Washing Up

16 year old Debbie was looking at the pile of washing up in front of her, she hated washing up but had no choice but to do it. Debbie had been part of a gang that had been causing trouble in the local town when the police had rounded the gang up and took them to court like a couple of her mates Debbie had very narrowly escaped being sent to a young persons detention centre and instead had been given a £100 fine ordered to pay compensation and do twenty hours unpaid work with a stern warning of being detained till she was 21 years of age if she appeared in court again or failed to pay the fine or do the unpaid work. So now she was standing in front of a sink load of washing up at the run down Indian owned hotel which had a very bad reputation. Debbie hung her jacket up on the coat rack she had been shown by the owners son then went back to the sink and started the washing up, after a hour the kitchen manager walked past as he did he brushed against Debbie’s bum, Debbie knew he had done it on purpose but knew if she complained she would be breached on her service and taken back to court and sent to a detention centre so she gritted her teeth and carried on washing up. A short while later Debbie was sent to change the sheets on beds on the top floor. As she was bending over one of the beds she heard some one say ” wow that is one cute bum” Cindy turned and saw  Imp the 16 year old son of the owner, Debbie knew Imp had earned the nick name Imp from his granddad because of his bad behaviour. Debbie said nothing just carried on with her work, Imp stood watching Debbie as she worked admiring the way her tight jeans hugged her bum. Debbie finished making the bed gathered the dirty linen and headed for the door as she went through the door Imp rubbed Debbie’s bum, Debbie just walked past him to the next room, Imp followed her and rubbed her bum again, In the third room Debbie was waiting for Imp to rub her bum again but Imp never instead he reached under her arms and groped her boobs then said ” are these things real or is it padding” he then rubbed her boobs again, Debbie informed Imp that there was no padding, Imp pushed his hands inside Debbie’s tee shirt and up to her boobs and was surprised to find Debbie had no bra on and felt her naked boobs said ” wow these are fucking real” Debbie stood up straight saying ” ok you have felt my tits now let me work” Imp stood back as Debbie left the room Imp felt Debbie’s boobs again and followed her to the next room where he rubbed her bum and boobs a few more times. Debbie was surprised that she was starting to enjoy the attention and when Imp lifted her tee shirt exposing her bare boobs Imp saw her nipples were erect, Imp said ” one of the best set of tits in town” rubbed them giving the nipples a gentle squeeze as he did. Debbie was now starting to feel quite horny and stood there while Imp rubbed her boobs and squeezed her nipples, Imp stood back, Debbie lowered her tee shirt moved to the next room and soon felt Imp’s hands on her bum before they slid between her legs and rub then go up and under her tee shirt finding her boobs, Debbie was feeling well horny and when Imps hands moved away from her body she was disappointed, she heard the room door close then felt Imp’s hands back  inside her tee shirt on her boobs and pinching her nipples, she ten felt her tee shirt being raised and pulled over her head, Debbie turned Imp started sucking her nipples rubbing between her legs as he did, Imp then undid Debbie’s jeans pushed them down and rubbed her bare shaved slit, when Imp lowered Debbie onto the bed she offered no resistance, Imp removed Debbie’s jeans leaving her naked he knelt and was soon pushing his tongue into Debbie’s wet love tube after a minute he stood undid his trousers took them off, Debbie looked at the 7 inch solid Indian dick and when it slid inside her love tube she moaned, I started pounding deep and hard into Debbie who was now breathing and moaning she wrapped her legs round Imps back and after a few minutes violently climaxed Imp carried on banging away feeling Debbie climax twice more before he pulled out and squirted his cum over Debbie’s body. The next night Debbie turned up for her 5 hour shift went to the first room and saw Imp standing with his erection on show, Debbie smiled said ” looks like I am getting fucked again” Imp replied ” you will be well fucked but first of all suck my cock” Debbie was soon on her knees doing as she was told swallowing Imp’s cum when he shot it deep in her mouth. Imp left the room returned with his brother who was a few years younger than he was looked at Debbie said ” look after him” he has never seen a naked white girl, Debbie looked at him said ” he is only a kid” Imp smiled said ” so get naked” a few minutes later Debbie was laying naked on the bed with Imp’s brother licking her nipples.