw Abdul and his kid sister looking at him and as he started to pass them Abdul said ” Oi you fucking pervert what you showing her your fucking cock for” Steve stopped looked and asked Abdul what he was on about, Abdul replied saying that he and his sister had seen in in his lounge completely naked and with a hard on, he then showed Steve the film of him in his lounge, Steve went red in the face and said ” I did not know you could see” Abdul pointed out that in the phone footage Steve was facing the window and must have seen them, Steve stood not knowing what to say, Abdul said ” your a fucking pervert wait till your mates hear about this and see the footage” Steve said to Abdul ” you cant tell anyone it was accidental” Abdul smiled and told Steve he was finished and when the police found out he would be nicked, Steve begged Abdul not to tell and asked him how much to keep quite and destroy the film, Abdul told Steve that Oma had enjoyed seeing his cock and wanted more, Steve knew that his was beaten and would have to do what Abdul said and tucked his thumbs into the waist band of his joggers, Abdul looked smiled realising he had Steve where he wanted him and that Steve would do what he wanted him to do, Abdul said to Steve ” not here you fucking pervert come into our house” Steve followed Abdul and his sister into their house and once in the lounge Abdul told Steve to get all his clothes off, Steve looked at the pair then slowly undressed once he was naked Oma stared at his dick and said ” yeah a close up view of a white cock” Oma stood looking at Steve’s dick and after a couple of minutes had a big smile on her face as she saw Steve’s dick start to move and after a short while Steve’s dick was fully erect, Abdul said to Steve ” knew you were a pervert you got a fucking hard on and all she is doing is looking” Abdul told Steve to lay on the floor and after doing as he had been told to do Abdul smiled at Oma and said to her ” go on you can play with” Oma knelt down on the floor beside Steve reached out and took Steve’s dick in her hand and started to slowly stroke it smiling as she did, Steve cringed when he felt Oma’s warm hand wrap round his solid dick and start to stroke it, Oma was happy that she had learnt what to do with boys by looking at the porn film her friends brother had, Oma knelt stroking the dick of the naked white boy and enjoying it, as she stroked Oma started getting faster and Abdul heard Steve’s breathing get heavier, after ten minutes Steve muttered ” for fuck sake make her stop” Oma carried on stroking and after another minute Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts as he did Oma said ” wow look at that” Abdul looked down at Steve said to him ” how is that made to spunk off by a kid” twenty minutes later Steve was inside his own house hardly believing that he had just been jerked off by a little kid. Half hour later Steve looked out the window and saw his brother Mark talking with Abdul and looking at his phone, Steve watched as Mark followed Abdul and Oma into their house and realised that Abdul must have caught Mark as well, Inside the house Mark was laying naked on the floor while Oma stroked his seven inch erection and when Mark had squirted his cum in three spurts Oma said ” yeah two white cocks in one day” as Mark walked back to his house like his brother he could hardly believe what had happened. Oma was washing her hands saying to her brother ” best birthday ever” Abdul looked at his sister and said” yeah and they are there when ever you want to play with them and you will have to let your friends play with them as well.