The Shelter

At sixteen years of age Dawn was homeless, her dad had been an alcoholic and because of his drinking the rent was not paid and the family got evicted from their home and now had nowhere to live, Dawn’s dad had left Dawn’s mum and had not been seen for over a year, Dawn was now sat in one of the very rough homeless persons shelters run by the local authority, Dawn was sat with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Dawn was, one of the older homeless men went up to the two girls called them babes and rubbed his crutch, Dawn looked at the man who she thought was about sixty years old and called him a dirty pervert and told him to fuck off, Dawn knew her mum had been picked up by some bloke and would not be back that night. After a hour Dawn got the key to their small room and went up to it with Amy following, On the way they saw Steve who was two years younger than what Dawn was and who Dawn hated, she knew he was a pervert and had once caught him looking into her bedroom room she had gone out and beat him up, Dawn saw that Steve was wearing a volunteers vest and knew he was working in the shelter. Once inside the room the two girls played a board game, then Dawn went to the toilet on the way back Dawn saw Steve who told her there was lots of hot water if she wanted a shower, Dawn turned and said ” what so you can spy on me” and when Steve said ” what about Amy” Dawn drew her arm back to punch Steve” but when he said I will give you fifty pound if you send her to the showers” Dawn stopped, and after thinking about the offer said ” ok but you do any more than spy on her and I will kill you” after getting an agreement from Steve Dawn went back to the room and told Amy that the water was hot, Amy said ” cool I am having a shower” then grabbed her towel and went down to the shower, Amy locked the cubicle door and after ten minutes was standing under the hot water enjoying the sensation of the hot water running over her naked body, Steve was in the room next door spying on the naked Amy through a hole in the adjoin wall, he was admiring her smooth love tube and just developing boobs and after awhile saw that her nipples had become erect, Steve lowered the front of his joggers letting his eight inch erection spring free and slowly started to stroke it, Dawn knew where Steve was and went in the room and was surprised to see his dick was so fat and big, Steve looked at Dawn and said ” your sister has got a nice hairless cunt on her and her small tits are nice her nipples are nice and erect” Dawn went back to the room and sat on the bed, she loved dirty talk and seeing the size of Steve’s dick she had started to get turned on, After half a hour Amy returned to the room and told her sister that the pervert Steve wanted her, Dawn left Amy drying her hair and went back to where Steve was, when she went in the room she saw that Steve still had his dick out, Steve smiled at Dawn and said to her ” your little sister is well cute she rubbed her little cunt and stuck three fingers up it and finger fucked herself” Dawn looked at the eight inch dick in front of her, she weakly said ” where is my money” Steve said ” I would love to stick my cock right up your sisters cunt and give her a good fucking” Steve could see the pokies in Dawn’s tee shirt and realised that her ex boyfriend had been right about her liking dirty talk, he then said to Dawn ” but I would love to get you naked and suck those nipples of yours” Dawn was now feeling well turned on., Steve carried on talking saying ” I would love to get you naked and ram my cock right up your cunt and fuck you till you cum and flood you with my spunk” he then pointed and said ” looks like you need a good hard cock in your cunt” and gently rubbed Dawn’s pokies Dawn just there and let him, Steve lowered one hand and ran it up the inside of Dawn’s tee shirt finding her naked boobs and gently squeezed her nipples, he noticed that Dawn was breathing heavy he then raised Dawn’s tee shirt exposing her ample boobs and said ” oh yes these tits are fucking beauties” and then started to squeeze Dawn’s nipples, he then said to her ” are you ready to feel my cock slide up your cunt” Dawn was breathing heavy and when Steve pushed his hand down the front of her joggers and slid it over her love tube she let out a groan, Steve said to her ” you are nice and wet I think it is time to fuck you” and slid her joggers down and pulled them right off”, Steve rubbed the tip of his dick over the lips of Dawn’s then slowly and gently pushed it all the way in, as he did Dawn moaned out in pleasure, Steve pushed is dick into Dawn’s love tube as deep as he could then started to thrust in and out grinding in as deep as he could go after five minutes Steve felt Dawn cum and just carried on with his deep in ward thrusts grinding in as hard and deep as he could, he soon felt Dawn cum a second time and then a third time and not long after he squirted his cum inside Dawn’s love tube, not long after Steve pulled his dick out of Dawn’s love tube, Steve noticed the glazed look in Dawn’s eyes and said to her      ” that was worth waiting for” and after putting his dick away left the room, Dawn dressed and went back to her room hardly believing that she had let Steve fuck her or how good it had been, inside the room Amy smiled Dawn looked at her and said ” did you enjoy letting Steve fuck you” Dawn looked at her sister and said ” what” Amy said ” I watched him fuck by peeping through the hole in the wall” Dawn blushed Amy said ” it is ok I know he was watching me when I was in the shower so I gave him a show and fingered myself he is kind of cute” Dawn then asked her little sister if she would let Steve fuck her, Amy smiled and said ” his brother who was in my class has fucked me so I will let him fuck me as well” The next night Steve was in the office of the shelter when his boss told him to get a towel and take it up to the two moaning bitches in room twenty one, Steve  knew that room twenty was the room that was occupied Dawn and Amy, Steve got the towel from the store and went up to room twenty and after knocking on the door walked in when he heard Dawn yell out for him to enter, when he walked in he got a pleasant surprise, Amy was laying naked on her bed with her legs apart,  Steve looked at Dawn who was laying on her bed with her legs apart, Dawn said ” well who you gonna fuck first” both Amy and Dawn slowly rubbed their love tubes while Steve undressed and once naked knelt between Amy’s parted legs bent forward and slid his eight inch erection into Amy’s love tube and after thrusting away for a few minutes felt her cum, and after a couple of minutes was thrusting in and out of Dawn’s love tube and after a hour he had made Amy cum twice and made Dawn cum four times after Steve had left Dawn said to Amy ” I bet he takes Viagra” and smiled when she saw Amy was asleep. A few nights later when Steve walked into the shelter he saw Amy and Mandy sitting on a bench as he looked at then both girls smiled at him, Amy then said ” oh good he has got Mark with him” when Mandy had asked who Mark was Amy told her that it was Steve’s brother who had been in her class at school, Half a hour later Dawn was looking at a naked Mark who had a six inch erection and after twenty minutes had cum when Mark had thrust in and out of her love tube, a hour later both Mark and Steve had been thrusting in and out of both girls swapping girls as they went, both girls were now bending over their beds as Mark pounded into Amy’s bum and Steve was thrusting in and out of Mandy’s bum and thinking better than looking through windows trying to see them naked. A few nights later Dawn’s mum said to the girls ” good news we got a new home only problem is it is next door to where that pervert Steve lives, Dawn said  in reply ” that is ok we will manage” Amy smiled and said ” yeah we know what to do to keep them at bay, both girls smiled and said ” when are we going to move”